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9 Best Pregnancy Pillows - India (2023)

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Have you come so far on your pregnancy journey that your baby bump won't let you sleep?

Then it might be a good idea to sleep with a pregnancy pillow. 😴

The pregnancy pillows provide a comfortable, restful night's sleep.

Not only do the pillows help you get the sleep you deserve, but they also allow you to lie on either side.

This guide will introduce you to some of the best pregnancy pillows and tell you what to look for.

So, let's get started.

Best Pregnancy Pillows in India

Hoopa 3-in-1 Pregnancy pillow

The Hoopa 3-in-1 pillow contours to your body's natural curves, inducing deep, relaxing sleep.

The pillow can also be used as a feeding pillow or a nursing guard after your pregnancy. 

The Hoopa 3-in-1 pillow contours to your body shape for deep, restful sleep. 

It can be used as a body pillow during pregnancy and later as a nursing pillow or baby guard. 👶🏻

This pregnancy pillow is designed per the body's natural curves and supports your back and abdomen.

Additionally, it provides enhanced and improved lumbar support.

The pillow is closed on all sides and has a detachable hand patch.

Hoopa 3-in-1 pregnancy pillow uses
Image: © Hoopa

This allows your arm to pass through the pillow, giving you more comfort when sleeping on your side. 🛌

You can easily support your knee by removing the top of the pillow.  

The Hoopa 3-in-1 Pregnancy Pillow comes with a removable organic cotton cover. 

You can easily wash the pillow and its cover in the machine with lukewarm water.

After your pregnancy, you can reuse the pillow by detaching the headrest and using it as a nursing pillow for your baby.



Offers improved lumbar support. 

Can be easily stored and carried in a premium cotton carry bag.

Can be reused as a feeding pillow or baby guard.


A little smaller for women in their 2nd or 3rd trimester. 

The cotton filling can lump over time. 

Mylo Essentials U-Shaped Pregnancy pillow

The Mylo Essentials U-shaped pillow is ergonomically designed to support your back and belly.

The cushioned pillow can soothe and alleviate your body pain and discomfort.

The Mylo Essentials U-Shaped Pillow is fluffy and lightweight for ultimate sleeping comfort.

Along with the high-quality velour fabric, this maternity pillow also has a cambric cotton lining. 🧵

Easily sleep in any position as the polycotton filling of the pillow makes it durable and breathable. 

You can use this U-shaped pillow to support your back or baby bump when sleeping on your side. 

The Mylo pillow's padded support will relieve your pelvic pain and support you from your head to your toes. 

Woman sleeping on the side on the Mylo Essentials pregnancy pillow
Image: © Mylo Essentials

If you are sensitive to dust or other allergens, this U-shaped pillow is perfect, as it is enveloped in a hypoallergenic and skin-friendly cover. 🍃

You can easily clean your pillow as the outer cover is absorbent, sweat resistant and odourless.

This Mylo Essentials U-shaped pillow conforms to the curves of your body after use, relieving leg or back pain.

Additionally, these pillows are a great alternative to Pharmedoc maternity pillows. 

The pillow is lightweight and offers long-lasting elasticity and durability.

You can get these maternity pillows delivered right to your doorstep as Mylo Essentials has tied up with third-party brands, like Amazon.



Made with premium cotton filling.

Offers long-lasting comfort.

Comes with a machine-washable cover.


The pillow cannot be washed. 

Takes up a lot of space. 

Does not offer proper support to your neck. 

Quilt Comfort C-Shaped Pregnancy pillow

The Quilt Comfort C-shaped pillow is designed to relieve pain by adapting to your body.

The pillow promotes sleeping on the side and promotes blood circulation to the placenta and your baby.

The Quilt Comfort C-Shape pillow minimises discomfort and offers pregnant women a more fulfilling and good sleep.

The shape of the pillow promotes blood circulation when sleeping on your side. 🩸

With an increased blood flow in your body, more nutrients will reach the placenta and the baby.

The Quilt Comfort C-shaped pillow has an ergonomic design that supports your neck, back, shoulders and stomach.

It gives you much-needed relief from pain.

Quilt Comfort features a hypoallergenic poly fibre filling and a 100% cotton exterior

Quilt comfort pillow close up
The Quilt Comfort C-shaped pillow has a microfibre filling with a removable outer cover. Image: © Quilt Comfort

The pillow's blended microfibre filling makes it extra soft without compromising the bounce. ♨️

These pillows help relieve pressure in your upper body by distributing weight evenly. 

