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Tempur Mattresses

Tempur Mattresses India (2022)


Last updated: 07.01.2022 8 Min.

Across the world, Tempur mattresses are known to be one of the best, and the manufacturer- Tempur Sealy- is renowned for being a leading supplier of products related to sleep.

Today, the term "Tempur" is directly attributed to sleep of good quality. In Tempur mattresses, the company use a special Visco foam, unique to the brand.

Tempur is recommended for orthopaedic purposes since they are highly adaptable to bodies and offer optimal pressure relief.

However, to enjoy a sound sleep on this mattress, there is a very expensive cost. Tempur is one of the most expensive brands on the market, and it is a huge investment to go with them.

As the number one sleep product reviewer, we will discuss everything essential to learn about Tempur mattresses and if they are worth their price point.

Tempur mattresses


  • The visco-elastic memory foam is innovative
  • The mattress is very adaptive to the shape of the body
  • Offers free shipping and return
  • Renowned for the comfort it offers
  • Distributes pressure evenly to relieve pressure and hence, helps in preventing back pain
  • The design is attractive
  • Offers 100-day trial period
  • Different payment options are accepted
  • A high-quality mattress of premium value


  • Massive pricepoint
  • Too many choices and options make the purchasing process confusing
  • The delivery time may range from 6-8 weeks for special lengths
  • Visco mattresses can be extremely hot

Tempur mattress pricing

While the price of a Tempur mattress relies on both the model and size, there will be a great expense regardless.

This is an extraordinary price. And while the investment is into a healthier, luxurious nights sleep every night, some will be put off by these high prices.

Th Tmpur does have a higher life span than the seven years of other brands, and over time, with the benefits, you feel after sleeping on a Tempur, you may believe this price to be reasonable.

Still, there are affordable brands on the market doing similar, innovative things with mattresses. Such as Durfi and Emma.

Tempur popularity

Tempur creates its mattresses from a unique and exclusive foam called Visco. This foam has a high point of elasticity and provides comfort like no other foam will.

The foam was commissioned by NASA in 1966, providing astronauts with a high pressure cushioning whilst being launched into space.

Tempur developed the foam, and today are still the only brand permitted to use it in their products.

It is a special product, with a deep history behind it and somewhat justifies its price point. Tempur provides unparalleled quality in its products, for a long-lasting, body-hugging mattress.

Tempur composition

Finding the right mattress with Tempur is difficult.

The brand offers an array of options, and these options are then customisable into other models.

Tempur composition

You need to factor in your circumstances and preferences when selecting the mattress also.

Tempur offers four basic models:

  • Tempur Original
  • Tempur Hybrid
  • Tempur Cloud
  • Tempur Sensation

These models are further divided into:

  • Luxe
  • Elite
  • Supreme

The models differ on what they offer in terms of comfort, and their construction is also different.

We will go through each of the options here and help you decide which is right for you.

Tempur original mattress

The Tempur Original is the brands first offering. This is the first mattress by Tempur and will provide excellent firm support, adapting to your body for comfort.

This is the first mattress that uses the NASA-approved technology in the top layer, which is very comfortable and stable. Thanks to layers provided under the memory foam and a high resilience layer.

As with every Tempur mattresses, there are three subcategories under the Tempur Original: Luxe, Elite, and Supreme.

All of the Tempur Original mattresses come with innovative CoolTouch technology, ensuring that the mattress cover remains fresh and dry.

Tempur original mattress

In the Luxe and Elite versions, a Quickrefresh cover is provided, which is removable and can be washed.

The prices stated below are in connection with the single 90 x 190 cm mattresses.

When it comes to the depth and composition, it is easy to note the differences between the Tempur Original mattresses. The supreme is the most basic version of the mattress.

The Original Supreme is 21 cm tall and is, in fact, the mattress with the least height. It has only one layer that is made up of Durabase technology.

The thickness of the Original Luxe mattress is 30 cm, being a more premium version.

The differences between the Supreme, Elite, and Luxe versions are relevant to all types of Tempur mattresses.

Tempur Hybrid mattress

These Hybrid mattresses contain both memory foam and springs to provide a varying degree of comfort.

This composition makes it an excellent alternative for people who want a more durable mattress. Spring mattresses are also better at regulating temperatures as memory foam retains heat better, providing a reliable warm sleep.

Since the support provided by the Hybrid mattress ranges from medium to firm, this is a variable mattress for all body types; heavier people especially may like this extra feeling of firmness.

Tempur hybrid mattress

Also, the support and adjustment provided by the Tempur material and the precision MicroCoils (dimensionally stable springs created using cold-formed steel) is optimal. With these materials, motion isolation is optimal and adds to the level of comfort whilst asleep, making it the optimal option for restless sleepers.

