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Sleepwell Pillow Review | 2023

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An unsuitable pillow can worsen your neck pain and affect your sleep.

Finding the right pillow is the key to a good night's sleep.😴

Sleepwell is one of the best brands in India for producing quality pillows and other sleep accessories.

But how will you find the best Sleepwell pillow for your sleeping needs and budget requirements?

Well, we are here to guide you. 🦸

In this article, we will review the top Sleepwell pillows and guide you with the best neck pillow selection.

So, let's get started!

a woman is sleeping on sleepwill pillow


  • Sleepwell pillows are made of high-quality and durable material.
  • Most of the Sleepwell pillows adapt to your head and neck contours.
  • They ensure good air circulation for better sleep.
  • Sleepwell offers a variety of pillows range to suit all sleeping positions.


  • They are a bit costlier than local pillows.
  • Sometimes, you may not find the desired size in Sleepwell pillows.

What’s so special about Sleepwell pillows?

  • Sleepwell offers dozens of pillow types that suit a variety of needs.
  • These pillows offer an unmatched level of comfort to your neck.
  • Sleepwell offers a warranty of up to 12 months on their pillows.

Top recommendations for the Sleepwell pillows in India

Our Favourite

Sleepwell Umang Pillow

This Sleepwell pillow is made of high-quality polyester fibre and offers extra comfort for all sleeping positions.

Its anti-sag technology prevents your pillow from sagging over time.

All about the Sleepwell Umang Pillow

This Sleepwell cushion is designed with synthetic material that provides superior comfort while maintaining complete pressure relief. 💆‍♀️

The medium firmness of Sleepwell Umang Pillow supports your head and shoulder to alleviate neck pain.

But, if you are looking for a firm pillow, this may not be a good choice.

We love its outer pillow cover, which is machine washable and soft to feel. 🧼

Moreover, the high-quality fabric of this pillow ensures high durability and a good finish.

Flaps on all sides of this pillow make it a great cushion for every room's décor.

You will get this twin pillow packaging at affordable prices.

Buy Sleepwell Umang Pillow₹840


This Sleepwell pillow is available in pack of 2

Its outer fabric gives a luxurious feel

The pillow is certified by the national health academy

This pillow gives the best head and neck support


It comes with a limited size options

Great Value For Money

Sleepwell Microfibre Pillow

Made with microfibre, this Sleepwell Pillow moulds itself to your head, neck, and shoulders for the best possible support.

This microfibre pillow is specially designed for stomach sleepers and side sleepers.

All about the Sleepwell Microfibre Pillow

Sleepwell specially designed this microfibre pillow to help align your spine and neck for more comfortable sleep.

It is the best cushion for those who love to sleep with a high loft pillow.

The high-density and high-quality microfiber fill conforms to the shape of your head and neck and provides the needed Flexi puf and fluff to sleep.  

You can use this Sleepwell fibre pillow as a throw pillow while reading or watching TV in the living room.

The pillow's top cover features a soft fabric, giving it a smooth surface feel.

Whether you're a back, stomach, or side sleeper, this Sleepwell pillow is best to use overnight.

 Also, it is machine washable with tumble dry at low speed and will always look like new!

Buy Sleepwell Microfibre Pillow₹1,799


This Sleepwell pillow is available in different colour options

It is a very comfortable pillow to use in both summer and winter

This pillow comes with an eye-pleasing design


The warranty period is only 12 months, which is less as compared to other pillow providers


Sleepwell Memory Foam Pillow

The soft and breathable cover of this pillow wicks moisture and lets you sleep cool, providing a comfortable sleep experience throughout the night.

This Sleepwell pillow is protected with a premium knitted fabric, smooth texture, and high strength.

All about the Sleepwell Memory Foam Pillow

Sleepwell contour memory pillow or memory foam pillow is known for its best support and comfort. 

The high-quality material of these bed pillows offers great adaptability to contour the body.

This is why it is also known as the cervical pillow Sleepwell and is an ideal choice for people suffering from neck and back pain.

The pillow helps maintain a balanced and harmonious sleep as the structure reduces pressure points effectively.

Memory foam pillows are very hygienic but are a little expensive 💰and may carry a bit of chemical smell when unboxed.

We love its soft and stylish cover.

It is highly recommended as a good gift for your parents, family, and friends.

Also, this Sleepwell orthopaedic pillow will pair best with the Sleepwell mattress for optimal comfort.

