Best Mattresses

Best Mattresses In India (2022)

Last updated: 05.01.2022

A good night’s sleep is all you want after a long day at work.

The quality of your sleep determines your overall physical and mental health.πŸ₯

Hence every sleeper wants the best sleeping equipment for himself.

Determining the best mattress for oneself can be tricky as the market is filled with a plethora of good mattresses. πŸ€“

However, each mattress has a different design, type, filler, and purpose.

One should understand that your best mattress choice should not depend on the popularity of a particular model or brand but on a range of your preferences and needs.

If you don’t want to regret your purchase afterwards, then continue reading.

Best Mattresses

How To Select The Best Mattress?

The primary priority for anyone while selecting any mattress is always comfort.

All top models from reputed brands are built with the latest technologies to provide cushiness, solid support, and proper alignment.😁

But their overall performance will be subject to how well they fit into specific criteria or personal dynamics like sleeping position, weight, age of sleeper, health issues, etc.

Consequently, a mattress may be best for an individual but can be a disaster for others.

So, it’s the sole responsibility of the buyer to select the best out of the lot.

We have charted all possible personal dynamics.

Just identify your preferences, and select the best mattress accordingly.

Best Mattresses Based On Sleeping Positions

Generally, there are three prominent sleeping positions - back, side and stomach. πŸ›Œ

People are unaware that mattress requirement changes as per our sleeping positions.

Sleeping positions play a crucial and foremost role in getting the best night's sleep.

But you need to assess two main features of a mattress.

First is the construction and zoned layering in the mattress, and the second is its firmness rating. πŸ”Ÿ

For Back sleepers

Typically, this is the most preferred and healthiest position as your spine is aligned straight with the sleeping surface.

These are the following things you should look out for:

  • Thinner top layer/comfort layer, i.e., less than 2 inches
  • Firmness rating - medium-firm or firm mattress.
  • Gives extra support for the midsection of your body🌞
  • Allow uniform distribution of pressure on the body.

Ideal options include Orthopedic Foam Mattress, Pocket Spring, or Open Coil.

Our Top Pick for Back Sleeper: Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress [1]

What we liked:

  • Reduces strain on your back
  • Relieve pressure pain points
  • Improves posturing while you doze off.

For Side sleepers

Always look for a soft mattress.

When you lie on your side, the pressure is on your hip and shoulder.

A soft mattress will allow you to sink in and provide you with proper spine alignment. πŸ˜ͺ

Other features that you should look for in the mattress:

  • Thick comfort layering ( >2 inches)
  • How quickly it responds to pressure points
  • How well it contours
  • It comes in different firmness

The ideal choice for side sleepers would be memory foam, latex foam, hybrid mattresses.

Top Pick: Queen-size Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress [2]

What we liked:

  • Three layers of premium foam
  • Maximum body adaptability
  • Excellent stability and support😌
  • Suitable for sleepers of all shapes and sizes

For stomach sleepers

The front sleepers may face neck and back pain.

However, this is not an advisable position to sleep in as you tend to sink in more.

To avoid the adverse effects, look for a mattress with the following features:

  • Firm
  • Thin comfort layers
  • Ensure healthy spinal alignment
  • Provide more cushioning and support

The preferred material for mattresses include springs, gel foam, or memory foam.

Our Top Pick: Wakeup Luxuriate Orthopedic Hybrid Memory Foam Pocket Spring [3]

What we liked:

  • Cool gel memory foam
  • Ultra-responsive
  • Maximises airflow
  • Provides relief by contours to your body shape

Best Mattresses Based On Types Of Sleepers

For Couples

The most important factors to be considered while looking for the perfect mattress for partners are motion isolation and movement-inducing bounce.😍

These factors help reduce sleep disturbance, lowers noise production, and are beneficial for sexual activity.

Also, the firmness rating should be medium-firm as two individuals may have different firmness likings & varying body types.

Popular choices include Foam, Innerspring, Hybrid, Latex.

Our Top Pick: The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe 8” Mattress [4]

What we liked

  • Motion isolation technology
  • 2x more support than an orthopaedic mattress πŸ₯ˆ
  • Nontoxic & hypoallergenic
  • Study edges


Parents should check the material of the mattress, especially while choosing the right one for young children.

Any material that uses toxins, chemicals, or otherwise harmful ingredients in its construction should be avoided.

Further, look for a mattress with these features:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic
  • Soft, fluffy, and plush
  • Comes with a waterproof cover or protector.