Additionally, the Quilt Comfort C-shaped pillow supports your back and belly bump when sleeping on your side by maintaining your body alignment.

The Quilt Comfort is an excellent alternative to the Leachco Snoogle total body pillow.



Made with hypoallergenic filling and cover.

Reduces pressure and eliminates body pain.

Offers proper spinal alignment. 


A thin zipper makes removing the cover from the pillow slightly difficult.

Not suitable for summers. 

The pillow is slightly smaller.

Mom's Moon J-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

Mom’s Moon offers a multi-purpose pillow that supports your back, knees, hips, neck, and head.

The pillow uses a premium filling material that is durable and good for the environment.

Mom's Moon provides a full-body pillow that relieves pain when sleeping on your side. 😴

This reversible pillow offers a soft feel and good support for your upper body. 

If you get restless in your sleep and tend to switch sides, this pregnancy pillow is perfect for you. 

The Mom's Moon pillow offers double support and distributes pressure evenly over your shoulders and head. 

The back end of the pillow aligns your spine, while the front of the pillow supports your growing belly. 

Additionally, the pillow is filled with a soft cotton filling and a breathable outer cover. 💨

It makes the pillow hypoallergenic and perfect for allergic sleepers.

Woman sleeping on a Mom's Moon Pregnancy pillow
Image: © Mom's Moon

The Mom's Moon offers a multi-utility pillow that supports the neck and head and provides support during the recovery phase after a C-section. 

You can raise or decrease the height of your pillow by adding or removing the filling of the J-shaped pregnancy pillow.



Relieves pressure from your spinal cord. 

Hypoallergenic and breathable cover. 

Cotton filling adjusts your body temperature. 


Not suitable for summers. 

Gets lumpy after extended use. 

Dr Cloud Wedge Pregnancy pillow

Dr Cloud offers a wedge pillow that perfectly supports your belly and helps you sleep on your side.

The compact and flexible design of the pillow offers ultimate convenience while relieving aches and pain.

Dr Cloud offers a comfortable pregnancy pillow that's compact and flexible. 

The pillow is perfect for managing all the discomfort associated with your growing belly. 🤰🏻

It provides the right support for your belly when side sleeping and lets you drift off into a deep sleep. 

This ergonomically shaped wedge pillow can support your back, stomach, and knees well.

Get maximum comfort out of your three-layered pregnancy pillow with a super soft outer cover.

Woman sleeping on side on her Dr Cloud wedge pregnancy pillow
Image: © Dr Cloud

The top layer of this pillow is made of 100% natural organic cotton, which makes it hypoallergenic. 

On the other hand, the middle and bottom layers are made of memory foam and super soft foam, respectively. 

You no longer have to fold your hands or legs as this pillow supports your back and relieves your pain.

The small design of this pregnancy wedge pillow makes it portable. 🚗

You can use it for lumbar support while sitting in a chair or car seat.

Dr Cloud has tied up with third-party brands, like Amazon, and delivers the maternity pillows right to your doorstep.



Compact and easy to carry.

The natural organic cotton layer makes it hypoallergenic. 

Moulds seamlessly to your body shape. 


A little smaller for people on the heavier side.

Not very firm. 

Coozly Rectangle Pregnancy Pillow

Coozly offers a rectangle flexible pillow that can easily adjust to your sleeping position.

This pregnancy pillow is made from an organic, knitted fabric with a smooth finish and is super absorbent.

Coozly offers comfortable and high-quality pregnancy pillows for arm curl or lumbar support

These pillows are made of fibres and cover your entire body length. 

The pillow is an effective arm curl pillow that you can cuddle into. 

You can even wrap your legs around the pillow while cuddling with it. 🦵

This pregnancy pillow can be placed horizontally on your back or vertically to support your spine or belly. 

You can adjust to your sleeping position more easily as the fibres of the pillow aren't as dense.

These pregnancy pillows are filled with HQ fibres and are therefore hypoallergenic

Woman sleeping on a Coozly rectangle sleeping pillow
Image: © Coozly

The rectangular body pillow by Coozly is covered with a cotton knitted jersey fabric, which makes the pillow very absorbent.

With a machine-washable outer cover, you can easily keep your pregnancy pillow clean.