Buy Sleepwell Memory Foam Pillow₹1,999


This pillow is best for neck pain and back pain

It is very comfortable to sleep overnight in all seasons

The material of this pillow is perfectly breathable

The pillow is best for side sleepers and back sleepers


Short warranty

Made In India

Sleepwell Cotton Pillow

Cotton is a breathable material, and this cotton pillow of Sleepwell offers the best sleep at night by enhancing blood circulation.

Sleepwell cotton pillow features high-quality material that adapts to your natural sleeping posture.

All about the Sleepwell Cotton Pillow

Cotton pillows are another most used filler material in pillows in the Indian bedding segment. 

These materials are 100% organic and hypoallergenic [1] and have the capacity to regulate optimum temperature. 🌡

Sleepwell cotton pillows are airy, remove humidity, and provide better sleep in hot summers and winters.

Also, cotton pillows are safe for people with any kind of allergies.

This is a good choice of a mom's gift.

Buy Sleepwell Cotton Pillow₹1,450


This pillow is a good choice if you have allergies from dust or synthetic fibre

It is very soft to touch and comfortable to sleep

This cotton pillow offers great support for sleeping in any position


You can not wash this pillow in a machine

Made In India

Sleepwell Cloud Cotton Pillow

Cotton is a breathable material, and this cotton pillow of Sleepwell offers the best sleep at night by enhancing blood circulation.

Sleepwell cotton pillow features high-quality material that adapts to your natural sleeping posture.

All about the Sleepwell Cloud Cotton Pillow

This Sleepwell cloud pillow is available in both high- and low-rise lofts.

It is well-suited for your neck and head support.

We love its feather-like microfibre filling, which gives excellent comfort and good sleep.⏳

You can even wash it in the machine and can get it dry cleaned twice in a year.

Sleepwell cloud pillow price is not too high, and you can buy them online for comfortable nights. 🥱

If you are looking for a Sleepwell pillow pack of 2, then this may not be for you.

It comes in a single pack, but you can order two separate packs to get two Sleepwell senses pillows.

Buy Sleepwell Cloud Cotton Pillow₹1,199


This pillow is a good choice if you have pressure points in your body

It offers great support to your neck and head

You can sleep on cloud cotton pillow for hours with ease

Being an anti-dust pillow, it is a good choice for people with allergies


This pillow is not fit for kids 

Sleepwell Senses Pillow

This Slepwell pillow offers a medium-firm feel and is a fantastic choice for people who want a mix of support and comfort.

The Sleepwell Senses pillow has various micro cushions to provide you with excellent head, neck, and shoulder support.

All about the Sleepwell Senses Pillow

Cotton pillows are another most used filler material in pillows in the Indian bedding segment. 

Sleepwell Senses pillow comes with a new kind of jacquard fabric for optimum airflow and comfortable sleep.

Please be aware of the copy of this pillow from unauthorized sellers.

It is a queen-size pillow that matches perfectly with a queen-size sofa bed or full bed.

The best part is that it is made from poly fibre, making it the best Sleepwell pillow for neck pain.

We love its material and the fluff it offers to side sleepers and stomach sleepers.

Moreover, the classic design of this senses pillow with contemporary colours never goes out of style.

With proper care and maintenance, you can increase their lifespan.

Buy Sleepwell Senses Pillow₹1,840


This pillow is best for stomach sleepers

It feels very soft and offers the best neck support

You can wash it with mild detergent 

It is best for kids, elders, and people with allergies


This pillow is not suited for side sleepers

What is the Price of Sleepwell Pillows in India?

The price of Sleepwell pillows depends upon the size and material.

On average, the Sleepwell pillow price ranges between ₹600 and ₹2,000. 💰

That's a considerable investment to make for a comfortable and sound sleep.

checking the price and money
The price of Sleepwell pillows is not so high Image: © Sleep Hero

The pillows at the higher end of the pricing scale are more comfortable and durable than the affordable options.

But almost all Sleepwell pillows are made of quality material and are not so expensive in the long run. 😌

Also, Sleepwell offers a 3-year warranty on Indulgence Air Pillow that ensures you have invested in the right product.

On, the Amaze Memory pillow of Sleepwell, you will get a warranty of 1 year.

Moreover, if you buy Contour Memory pillow, you will get a warranty of 3 years on it.

So, according to the warranty period, the Sleepwell pillows' prices justify the quality.

