IKEA Mattresses in India

Best IKEA Mattresses in India (2023)

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IKEA has many mattress variants, sleep accessories, and bed frames at incredibly low prices.

But has the Swedish brand understood and is ready to cater to the specific needs of Indian households?

Well, folks, you've found yourself on the right page.

Below, we will discuss the best mattresses that IKEA offers.

IKEA Mattresses in India


  • Roll-pack mattresses
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be tested in the showroom
  • Decent comfort levels
  • 60-90 days trial period
  • Easy returns


  • Chargeable deliveries
  • No soft-feel options
  • Custom-made sizes are not available
  • Disappointing customer service

IKEA mattress features

  • IKEA offers a wide range of king- and queen-sized mattresses.
  • The brand uses different quality foams.
  • The mattress covers are made from polyester and rayon.
  • IKEA mattresses offer all-over body support.
  • They come at below-average price points.

IKEA Beito Sprung mattress

The IKEA Beito sprung mattress is a light-grey Bonnell spring mattress designed to be used on one side.

This affordable range from IKEA is made from individually wrapped pocket springs.

This Bonnell spring mattress from IKEA can be called one of the best and cheapest options.

This IKEA mattress is built with polyester wadding, felt liner, non-woven polypropylene, and polyurethane foam.

It features 130 steel springs per square metre, all individually wrapped.

The construction provides even distribution of your body weight. 🛌

The polyurethane foam on top nicely adapts to your body and ensures a restful sleep.

The IKEA mattress features high resilience foam and is available in a single firmness level – firm.

The mattress cover is made from 100% grey-coloured polyester. 

The cover is not removable and can only be cleaned using upholstery shampoo. 🧼


Offers good support

Great for both kids and adults

Available in several sizes

Easy assembling


Can be used on one side only

Single colour option

IKEA Vognill Latex Coir Mattress

A high-quality coir mattress made from all-natural materials.

This ergonomically-designed, multi-layered coir and latex foam mattress from IKEA is best for kids.

IKEA Vognill is a trendy latex foam coir mattress.

This mattress responds really well to body weight.

This is because it is made from high-density rubberised natural coconut coir with an airier design and natural latex for enhanced support.

The bottom layer of the IKEA Vognill mattress is made of natural coconut fibres. 🥥 

This allows air to circulate properly, offering sufficient ventilation and comfortable sleep. 

Polyurethane foam acts as a cushioning barrier between your body and the support coir, thereby offering a cosy sleep. 😴

There is a polyester wadding with non-woven polypropylene as lining material for increased cushioning.

The firm mattress is designed to be used on one side only.

However, the height of the mattress is just about 10 cm, making it more suitable for kids

For extended durability, rotating the mattress every 6 months is recommended, so the head and the foot ends change places.


Good breathability

Sleeps cool

Available in all standard sizes

Firmer support


The amount of latex is minimal

Sags over time

Non-removable cover

Very thin but a heavyweight mattress

IKEA Hovag Pocket Spring Mattress

The IKEA Hovag is a rolled-up mattress available in two firmness options.

This unflippable mattress is made from pocket springs and polyurethane foam to provide good comfort and support.

The Hovag is a pocket spring mattress with individually wrapped steel bonnell springs.

These pocket springs can comfortably contour and support your body in the right places.

The topmost comfort layer is made of soft fillings of 25 kg/cu.m polyurethane foam.

This adds to its overall appearance, comfort, and luxurious feel. 😌

The bed mattress offered by IKEA is just above 24 cm (9 inches) thick and available in four different sizes - single, twin, queen, and king.

The mattress features a cover made from a mix of cotton and polyester on the top side.

The mattress is not available in a medium-firm option.

Instead, this inexpensive pocket spring mattress gives the buyer the option to choose from two firmness levels:

  • Firm
  • Extra-firm

The IKEA Hovag mattress is delivered in a rolled-up form. 

It regains its full shape within 2 to 3 days.

However, there are chances of off-gassing.

(Off-gassing is a process in which non-toxic compounds get released from the bedding into the air.)

The brand lists that the smell of off-gassing from their product isn’t harmful and toxic.


Offers good edge support

Good quality

Pocket coils offer better support

Easy to unbox


Very firm

Emits a non-toxic smell when unboxed

IKEA Vormedal Coir Sprung Mattress

The IKEA Vormedal is an excellent coir plus spring mattress built with multiple layers of latex, jute, and PU foam.

This is an excellent anti-allergic coir sprung mattress that is made from eco-friendly materials.

The IKEA Vormedal coir sprung model provides excellent body support due to its springy consistency. 😁

With a height of 17cm (6.7 inches), this coir plus latex sprung mattress has a multiple-layer construction.

The high-quality natural mattress materials make it airy, anti-allergic, and dry.