You can let the pillow air out in the open to eliminate foul odours. 🤢

The cushions are vacuum-packed and delivered to your home via Amazon.



Supports your spine and belly.

The filling makes the pillow hypoallergenic.

The cover can be easily machine-washed. 


Difficult to carry around. 

Slightly heavy.

Difficult to purchase a pillow cover. 

Momsyard Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

The Momsyard full body pillow holds up your head, aligns your spine, and offers ultimate support while lying on your side.

This pregnancy pillow improves your sleep by helping relieve back pain and reducing interruptions throughout the night.

Momsyard offers a full-body pregnancy pillow that supports your back, neck, knees and head. 

This pillow can be very helpful for expecting mothers who have difficulty or lack support while lying on their side.

It's filled with polyester, which provides comfort while sleeping and prevents you from tossing and turning all night. 

The removable zipped pillowcase is hypoallergenic and machine washable. 🧺

Momsyard offers a pregnancy pillow that you can use for different purposes, such as feeding and nursing after birth. 

Woman sitting on a Momsyard full body pillow
Image: © Momsyard

It is most suitable during your third trimester when you have pain in your back.

The adjustable poly fibre filling adapts to the shape of your body when you put pressure on it.



Offers relief from back pain.

Reduces interruptions throughout the night.

Suitable for allergic sleepers.


Not as firm in the middle. 

Not durable. 

The cover and filling retain heat. 

Pum Pum L-Shape Pregnancy Pillow

Pum Pum offers an L-shaped pregnancy pillow that can be positioned to support your back and help alleviate soreness and pain.

This super soft body pillow improved your sleep with the help of temperature control. 

Pum Pum offers an L-shaped pregnancy pillow specially designed to relieve your back pain

These pillows help you sleep on your side and are positioned to support your back. 🛌

You can place the pregnancy pillow between your legs for more comfort and better temperature control. 

This pregnancy pillow is filled with microfibre and has a thin cotton cover. 

The Pum Pum maternity pillow offers the perfect balance of support and comfort for your belly, back and legs.

woman sleeping using a pum pum pregnancy pillow
Image: © Pum Pum

You can also use this pillow for sitting upright on the sofa or in bed to watch TV or read a book. 📺

This pillow relieves your body and reduces back pain and swelling. 

The L-shape pregnancy pillow is medium firm and gives you a soft and plush feeling while you sleep. 

Additionally, the filling of the pillow offers neck support and promotes proper spinal alignment. 

The removable cover improves the breathability of the pillow while protecting it from stains.



Super soft pillow ensures comfortable sleep. 

Offers comfort while sleeping on the side. 

Height adjustable.


Slightly heavier.

Difficult to carry around. 

The White Willow Wedge Pregnancy Pillow

The White Willow offers a C-shaped wedge pillow which eliminates discomfort while sleeping on your side.

This memory foam pregnancy pillow offers temperature control qualities which extract any pain and stress from your aching muscles.

The White Willow offers a C-shaped wedge pillow perfect for managing discomfort in growing bellies. 🤰🏻

If you've discomfort when sleeping on your side, you can support your belly by placing the pillow under it.

The White Willow sets new standards in comfort by using high-quality foam made from Cosypur by BASF. 

This pillow is made of adaptive memory foam that moulds to the shape of your stomach. 

Additionally, these pillows regulate temperature, which can help with pain and stress. 

woman lying on her side on the white willow wedge pregnancy pillow
Image: © The White Willow

The foam provides complete relaxation by absorbing and evenly distributing weight

You can use this lightweight pillow between your knees or behind your back for instant relaxation. 😌

This scientifically developed memory foam offers a medium-firm feel.

These pillows are covered with a luxurious, soft and hypoallergenic cover.

White Willow pregnancy pillows come with a 1-year limited warranty.



Ergonomic design with perfect belly support. 

Hypoallergenic outer cover. 

Offers a 1-year limited warranty. 


The quality of the cover is average. 

Might feel too firm in the beginning. 

How much does a pregnancy pillow cost?

The cost of a pregnancy pillow depends on its shape and the quality of the fabric.

On average, these pillows can cost between ₹1000 and ₹2800.

Smaller wedge pillows are slightly more affordable. 💵

People celebrating savings
Image: © Sleep Hero

Large C-shaped and rectangular cushions, on the other hand, are comparatively more expensive.