Suitable mattress materials include latex or coir.

Our top pick: The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe 8” Mattress [4]

What we liked:

  • Stay completely cool
  • Nontoxic & hypoallergenic
  • Ultimate cushioning

For Seniors

Regardless of any health issues, aged people should look for the right mattress that can provide them with

  • Great support for their fragile bones and backaches
  • Comfort
  • Relieve joint pains

Top Pick- Sleepyhead Sense Orthopaedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress [5]

What we liked:

  • Optimum temperature regulation
  • 3-zoned orthopaedic support
  • Active grooves for better breathability
  • Responsive memory foam layer for extraordinary pressure relief

Best Mattresses Based On Health Issues

Orthopaedic problems

The problems related to sore joints, back and neck pains are associated with our lifestyle changes and improper posture alignments. 😌

These problems can be dealt with effectively with an orthopaedic mattress that is filled with features like:

  • Firmer sleeping surface
  • Even weight distribution
  • Optimal spinal alignment
  • Healthy posture

Top Pick- Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress [1]

What we liked:

  • Restful, pain-free sleep
  • Firmer base foam
  • Better is support to the spine
  • Higher foam density implies durability

Allergy Sufferers

The most vulnerable source of allergens includes dust mites, pet danders, moulds, and the like.

People who are prone to allergies should take a close look at a mattress that is:

  • Resistant to all types of allergens
  • Has better air circulation
  • Made with organic materials

The preferred material for mattress- latex, gel foam, and other sustainable materials

However, avoid synthetic materials if you are sensitive to chemicals.

Top Pick - Sleepycat 100% Natural Latex 7-Inch Medium Firm Organic Mattress [6]

What we liked:

  • Organic Latex foam
  • Medium-firm with a slight bounce
  • Easy washing
  • Made with non-toxic materials

On Best Mattresses Based On Type Of Material


If you require strong, firm, and fantastic support for your body, an innerspring mattress should be your choice.

These mattresses type is sturdy and built to cater to any bodyweight.

They are breathable pocket coir mattresses and are ideal for people who sweat a lot.πŸ₯΅

The best spring mattress from our desk is Wake Up 8-inch Medium Firm King Size Pocket Spring Mattress [7]

Reason To Buy:

  • Tempered steel coils
  • Excellent airflow
  • Edge support
  • User responsiveness
  • Not too hard, not too soft


People who are inclined towards an eco-friendly outlook should definitely opt for this natural and 100% organic rubber material.

The high point elasticity feature is a turn-on for any type of sleeper. It proves to be a very durable option.πŸ“…

The best latex mattress from our desk is Sleepycat 100% Natural Latex 7-Inch Medium Firm Organic Mattress [6]

Memory foam

The viscoelastic material is well known for its contouring and comforting feature.

Memory foam mattresses are equipped with different layers to improve firmness and density. 🀭

It helps in reducing your pressure points and enhances your sleeping posture.

People who suffer from joint and back pain and other orthopaedic ailments would find this ideal.

The best Memory Foam mattress from our desk is Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress [1]


This is one of the most sought-after types of mattresses.

It happens to integrate the best of both worlds- The foam countering feature and the support level offered by innerspring.

This results in a perfect balance of responsiveness, edge support, and pressure relief.😍

The best HYBRID mattress from our desk is Wakeup Luxuriate Orthopedic Hybrid Memory Foam Pocket Spring [3].

Top 5 Best Mattresses In India Based On Overall Performance - Our Recommendation

The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe 8” Mattress [4]

Sleep company smart grid mattress luxuriously contours and softly lifts you after a good night's sleep.

It is ergonomically designed with the patented smart grid technology that offers good comfort around your neck and thoracic region.😁

The mattress has been constructed with 3-zoned layering.

The bottom or base is made out of 2” high-density supportive foam to increase the durability of the bedding.

The next is the 4” transition soft foam layer to enhance the bounciness and provide extra comfort while sleeping.πŸ›Œ

Next to this is the primary layer is a 2” Smart Grid that encompasses over 2500+ air pocket channels.🌬️

That gives the mattress an extraordinary cooling effect and airflow. Finally, the entire mattress is encased in a quilted velvety fabric cover.

With the smart grid technology, there is an even distribution of bodyweight on the mattress, thereby taking off pressure from areas that bear the utmost weight of our body.

Another outstanding feature about this super cool resilience foam mattress is its ability to generate motion Isolation.