The ergonomically designed mattress has blended properties of spring, latex, jute, and PU foam.

The topmost layer boasts a comfort layer of 35 kg/cu.m. polyurethane foam that maximises comfort. 

The firm mattress has 130 springs per square metre, all individually wrapped pocket coils, and is available in two sizes. 

The use of natural fibre material inside the mattress makes the product very durable, hardwearing, and firm for a long time. 🗓

Those looking for a little extra support for a low price should definitely choose this mattress from IKEA.

Overall, the IKEA Vormedal mattress offers a pleasant sleeping environment with a decent temperature regulating feature.

There is no need to turn it around as it is a non-flippable mattress.

The brand offers a limited warranty and the mattress is delivered to your doorstep in rolled-up packaging.

The mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions.


Breathable material

Anti-allergic and eco-friendly product

Supportive, comfortable, and relaxing

Good choice for users with limited mobility

Good temperature regulation


Takes several weeks for your body to get used to the mattress

Not effective for pressure pain relief

Slim mattress

Suitable only for spare rooms or occasional use

IKEA Moshult Foam Mattress

The IKEA Moshult is a 10 cm (4 inches) thin mattress made from resilient and dense polyurethane foam.

This slimmer and cheaper mattress from IKEA is made from regular grade polyfoam material.

The Moshult mattress from IKEA belongs to the foam mattress category.

At just under 10 cm (4 inches) thick, the Moshult IKEA mattress is an option that works well for anyone who prefers a slimmer mattress or a daybed.

It is a standard unquilted foam mattress that provides overall support.

This mattress is made from resilient and dense polyurethane foam and has a removable, washable cotton blend cover. 

The zippered cover is child-safe as it needs a paperclip to be inserted on the tab on the zip to open and close. 👶

The Moshult all-foam mattress is a thinner and cheaper option manufactured from regular grade polyfoam material.

It has a firmer profile.

The roll-packed mattress is easy to unpack and install.


Affordable and comfortable

Easy cleaning

Childproof zipper

Recommended for children


It is a very thin mattress

Not suitable for adults

Not durable

IKEA Malfors Foam Mattress

The IKEA Malfors is a white-coloured, all-foam, firm mattress.

The Malfors is a thin mattress that is made from a single layer of PU foam.

Available at a budget price, the Malfors mattress from IKEA is an elegant all-white foam mattress designed to provide both support and comfort.

This firm-only mattress comes in different sizes.

It is constructed of a thin layer of foam and has a height of 12 cm (4 3/4 inches).

However, the mattress still offers decent support for your entire body and a comfortable night’s sleep at a very reasonable price. 🏷

This depth is not recommended for heavier people as they might risk bottoming out.

The cover on the IKEA Malfors mattress is made from a mixture of cotton and polyester.

The zippered cover is easy to remove and is machine-washable.

This easy cleaning feature makes it more hygienic and safer for all. ✅

The brand does not recommend dry-cleaning or ironing the cover to safeguard its shape.

Additional features that this roll-pack-designed mattress comes with are:

  • Great in motion isolation.
  • Doesn't sleep too hot though it’s an all-foam mattress.
  • Suitable for children.

While the mattress is supportive and relatively comfortable, we wouldn't recommend it for long-term use.


Affordable and comfortable

Zippered cover for easy washing

Good motion isolation

Recommended for children 


It is a slim mattress

Sags over time

Made from cheap foams

IKEA Hyllestad Pocket Spring Mattress

The IKEA Hyllestad is a tall memory foam spring mattress with a multi-layered design to provide comfort and enhanced support.

This is a premium category tall mattress from IKEA constructed with layers of memory foam, PU foam, and steel pocket springs.

The IKEA Hyllestad is rated as a higher-quality IKEA mattress.

It is constructed with a combination of heavenly memory foam and pocket springs to offer enhanced comfort and support.

It has a height of 27 cm (10.6 inches); thus, it is tall compared to other IKEA mattresses.

The firm white-coloured Hyllestad mattress features multiple layers.

The topmost layer is made of memory foam and is known for its excellent adaptability and flexibility.

The comfort layer is made with soft fill, 25 kilograms per cubic metre polyurethane foam. 

This transition layer gives the sleeper added support.

The third layer consists of steel pocket springs that work independently to closely follow your body’s movements.

The firm padding helps the mattress keep its firmness. 

This memory foam mattress has an extra-stretchable polyester cover with handles on all sides, making it highly portable.

Weighing about 40 kg, this mattress fits flawlessly inside all IKEA bed frames and other slatted bed bases. 🛏


Product quality and look is excellent

Effective in motion isolation

Supportive and effective in relieving pressure pain points

Mattress cover with handles


An overly firm mattress may cause back and neck pain

Problems with durability

Heavy mattress that is difficult to install

Comes in uncompressed form

IKEA Vatnestrom Pocket Spring Mattress

The IKEA Vatnestrom is a top quality luxury mattress constructed with natural materials like natural latex, coconut fibre, cotton, and wool.