The cost of the pillow also depends on the quality of the filling and the cover.

Cheap pillows may not last as long and aren't as comfy as the expensive ones.

When it comes to pregnancy pillows, you should choose one that's comfortable and doesn't contain harmful chemicals.

Price Pregnancy Pillow
Affordable ₹1,499 BUY THE WHITE WILLOW PILLOW₹997
Mid-range ₹1,749 BUY MOM'S MOON PILLOW₹1,699
High-end ₹2,740 BUY HOOPA PILLOW₹2,740

Types of pregnancy pillows

Pregnancy pillows differ in size and shape.

Which pillow is best for you depends on your sleeping position and your trimester. 🤰🏻

Here are the basic types of pregnancy pillows you can choose from.

U-shaped pregnancy pillow

The U-shaped pregnancy pillows are extra large pillows that provide comfort from head to toe.

These pillows are more suitable if you're in your 2nd or 3rd trimester. 🕒

U-shaped pregnancy pillow
Image: © Sleep Hero

Some U-shaped pillows have a curvature that mimics the shape of your growing belly.

These pillows are ideal for side sleepers who frequently turn from side to side.

Full-length body pillow

A full-body pillow is a longer version of your regular pillow.

These pillows provide much-needed comfort during your pregnancy by supporting your growing belly. 🤗

You can also place these pillows between your legs to keep your back upright.

Normally, these pillows only support one side of your body.

However, a few body pillows are made of flexible fabric and filling, so you can adjust them to your body more easily.

C-shaped pregnancy pillow

C-shaped pillows are also extra large and function similarly to the U-shaped pillows.

However, they don't have a second side and take up much less space.

C-shaped pregnancy pillow.
Image: © Sleep Hero

C-shaped pillows are also easier to transport. 🚗

Since these pillows only have one side, you've to move the pillow depending on whether you need support for your back or your belly.

Wedge pregnancy pillow

Wedge pregnancy pillows are perfect for providing localised support.

You can use these multifunctional pillows during or after your pregnancy. 🤱

You can simply slide the wedge pillows under your lower back, tummy, or thighs for extra support.

Because these pillows are smaller, you can easily take them from room to room or even when travelling.

However, wedge pillows don't support your whole body.

J-shaped pregnancy pillow

J-shaped pregnancy pillows are shaped like candy cones and have a large bulge on the bottom.

J-shaped pregnancy pillow.
Image: © Sleep Hero

You can use these pillows to get extra support between your legs. 🦵

The J-shaped pillows keep your hips at the right distance and offer lower back support.

You can also turn these pillows upside down and use the curvature under your head.

How to choose the right pregnancy pillow?

Different types and brands of pregnancy pillows on the market offer something unique for your sleep during your pregnancy [1].

Although the right pregnancy pillow depends on your preferences, you should consider a few things.


Pregnancy pillows are available in a variety of sizes.

They range from a small, standard-sized wedge pillow to a full-body support pillow that hugs you from the front and back.

Before you choose a pregnancy pillow, you should consider how much space you want to give your pillow. 🛏️

It would be helpful if you also considered whether you'd be travelling during your pregnancy and then decided on the size of your pillow.


Some pregnancy pillows are designed for complete support, while others are shaped to support a specific part of your body.

Depending on your discomfort, one option may make more sense for you than the other. 🤔

Different shaped pregnancy pillow.
Image: © Sleep Hero

Before choosing your pregnancy pillow, you must also analyse whether you shift sides too often.

A U-shaped pregnancy pillow might be a better choice if this is the case.

This way, you don't have to keep flipping your pillow over.


Like your conventional pillows, pregnancy pillows differ in the filling material. 🧶

You can choose the filling according to your region and personal preference.

For example, if you're a hot sleeper, you should prefer a pillow with cotton fibres [2].

Contrarily, if you want the pillow to contour to your body shape, you should choose a pillow made of memory foam.

While selecting a maternity pillow, you should also ensure that the filling is free from harmful chemicals and hypoallergenic.

Trimester and Sleeping Position

The comfortable sleeping position and the trimester you're in go hand in hand when choosing your pregnancy pillow.

In the first or second trimester, you prefer to sleep on your back and may need a wedge pillow to align your spine properly.

