Best Orthopedic Mattresses

Best Orthopedic Mattress in India (2023)

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Do you suffer from spinal cord issues like back pain, osteoporosis, or arthritis?

If yes, you should be prudent while selecting a mattress for your bed.

It is where an orthopedic mattress comes into the picture. 👍

Are you also planning to get an orthopedic mattress for your home this year?

We got the top recommendations for you in this post. 🤗

So, without much ado, let's dive into the details!

a woman is sleeping on orthopedic mattress

Firmness Level 8
Firmness Level 8


  • An orthopedic mattress can relieve body pain
  • Orthopedic mattresses eradicate the roll-together effect
  • They are best for lower back relief
  • Most orthopedic mattresses are anti-allergy
  • They promote a healthy blood circulation


  • Orthopedic mattresses can be bulky
  • It is difficult to move them from one place to other

What is special about an orthopedic mattress?

  • They offer firm support to your spinal cord
  • Promotes better sleep
  • Can speed up the joint recovery process
  • Ideal for athletes and senior citizens
Our Favourite

Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is made of high-quality memory foam and using the latest innovations for excellent back support.

It is the best-selling orthopedic mattress and comes with a 10 years warranty.

All about the Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Wakefit is a renowned brand that rolls out the best orthopaedic mattress in India.🇮🇳

This orthopedic mattress features breathable premium fabric, next-generation memory foam, 7 pressure zone layers, and high resilience foam. 

This made-in-India hypoallergenic [1] mattress also has advanced motion separation and spinal alignment features. 🤧

The medium-firm mattress will provide supreme support and help you unwind into a deep, sound sleep. 🛌🏻

It is the best orthopedic mattress that comes with a removable outer cover that can be machine washed.

Moreover, the size can never be a problem as it comes in different sizes like Double, King, Queen, and Single. 

You can buy this orthopedic mattress online on Amazon to get it with a 10 years warranty.

Buy Wakefit Orthopedic Mattress₹5,798


The quality memory foam makes this mattress durable and comfortable to sleep

It comes with the next-generation and high resilience foam

This can offer great back support to all type of sleepers

This mattress is available in different sizes

It is a hypoallergenic mattress


Wakefit orthopedic mattress is a little more expensive than others on the list

Its material can make it feel a little hot in summers

Sleepyhead Original Orthopedic Mattress

The orthopaedic mattress is a high-quality memory foam mattress with multiple layers of foam.

This orthopedic bed mattress is perfect for all kinds of sleepers. It comes with a 100 nights trial and 10 years of warranty.

All About the Sleepyhead Original Orthopedic Mattress

Do you have chronic spinal ache issues?

If yes, then this orthopedic bed is good for back pain.

This mattress has an innovative Body IQ orthopedic memory foam technology that seamlessly adapts to your body shape.

The multi-layer support system offers a perfect blend of comfort and support. 🤩

Moreover, the zero motion transfer technology absorbs all the movements happening on the other side of the mattress, ensuring a perfectly sound sleep for you. 🛌🏻

It has a super breathable premium outer cover fabric that pulls moisture and dries quickly.

Buy Sleepyhead Orthopedic Mattress₹6,199


Offers a comfortable but healthy firmness

This product comes with a perfect bounce

It is a highly supportive mattress

It comes with a washable outer cover


It is not suitable for small children

Its price is on the higher side

Made In India

SleepX Ortho Mattress

The SleepX 8-inch orthopedic mattress combines different layers of foam.

The hyper-elastic polymer of this orthopedic mattress India is designed to provide you with a cloud-like comfort.

All About the SleepX Ortho King Size Mattress

Mattresses by the SleepX brand offer a perfect amalgamation of comfort and luxury. 🤩

The hyper-elastic polymer of this ortho mattress is designed to provide you with a cloud-like comfort as soon as you crawl into it.

This mattress is also good at retaining its shape for as long as ten years.

Moreover, its highlight is that it can seamlessly adjust to your body shape, especially the spine.

It also ensures supreme comfort and back pain relief at every point of contact.

This orthopedic bed mattress India also has enhanced firmness thanks to the NextGen memory foam technology.