This premium range pocket spring mattress from IKEA is made from natural materials and designed with 5 comfort zones for perfect support.

The IKEA Vatnestrom belongs to the premium and luxurious segment of IKEA mattresses.

The mattress is constructed with natural materials like natural latex, coconut fibre, cotton, and wool. 🐑

This 5-comfort-zoned pocket spring mattress gives you very precise support and relieves pressure on your shoulders and hips.

The polyfoam layers in the mattress help relieve pressure from different parts of your body.

Moreover, the base has a steel pocket coil system and padding of coconut fibres that allows for good ventilation. 💨

The IKEA Vatnestrom mattress features a reinforced edge, which reduces sagging.

The mattress cover is made of 100% cotton from sustainable sources.

The Swedish brand has tried to distinguish the mattress's natural, non-coloured, and unbleached linen sides by creating subtle variations in the surface.

This extra firm mattress weighs about 62 kg for its 160 x 200 cm size and 69 ks for its 180 x 200 cm bedding. 🛌

The height of the mattress is 26 cm (10 1/4 inches) for both dimensions.

The IKEA Vatnestrom has excellent features such as temperature regulation, motion isolation, and comfort.

However, it has a high investment cost.


Good at relieving pressure points

Highly supportive

Cover with multiple handles

Effective temperature control

Suitable for all body shapes and sizes


Expensive mattress

Suffers from sagging over time

Difficult to install

Non-removable cover

Different IKEA mattress types

The Swedish brand has introduced three main types of mattress models in India.

These can be classified as:

  • Spring mattresses
  • Foam mattresses
  • Latex mattresses

Let’s look at these in more detail.

IKEA spring mattresses

Spring mattresses are the most popular traditional mattresses used in Indian households.

These spring coil system designs can either be pocket sprung or innerspring.

Types of Mattress Material
Image: © Sleep Hero

The spring units are placed over a layer of other materials such as foam, latex, cotton, wool, etc.

Spring mattresses are known for their excellent support, superb ventilation, and a fair amount of bounce.

These comfy spring mattresses are recommended for heavier sleepers and those with back ache. 😩

The BEITO Sprung mattress, Hovag, and Vormedal are all examples of spring mattresses from IKEA.

IKEA foam mattresses

IKEA foam mattresses are manufactured from resilient cold foam (polyurethane foam or poly foam) and memory foam.

These all-foam mattresses are very effective in body contouring and provide pressure relief.

The IKEA polyurethane foam mattresses blend high-resilience, high-density, and regular-grade foams.

This is done to get a firm, supportive mattress surface.

All the lower-end inexpensive IKEA mattresses are made from a regular-grade poly foam material. 💰

IKEA uses premium quality memory foam in all its high-range models.

Memory foam is known for its capacity to reduce pain, relieve pressure, offer good support, and provide optimal spinal alignment.

The Moshult and Malfors mattresses are examples of foam mattresses from IKEA.

IKEA latex mattresses

IKEA always goes with the customer demand and its vision to use sustainable materials in its product.

The latex mattress range uses natural and more environmentally-friendly materials.

Latex is made from natural rubber and is an expensive material. 🤑

Mattresses built with natural fibres and materials are more bouncy, durable, hypoallergenic, and effective in relieving pressure.

They also offer good back support for back ache as compared to foam mattresses.

They are more eco-friendly as they use fewer chemicals during the manufacturing process.

When combined with coir/spring units as their base, these natural materials are considered among the best-designed mattresses.

The Vognill mattress is a latex mattress offered by IKEA.

It also comes with a waterproof mattress protector.

Who should choose IKEA mattresses?

Customers have rated IKEA mattresses positively, especially in terms of appearance and value for money.

However, they don't score much on durability and quality. ⏱

Some important factors are also ignored by the brand concerning sleepers.

Mattress advice
Image: © Sleep Hero

Firstly, the thickness or height of these mattresses is primarily low.

Secondly, IKEA mattresses don't give customers any options to choose from different firmness levels.

IKEA mattresses can be mostly recommended for people who are tight on their budget. 💰

IKEA mattresses are ideal for students, professionals with frequent job transfers, guest bedrooms, etc.

IKEA mattresses are best if only used occasionally and not for all-night, everyday use.

Instead, we’d recommend you to buy SleepyCat or Durfi mattresses, which are better suited for long-term use.

Along with offering mattresses, this Swedish brand also offers bed frames and mattress pads.

The mattress pad offered by IKEA helps you adjust the firmness of your mattress.

Higher quality mattresses:

IKEA mattress sizes

IKEA mattresses have some typical European sizes.