However, sleeping on your back can become more difficult as your belly grows. 🤰🏻

Pregnant woman sleeping on her side.
Image: © Sleep Hero

In the third trimester, you may prefer to sleep on your side and use a full-body, U-shaped or C-shaped pillow to support your belly.

Washable Cover

It is important to keep your pregnancy pillow clean when you are pregnant.

You should choose a pillow that offers a removable cover and one that you can easily wash in the washing machine. 🧺

This minimises your workload and ensures that your surroundings are clean and hygienic.

How to use a pregnancy pillow?

There is no right or wrong way to use your pregnancy pillow.

It would help if you used the pillow in a way that feels comfortable for you.

Here are some ways to use different pregnancy pillows to support your belly and alleviate your pain. 👇

Placing it under your belly

Sleeping on your side is the most recommended position if you're in the late second or third trimester.

But this can strain your back and isn't the most comfortable sleeping position. 😖

You can place a wedge pillow, a U-shaped pillow or a full body pillow under your belly to support it.

This will also support your back muscles while you sleep.

Placing a pillow between your legs and arms

You can also wrap your legs and arms around a full-body or U-shaped pillow.

This sleeping position is similar to cuddling with the pillow. 🤗

Pregnant woman cuddling her pillow.
Image: © Sleep Hero

The centre of your pregnancy pillow should support your growing belly.

You can also take the tension and pressure off your knees and ankles by positioning the pillow between your legs and arms.

Wrapping it around your back

You can wrap your C-shaped, U-shaped, or J-shaped pillow between your legs or your back. 🦵🏼

When you sleep in this position, the pillow offers back support and aligns your spine and pelvis.

These pillows prevent you from rolling onto your back while you sleep.

Placing it under your neck and head

You can support your head and neck by placing your wedge pillow under your regular pillow.

This can help relieve the symptoms of acid reflux [3] or heartburn. 😌

You can also place the C-shaped, J-shaped, or U-shaped pillow under your head to keep your spine upright.

Is a pregnancy pillow safe?

Pregnancy pillows are extremely safe [4] and can make your journey a lot easier and more comfortable.

You can start using pregnancy pillows as soon as you notice your belly growing or as soon as you pass the 20-week mark.

These pillows can help you fall asleep faster and sleep a little longer. 😴

Some maternity pillows, such as the Hoopa 3-in-1 pillow, can also be used as a feeding or nursing pillow.

Should you buy a pregnancy pillow?

Growing a human being in your belly can be a challenge. 🤰🏻

Pregnancy pillows would offer all the comfort, sleep and relaxation you need during your pregnancy period.

It can support your growing baby bump and relieve pressure points in your back and ankles.

You can get through your pregnancy without pregnancy pillows, but these will make your journey much more comfortable.

If you’re through your pregnancy journey and do not want to invest in a pillow, you can also choose to buy a baby pillow.

Here are some of our favourite baby pillows.

Our recommended baby pillows


  • Which pregnancy pillow is the best?

    The best pregnancy pillow depends on your needs, sleeping position, and trimester.

    The Hoopa 3-in-1 pillow is one of the best pregnancy pillows that support your neck, back, and belly at the same time.

  • Is it worth getting a pregnancy pillow?

    You need as much rest as possible for a safe pregnancy. 

    Pregnancy pillows can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. 😴

    These pillows support your belly and back and relieve your pressure points and aches. 

    It's always worth investing in a pregnancy pillow, especially in the second or third trimester

    If you don't need local support, you can also choose U-shaped pillows that you can use later for breastfeeding. 🤱🏻

  • Is a pregnancy pillow useful?

    Pregnancy pillows are extremely comfortable and useful

    They keep your neck, back, and hips in the right position. 

    The maternity pillows help you sleep comfortably on your side and allow better blood circulation to your placenta and baby.

  • Which is the Best Pregnancy Pillow Shape?

    The U-shape is considered one of the best pregnancy pillow shapes. 

    This shape of pregnancy pillow is popular because it encloses your whole body when you sleep on your side.

    It provides 360-degree support and aligns your back and front. 🔄

    These pillows are also suitable for tall women as they're usually available in two sizes.

  • When can I start using a maternity pillow?

    There's no fixed time when you should start using a maternity pillow. 

    You should use it whenever you have difficulty sleeping on your side or changing your position while sleeping. 

    This is usually the case when you pass the 20-week mark, and your belly starts to grow.

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