Like the Tempur Original mattress, there are three subcategories under the Tempur Hybrid mattress- Luxe, Elite, and Supreme.

Tempur cloud mattress

Tempur’s soft mattresses promise to give you the feeling of sleeping on a cloud.

That isn’t to say there is no support with these mattresses, as Tempur have found a balance between softness and stability. This is a very soft mattress with materials that will contour to the body and support the back.

Tempur cloud mattress

With the cloud’s materials, this mattress will provide adequate support for many body types and sleeping circumstances. Regardless of a lighter build, or a restless sleeper, the foam in this mattress will ensure a great nights sleep every night.

The Cloud Luxe is very expensive. The cheapest subcategory is the Cloud Supreme.

Tempur sensation mattress

Tempur Sensation mattress

A medium-firm mattress from Tempur is the mattress that will provide the firmest feeling and evoke weightlessness when lying on it.

This is still a memory foam mattress. Its foam relieves pressure and is complemented by a Dynamic Support Layer, which functions like latex foam. It’s similar to other mattresses on the market, such as Emma, which is far more affordable.

The Sensation collection is again categorised into Luxe, Elite, and Supreme.

Tempur mattress comfort

Tempur does not regulate its firmness in a usual way.

With various mattresses on offer by the brand. The firmness, as well as the feeling of sleeping, varies with each mattress.

Tempur comfort

No two people may enjoy the same mattress on offer here, and it is a lot to consider when buying from Tempur.

Tempur defines the firmness of their products like this:

  • Tempur Original = firm
  • Tempur Hybrid = medium
  • Tempur Cloud = soft
  • Tempur Sensation = medium

You can use our overview and this scale to determine what mattress is for you.

We have put these mattresses to the test on our Sleep Hero scale and say that the Tempur mattresses lie anywhere between 4 and 7.5 out of 10.

Who is the Tempur mattress for?

We hope our review has given you enough information to consider Tempur. However, if you’re still undecided, you can check out this comparison of who the mattresses are for:

People who enjoy memory foam

The majority of people love memory foam. However, if you are someone who does not like memory foam, do not opt for Tempur.

People suffering from back or neck pain

The material of Tempur is of high quality, and it easily adapts to the shape of a body, and in the hips, shoulders, and neck, the pressure is reduced. Thus, the spine aligns optimally and ensures that the back is healthy and stays in its natural position to relieve and prevent back pain.


The density of the memory foam is relatively high, while its motion transfer is low. Hence, if you get disturbed because your partner tosses around a lot on the bed, go for this mattress.

If you feel cold quickly: Body heat is retained by the memory foam more efficiently than conventional foams.

People who want to purchase a premium mattress

Tempur is a famous premium brand. The downside is the exorbitant price, and hence, it is essential to consider your purchase carefully.

The Tempur mattresses aren't for...

People who like spring mattresses

Tempur mattress feels very different from what a spring mattress feels like- slightly bouncy. Thus, if you enjoy how a spring mattress feels, Tempur might not be a good choice for you. However, you can consider Tempur Hybrid.

People looking to purchase a mattress for a short duration

Tempur mattresses are extremely costly. Moreover, they are long-lasting and can last up to 10 years. This is especially why the mattress is so valuable. Thus, for those looking for a short-term mattress, spending money in a Tempur is unreasonable.

People looking for affordable mattresses

As stated already, Tempur mattresses are pricey. While cheap mattresses must be avoided, you can find several good quality mattresses at affordable prices.


The mattresses sold by Tempur are of high quality, although they are very pricey because of their brand value.

You can be assured of enjoying a good night’s sleep. If you want a mattress made with only the finest and exclusive materials, Tempur is the brand for you.

But be advised, you will find several mattresses that are structured similarly and allow you to enjoy a good sleep.

We recommend you check out the Eve Premium, Eve Premium Hybrid, or the Emma Hybrid if you are looking for cheaper alternatives.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is Tempur expensive?

    Tempur is one of the most expensive brands in the world for mattresses. They are a product of luxury which uses some of the finest materials available to produce the finest mattresses. 

  • Should I choose Tempur?

    If you have the money, there is no reason not to buy from Tempur. Their mattresses are insanely comfortable and a prestigious brand to purchase from, but the price point puts many people off. 

  • Are there more affordable alternatives to Tempur?

    Yes! Brands such as Emma, and Eve are now producing hybrid mattresses at far more affordable price ranges. These mattresses are still of superior quality despite the gap in price between them and Tempur. 


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