The air mesh fabric promotes better air circulation and ventilation to prevent body heat buildup.

Also, the cover of this mattress is made with organic viscose quilted cotton [2], which prevents any chance of skin irritation. ☑️

Buy SleepX Ortho Mattress₹6,915


It features advanced air circulation technology

There is a number of memory foam layer to offer the best sleep experience

It caters well to people suffering from body pain or back pain

This offers extra comfort and support

This is made of premium fabric quality


If you don’t like a hard mattress, then this is not for you

It is not suitable for kids.

It features a plush medium firm surface that offers great body support.

This mattress is sure to provide you with the perfect blend of comfort, support, and firmness.

All About the Springtek Dreamer orthopedic Dual Comfort Mattress

The Springtek Dreamer orthopedic memory mattress is one of its kind. ☑️

It is the only mattress that is made up of Latex on top of Memory foam and HR foam.

With this distinct formation, it is soft in all the right places without losing any necessary firmness.

This multi-zone support mattress is a boon for people suffering from chronic spinal cord issues.

It provides zero partner disturbance with its five-zone construction.

This mattress comes with a zipper cover, which makes it highly suitable for warmer places. 🤩

Buy Springtek Orthopedic Mattress₹10,734


The product comes with quality memory foam and HR foam

It offers multi-zone support to the sleeper

This mattress also offers zero partner disturbance

Offers an advanced air circulation

It provides comfort to every part of the body


It is not suitable for senior citizens

The surface of this mattress can be too hard for children and grandparents

Great Value For Money

Duroflex Medium Firm Orthopedic Mattress

The signature Art Deco pattern of the luxury knitted fabric enveloping this mattress will elevate the decor of your bedroom.

It features a certified 5-zoned orthopedic layer to give the best neck and back support.

All About the Duroflex orthopedic Medium Firm Mattress

Duroflex orthopedic medium firm mattress is a perfect pick for anyone suffering from chronic back pain. 

It has one of the best 8-inch mattresses in India.

It is a five-zone mattress that is trusted and recommended by the National Health Academy [3] for its brilliant orthopedic support and other health benefits.

This Duroflex orthopedic mattress king size also features triple anti-microbial fabric that shields the mattress against fungi, bacteria, and dust mites.🛌🏻

The adaptive memory foam supports all your pressure points, ensuring next-level comfort and a night of sound sleep.

This Duroflex orthopaedic mattress queen size comes with a 10 years warranty and a lifelong promise of comfort and support. 

Check your budget because the Duroflex orthopedic mattress king-size price can be a little on the higher side. 🤩

Buy Duroflex orthopedic Mattress₹11,099


It adds cohesion to your spine to rest in a neutral position

The product is structured into layers for maximum benefit

It is made with premium quality materials

It encourages spinal alignment

Tested and recommended by doctors


You can’t flip it

It's not very firm

Latest technological innovations used in this mattress provide excellent back support.

For people with back pain issues, this medium firm mattress can be a good option.

All About the Dr Smith orthopedic Diwan Size Mattress

Dr. Smith is a trustworthy brand that is known for rolling out the great orthopedic mattress in India quora. 

This mattress comes with a soft-knit and super breathable cover. ☑️

Its cooling-gel-infused memory foam ensures you stay cool while sleeping.

The softness it provides helps in moulding the curves of the body, giving a relaxed sleep all night long.

It also has excellent ventilation, ensuring an uninterrupted night.

The three durable layers are sure to take in any shocks or external jolts since it has adequate density. 

It is coir foam orthopedic mattress, which makes it durable.

All these qualities make it must have orthopedic bed mattress in India.  

What more can you ask for?

Buy Dr Smith orthopedic Mattress₹7,254


It is a durable mattress due to the high-density coir and rebound foam

It comes with a minimal partner disturbance feature

You can easily move it from one place to other

The product caters well to people suffering from back pain

It is a great option for people who prefer natural materials for sleeping


Flimsy as compared to other mattresses on the list

Its medium firmness doesn’t fit for kids

Sleepycat Ortho Mattress with Bamboo Cover

This high-quality memory foam mattress is a great option for people suffering from lower back issues in India.