Comparison between Sleepwell pillow prices and other pillows

In addition to Sleepwell, other brands like Wakefit, Kurlon, SleepyCat, White Willow, and more offer pillows.

The price of Sleepwell pillows is almost the same as Wakefit pillows.

But, SleepyCat pillows can be a little more expensive than Sleepwell pillows.

You can see the price differences in every pillow brand, including Emma pillows, but Sleepwell pillows come in a regular range.

You can invest in Sleepwell pillows for quality and comfortable sleep.

How to Choose a Sleepwell Pillow?

Are you getting confused about which Sleepwell pillow to choose for your home?

a girl is wondering which sleepwell pillow is best for her room
Consider various things when buying a Sleepwell pillow. Image: © Sleep Hero

If yes, we are here to help you choose the best pillow for your needs. 🦸‍♂️

You should consider the following factors when buying Sleepwell Pillows online.

Pillow material makes the difference

Make sure you buy the best material for your pillow.

various types of pillows for comfortable sleep
Choose the best pillow from variety of pillow options Image: © Sleep Hero

Here are some of the Sleepwell pillow materials that are available in the market. 👇


Cotton pillows are another most used filler material in pillows in the Indian bedding segment.

These materials are 100% organic and hypoallergenic and have the capacity to regulate optimum temperature. 🌡

These pillows are very airy and remove humidity.

Thus, they are considered safe for people with allergies.

Buy Sleepwell Cotton Pillow₹1,450


Latex material can either be made out of natural rubber or synthetically manufactured.

A latex pillow is slightly softer than memory foam pillows and has a plush feel.

The material is anti-allergic, anti-microbial, and mildew resistant.

They are the most durable filling material.

Its all-natural elasticity absorbs your neck and head weight and relieves pain and pressure optimally. 😮‍💨


In India, polyester [2] or microfiber-based pillows are the most popular choice among consumers.

They are cheaper than most other types and have good durability.

Moreover, they are lightweight, readily available, and easily washable. 🧽

In addition, they also provide very decent support to all types of sleepers and their positions.

Buy Sleepwell Microfibre Pillow₹1,799

Choose pillow according to sleeping positions

Not everyone has the same sleeping position in the family.

So, buying the best Sleepwell pillow according to your sleeping position is very important.

a girl is giving a tight hug to her favourite pillow
Choose the best pillow according to your sleeping position. Image: © Sleep Hero

Here is the guide to selecting the pillow for side sleepers and stomach sleepers. 🥱

Side sleepers

High Loft

Side sleepers should buy a Sleepwell pillow with a taller profile as it gives your head a neutral alignment with your spine.

Additionally, a lofty pillow with the best side sleepers mattress will relieve pressure on your shoulder.

Firm Support

Firm or medium-firm support pillows are best for side sleepers.

side sleepers are sleeping comfortably with high loft pillow
High loft pillows are best for side sleepers. Image: © Sleep Hero

This will keep your neck and head in line with your spine and prevent severe back pain [3].

Buy Sleepwell Senses Pillow₹1,840

Fluffy and Shapeable

Look for fluff materials like Kapok, down, or down alternatives if you are a side sleeper.

These materials are very soft, so make sure your Sleepwell pillow is stuffed properly and has a high loft.

Buying a Sleepwell pillow that is fluffed into a higher loft is often beneficial for side sleepers and people with broad shoulders.

Stomach Sleepers

Low Loft

Stomach sleepers should buy a low loft pillow to maintain neutral spine alignment.

Keep in mind that your pillow should support the natural curve of your spine.

Soft Support

Pillows with soft support can provide a cushy buffer between your head and your mattress.

a girl is sleeping comfortably with low loft pillow
Stomach sleepers should buy low loft pillows for better sleep. Image: © Sleep Hero

So, stomach sleepers should buy the Sleepwell soft pillow and not the firm pillow. 😴

Buy Sleepwell Cloud Cotton Pillow₹1,199

Compressible Fill

The Sleepwell pillows filled with feathers or down alternatives are best for stomach sleepers.

It is because those materials can be compressed easily and are super low loft.

Also, the shapeable pillows are best for long night's sleep.

Sleepwell Pillow Delivery Conditions

Sleepwell delivers its pillow free of charge to most of the pin codes within the country.

However, you might need to pay minimal delivery charges for a few pin codes.

steps to order pillow online
Order pillow online for risk free delivery. Image: © Sleep Hero

Or, you can shop online to avail the free of charge delivery options.