The mattress sizes include:

  • IKEA mattress single
  • KEA mattress double
  • IKEA mattress queen
  • IKEA mattress king
Image: © Sleep Hero

Children and young adults who sleep alone could opt for single-size mattresses.

Queen-size IKEA mattresses will be suitable for older adults or students.

The king-size mattress is best for couples.

IKEA mattress pricing

IKEA is a popular brand you can consider while looking for a new mattress.

The brand is known for its low-priced products.

The prices remain the same whether you purchase from a store or online. ✅

Customers have reviewed most mattresses as value-for-money products.

Nevertheless, as we all know, the cost, product quality, and durability are directly proportional to each other.

Mattress Price
Image: © Sleep Hero

You really get what you pay for.

Still, IKEA mattresses are very affordable compared to other popular mattresses available on Amazon, Pepperfry, Flipkart, etc.

The IKEA mattress price range starts from just INR 2990.

Moreover, if you enrol yourself in their loyalty programme and become an IKEA Family member, you get an added benefit of reduced prices.

While the IKEA mattresses are affordable, they are not the most durable ones.

SleepyCat [1] and Durfi [2] offer more durable, affordable, and comfortable mattresses.

Here are a few mattresses offered by these brands that you can try out. 👇

Our recommended mattresses:

IKEA mattress delivery

Unlike other reputed Indian brands that offer free shipping on most of their mattress models, IKEA charges for its shipping and doorstep deliveries.

While checking out from the payment page, you will come across the delivery charges and have the option to add assembly (remember, it’s also chargeable).

Further, the estimated delivery time will be mentioned when the order is complete.

The delivery time and cost will vary depending on your postal zip code.

On the other hand, mattress brands like Sleepwell [3], SleepyCat [1], and Durfi [2] offer free and fast doorstep delivery.

Here are a few mattresses offered by these brands that you can try out. 👇

Our recommended mattresses:

IKEA mattress returns and exchanges

IKEA mattresses can be returned or exchanged (only once) during the usual trial period of 60 days (90 days if you are an IKEA family member). 📦

However, you need to show your proof of purchase.

One has to raise a request for return (after 30 days of use) with the pictures of the articles to be returned to the IKEA customer support centre at [email protected].

You will also need a scanned copy of the receipt.

The article is eligible for return or exchange if it is not found to be dirty, stained, damaged, or abused.

You will be asked to re-pack your mattress carefully.

A couple packing mattress in a plastic cover.
A couple packing a mattress in a plastic cover. Image: © Sleep Hero

After their team's physical verification of the mattress, it will be picked up, and the return or exchange process will progress. ✅

You will receive the refund credit for your purchase in about 14 business days and the same payment mode adopted by you during the purchase.

If you opted for an exchange, the price difference would be charged to you (if higher), or you will get an IKEA gift card equal to the lower price difference.

Should you buy an IKEA mattress?

We have presented you a detailed overview of the different IKEA mattress options, listing the most popular ones and informing you about its general policies regarding trial period, returns, shipping, pricing, etc.

IKEA is still considered a new entrant in the Indian mattress market.

But, they offer some of the cheapest mattresses available. 💵

Unfortunately, even the best IKEA mattresses cannot compare to the more premium brands.

Instead, we recommend a few value-for-money alternatives you can consider.

Best IKEA alternatives:

Contact IKEA India

Customer service: To contact IKEA India directly for complaints, support, or queries, please email them at [email protected] or visit their live online chat [4].

Registered office: IKEA Store - Navi Mumbai, Turbhe MIDC, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai, 400705, Maharashtra, India.


  • What are the other bedding products offered by IKEA?

    IKEA has a range of bedding essentials such as bed linen, bedspreads, pillows, cushions & cushion covers, duvets, blankets, mattress & pillow protectors, and mattress toppers.

  • Does IKEA manufacture child mattresses?

    IKEA does have a children’s mattress - the PLUTTEN foam mattress.

    This children’s mattress is made of foam, compatible with extendable beds, and recommended for children above 3 years.

    Some of the features of this mattress are:

    • One mattress offers three different lengths (from 130 to 165 or 200 cm)
    • Smooth surface on both sides
    • Washable and child-safe zippered cover 

    The children’s mattress offered by the brand is a good and affordable choice.

  • Which cities in India have IKEA showrooms?

    Currently, IKEA showrooms are located in Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Navi Mumbai.

  • Does IKEA deliver their products pan-India?

    The brand is currently making deliveries to selected locations such as Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, and Bengaluru.

  • Does IKEA have a gift card facility?

    Yes. You can purchase a gift card from the home portal and gift it to your loved ones. 

    Using these prepaid gift cards, one can purchase merchandise at any IKEA store in India. 

    Remember, these cards can’t be redeemed for cash, are non-transferable, and are valid only for one year.

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