The breathable fabric and ortho foam layers will give you the best sleep you desire.

All About the SleepyCat Ortho Mattress with Bamboo Cover

SleepCat Ortho never disappoints its customers and creates amazing orthopedic mattresses for back pain. 🤩

This medium-firm mattress comes with a premium open-cell memory foam and a high-density foam base. 🛌🏻

Maintenance can never be an issue as it comes with a breathable and washable anti-skid smart zipper cover.

The best part about this mattress is that it is a perfect pick for all types of sleepers.

Sleepycat plus orthopedic gel memory foam has a three-layer mattress bamboo fibre [4] fabric that comes with brilliant moisture-absorbing and antibacterial properties. ☑️

Buy SleepyCat Ortho Mattress₹10,561


The cover is made of 100% organic cotton and is very comfortable to sleep

Comes with a 10-year warranty

It is a highly durable mattress

It pays attention to your body structure with its knitted fabric with memory foam


Not suitable for those who love to sleep on soft mattresses

It can be a little expensive for some people

What Is The Average Cost Of An Orthopedic Mattress In India?

You must be thinking about which is the best orthopedic mattress in India according to the range.

Orthopedic mattresses in India come in a wide range of prices that can vary between INR 3000 to INR 30,000.

The cost of an orthopedic mattress depends on the size, material, quality, and type of mattress you choose for your bedroom.

For example, a single bed orthopedic mattress can be easily bought between INR 2000 to INR 5000. 👍

the price of mattress matters with quality
Buy the orthopedic mattress that fits your budget Image: © Sleep Hero

Double bed mattresses, king-size mattresses in India, or ortho gadda price may cost you around INR 5000 to INR 20000 based on which quality you choose.

For example, Duroflex orthopedic mattress price in India for larger sizes can be on the upper side.

For a premium orthopedic mattress, you may need to pay a little more, like INR 25,000 to INR 40,000.

Therefore, an orthopedic bed price varies according to quality and durability.

Check out the difference between various orthopedic mattresses:

Price Shop Online
Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress INR 11,208 Buy Wakefit Orthopedic Mattress₹5,798
Sleepyhead Original Orthopedic Mattress INR 12,824 Buy Sleepyhead Orthopedic Mattress₹6,199
SleepX Ortho Mattress INR 16,507 Buy SleepX Ortho Mattress₹6,915
Springtek Dreamer Dual Comfort Mattress INR 10,734 Buy Springtek Orthopedic Mattress₹10,734
Duroflex Orthopedic Medium Firm Mattress INR 15,999 Buy Duroflex orthopedic Mattress₹11,099
Dr. Smith Orthopedic Diwan Size Mattress INR 7,254 Buy Dr Smith orthopedic Mattress₹7,254
SleepyCat Ortho Mattress with Bamboo Cover INR 13,499.00 Buy SleepyCat Ortho Mattress₹10,561

Why Choose An Orthopedic Mattress?

Orthopedic mattresses provide many benefits, and some of them are listed below:

Better Posture

This is probably one of the most significant advantages of the orthopedic mattress. 🏋️

By holding the spine straight, the mattress helps correct posture and relieve backache.

a person is sleeping comfortably on bed
Best orthopedic mattress offers comfortable sleep. Image: © Sleep Hero

It improves spine alignment while removing the sinking sensation that people experience after a tiring day.

It is specially designed to evenly distribute the body weight, which eliminates the pain-causing pressure points while moulding to the curves of your body. 😌

Improved Sleeping Experience

Along with all the issues it corrects of the spine, an orthopedic mattress ensures better comfort and relief to joint pain.

Also, when you wake up the following day, you feel much more refreshed and energized. 🤩

The blend of firm and elastic properties of an orthopedic mattress also prevents the formation of ripples when another sleeper adjusts on their side of the bed.


Helps With Body Pain

Best orthopedic memory foam mattress helps you recover.

Patients who have undergone medical surgeries, arthritis, joint fractures [5], or chronic back pain are the ones to benefit the most from orthopedic mattresses.

two people with back pain issues
Best orthopedic mattress can help treat back pain issues Image: © Sleep Hero

A back pain orthopedic mattress being solid, will not let your body sink inside or bulge in any sort.