The low loft and high loft pillows offered by Sleepwell come with a standard one-person delivery service. 👬

Some quality Sleepwell pillows are also available at online stores such as Amazon.

It will be delivered in safe and secure packaging to ensure long shelf life.

Also, you will have a 10 days trial period for Sleepwell pillows.

It means, if you do not find the pillow comfortable after use, you can return it within 10 days of delivery.

Can Sleepwell Pillows be Washed?

Yes, you can wash the Sleepwell pillow, but do not put them in the washing machine for too long.

Use no heat cycle to wash the pillows in the washing machine.

Also, make sure to use the light detergent at low-speed cycles.

a lady is washing the pillow in the machine
Wash the Sleepwell pillow in the machine at low speed cycles. Image: © Sleep Hero

Do not wash the Sleepwell pillows too often, as this will damage the fabric and filling of your pillow.

So, you should wash it at least twice a year or quarterly if you sweat a lot or have pets sleep in your king-size bed with you.

Also, to maintain the fluff of the pillows, hang them in the open for hours every week. 🤗

It is better to use pillow protectors so that you can easily remove them and wash them at any time.

This will keep the pillows safe from dirt and stains.

How do you clean a Sleepwell pillow?

Here are the steps that you can follow to wash the Sleepwell pillows.

Air out

Your regular pillows need proper care to maintain their lifespan.

So, spare some time to fluff them up weekly or monthly by hanging them out in the sun.

Also, make sure you vacuum your pillows regularly to remove any stains or dirt.

Wash up

After you complete the vacuum process of pillows, it is time to remove the stains from them.

To remove any kind of marks, you can use a regular dish towel with a mild soap solution.

You should gently scrub out the stains and take extra care of memory foam pillows as you don't want them to tear.

Dry out Sleepwell pillows

You can dry feather and down pillows in a dryer in a no-heat, air-dry setting.

Also, you can use clean tennis balls or dryer balls to prevent the fluff and clumping of the pillows.

Allow your pillows to dry completely before using them again.

What Else Does Sleepwell Offer?

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of Sleepwell. 👨‍👩‍👧

Because of this, Sleepwell offers a range of products to enhance your sleep experience.

comfortable bed to sleep with mattress, pillows, and mattress protector
You can get complete sleep accessories from Sleepwell like mattress, pillows, and mattress protector. Image: © Sleep Hero

In addition to Sleepwell pillows, you can buy Sleepwell mattresses, Sleepwell foldable beds, and many other sleeping accessories.

Should you buy a Sleepwell pillow?

Sleepwell pillows are comfortable and offer restful sleep. 😴

The company offers high-end products, and you can buy a Sleepwell pillow at affordable prices.

Sleepwell has been voted the most trusted brand three years in a row. 🥇

So, if you are in search of a quality pillows for your bedroom, then Sleepwell pillows are worth buying.


  • When should I change my pillow and get a new one?

    Pillows are often ignored, and not part of the "must change" priority list.

    However, the pillows need to be changed after every 3 to 4 years.

    If you regularly use the Sleepwell pillows, then it is better to change them with new Sleepwell pillows after every four years.

    You can also check the signs of pillow damage, including sagging, changed shape, and comfort level to change it.

  • Which is the best Sleepwell pillow for sleeping?

    Are you wondering what the best Sleepwell pillows near me?

    If yes, then all the above-listed Sleepwell pillows are best to use at home or at hotels.

    Based on your budget and body requirements, you can buy a Sleepwell memory foam pillow or cushion for comfortable sleep.

  • How good is a Sleepwell?

    Sleepwell pillows such as memory foam and latex are among the best-selling pillows in India.

    They offer great comfort and help relieve neck and back pain.

    So, we can say that Sleepwell is a good brand for pillows and other sleeping accessories too.

  • Is it ok to wash a Sleepwell pillow?

    You can easily wash the Sleepwell pillow at home or can get it dry-cleaned from the laundry shop.

    Make sure you read the specification and pillow cleaning instructions carefully before washing it.

    Do not dry the pillow in the washing machine, but hang the Sleepwell pillow outdoor to maintain its texture and fluffiness.

  • How long do Sleepwell pillows usually last?

    A good quality Sleepwell pillow can last up to 3 to 4 years, depending upon your usage.

    If cared properly, you can even use the pillows as amazing home furnishing after three years.

    But, we recommend you to change the pillows after every 3 to 4 years.

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