The Sleep Company understands the nuisance of disruptive sleep due to a partner's restless movements in the middle of the night.

Overall, the incredibly comfortable, innovative mattress excellently works to improve your sleep experience with a unique leading technology in the industry.


  • Improves posturing while you sleep
  • Effectively dissipate body temperature
  • Open grid structure
  • No sagging


  • Expensive

Sleepyhead Sense Orthopaedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress [5]

Listed among the top Indian brands, Sleepyhead has designed this luxury model with unique features that makes it exclusive.

The mattress is constructed by combining three diverse types of high-quality foam.

The top layer is made with the phase-changing cooling foam that keeps the mattress cool by absorbing excess body heat and redistributing it throughout the surface.

Below that lies the responsive memory foam that cushions your body like a cocoon. πŸ¦‹

Lastly, the base has been layered with supportive foam.

The firmness rating is around 7-7.5 and provides minimal partner disturbance.

Available in different sizes and thicknesses, this comfortable mattress is encased inside a removable and washable outer cover. 🧽


  • Firm foundation
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Multi-layer support for all body types
  • Comfortable and convenient


  • Average edge support
  • Custom size is not available

Sleepycat 100% Natural Latex 7-Inch Medium Firm Organic Mattress [6]

Sleepycat makes quality mattresses, and this is no exception.

The 7-inch Latex mattress [8] combines all the essential features and advantages that sleepers expect from a high-quality latex mattress.

The mattress is a combination of two layers. 😌

The top one being the 2-inch of latex foam.

And the bottom 5-inch of high-density foam.

The latex foam is 100% natural and comes in a 7-zone structure to support different body areas.

Along with the comfort, it is capable of offering zero partner disturbance features.

The second layer defines the durability and strength of the mattress.

Apart from these layers, the product is covered with a breathable fabric for protection from potential damages. βœ”οΈ

The breezy inner material is resistant to allergens and microbes. 🧫

This adds to the user’s safety.

Again, the cover has easy washing, cleaning, and maintenance properties that enhance its long-lasting use.

There is no off-gassing issue associated with this mattress.


  • Very comfortable, eco-friendly, and airy
  • Antimicrobial and anti-fungal
  • Smart breathable zipper cover
  • Medium-firm with a slight bounce


  • Extra bouncy
  • Customer support is not very good

Wakeup Luxuriate Orthopedic Hybrid Memory Foam Pocket Spring [3]

This top king-size mattress is an excellent combination of bounce and motion isolation.

The most appealing feature of a hybrid mattress is its ability to suit all types of sleepers without compromising on comfort and support. 😌

This Wakeup hybrid model stands out in the internet bedding market.

The bottom layer is constructed with an innerspring layer that incorporates over 1,000 independently wrapped coils.

It is topped with support foam, followed by cooling memory foam as a top layer that provides an excellent soft welcome without feeling sinking.

The bed is further coated with an anti-bacterial knitted fabric all over.

This hybrid mattress provides posturized support and proper spinal alignment because of its proprietary technologies and finish-to-end composition.

The brand also offers a 10-year warranty on its product with intelligent packaging that allows easy setup.


  • Luxurious, lasting feel
  • Delivers a soft, cloudy-feel
  • Recognizes pressure points
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions


  • Not ideal for people who sleep hot

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress [1]

Wakefit builds quality mattresses at an affordable price.

The most striking feature of its orthopedic memory foam mattress model lies in its composition.

Made from premium quality memory foam, the bed provides optimum comfort and support.

Constructed with three zonal support technology, this mattress is very flexible and distributes the weight uniformly.😁

This foam mattress is temperature-sensitive and tends to conform to the sleeper's body when the body warms up.

Further, the ortho mattress is ergonomically designed without using any toxic elements.

Additionally, the anti-allergic characteristic makes it ideal for skin-sensitive users. The Wakefit mattress is easy to maintain.

The brand provides a 100-night trial period and 10-year warranty along with attractive credit payment options.


  • Provide perfect alignment
  • Reduces back and joint pain
  • Absorb motion transfer
  • Evenly distribution of body weight.


  • It’s on the heavier side
  • It’s not flippable


All mattresses have their merits and their drawbacks.

We have tried to fit in all crucial factors and then listed our well-researched recommendations for top mattress brands. πŸ€‘

We have furnished all possible details to help you understand your personal preferences and choose the best mattress for your use.

The list has something for everyone.


Best Mattresses

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