How Do I Choose an Orthopedic Mattress?

You must be wondering which is the best orthopedic mattress in India?

Now that we know that purchasing an orthopedic mattress is a wise decision, how do you know how to choose one? ⁉️

a girl is wondering which orthopedic mattress is best for her room
Consider various things when buying an orthopedic mattress. Image: © Sleep Hero

Certain benchmarks listed below will help you choose the perfect mattress:


a girl is sleeping on ortho mattress
Firm ortho mattress is best for back pain points. Image: © Sleep Hero

The first thing that you should look for when buying an orthopedic mattress is the right firmness.

The firmness of the mattress that would suit one is entirely subjective.

It depends on the body type 🏋️‍♂️ of the sleeper and your preferred sleeping position.

Any person sleeping on their back will require a firm bed.

While the ones sleeping on their stomach should opt for a soft bed to prevent any pressure on the stomach.

On the other hand, when it comes to segregating body type, people on the heavier side of the scale should buy a firmer mattress. 💪

An ideal orthopedic mattress supports your spine for the best body posture.

Buy SleepyCat Ortho Mattress₹10,561


Orthopedic mattresses come in various sizes, such as king, queen, single bed, and double bed size.

The right mattress size is a significant factor in determining the comfort level your mattress will provide.

different bed sizes for mattress
Buy orthopedic mattress according to your bed size Image: © Sleep Hero

It depends on your body size, whether you sleep alone or with a partner, and also on the size of your bedroom. 🛏️

Some brands also manufacture custom sizes mattresses.

Buy SleepX Ortho Mattress₹6,915

Material Quality

High elasticity is required to relieve pressure points and any sort of tension in one’s body while one is sleeping. 💤

For such a structure, anti-pressure materials such as memory foam, gel foam, cold foam, or latex are used.

different types of mattress materials
Choose the mattress based on its material Image: © Sleep Hero

Check for elasticity when buying 🤑 a mattress, where you can observe the mattress relax at the point of contact with the body.

This is an indication of high-quality material.

Orthopedic mattress: Our best recommendation

What Are The Different Types Of Orthopedic Mattresses?

When you are looking for the best orthopedic mattress, memory foam, latex, and hybrid are the most popular for pain relief.

Here are the types of orthopedic mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress is one of the best orthopedic mattresses as they contour closely to the body while supporting all joints.

memory foam mattress for bedroom
Choose orthopedic memory foam mattress Image: © Sleep Hero

Also, memory foam is responsive and maintains the elasticity and moulds to your joints, even when you change your position in sleep.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, memory foam beds are the best option.

Their buoyancy promotes spinal alignment, while the deep contouring prevents pressure points near the joints.

Buy LOOM & NEEDLES Mattress₹5,102

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid orthopedic mattress comes with a 2 to 3 inches/5 to7 cm top layer and is made from memory plus latex foam.

hybrid mattress for comfortable sleep
Buy hybrid mattress for quality sleep Image: © Sleep Hero

There is the base of the pocket spring coils under the top layer of the hybrid mattress.

Unlike traditional spring beds, hybrid mattress coils move separately rather than as a unit.

Therefore, it features less motion transfer and offers you a comfortable sleep at night.


Latex Mattresses

Latex mattress is also considered the best orthopedic mattress for people with lower and upper back pain.

latex mattress for comfortable sleep
Shop for latex orthopedic mattress: © Sleep Hero

However, latex offers a bit more bounce than memory foam, and this is why it is perfect for spinal support.

You can shop for latex beds in soft to medium firm models.



Years of sleeping on mattresses that are not suitable for you will ultimately lead one to develop chronic body aches. 😌

In such cases purchasing an orthopedic mattress is no less than an investment for your spine health.

Luckily, the orthopedic mattress price in India has a great range that suits everyone.

It ensures that no body heat is trapped during sleeping, provides minimal disturbance from your partner, and is highly durable.

All these reasons are enough to consider replacing your old mattress with an orthopedic one for better sleep quality.


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