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Best Latex Mattresses In India (2023)

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Do you wake up every day with persistent backache or neck pain?

If yes, you should consider buying a high-quality latex mattress.

A latex foam mattress can provide much-needed comfort and cushion your body parts to the fullest. 🤔

Latex is a natural material that is derived from rubber.

They are incredibly comfortable and offer great support to your back. 🥳

This blog post will cover everything you need to know about latex mattresses.

latex foam mattress

10-Year Guarantee
10 year guarantee
Free Delivery & Returns
Free Delivery and Returns


  • Latex mattresses come with a brilliant zero-partner disturbance feature.
  • The hypoallergenic feature makes it an ideal pick for allergy-prone kids and elders.
  • These mattresses are easy to maintain.
  • A latex mattress can help ease lower back pain and spinal alignment issues.
  • The natural latex material perfectly contours the body, offering cloud-like comfort to the person.


  • This mattress may not be the right fit for heavy sweaters and warm sleepers.
  • Some customers complain about latex odour.
  • Weights a lot and can be difficult to lift and turn.

What makes the Latex Mattress Special?

  • Latex mattresses are very soft and comfortable.
  • These are long-lasting mattresses that come with a good lifespan.
  • Latex mattresses are environmentally-friendly.

Wakefit Latex Mattress

This is a medium-firm mattress with a double support layer and is best for people with back pain.

The soft, breathable sateen cover wicks moisture and lets you sleep cool, providing a comfortable deep sleep experience throughout the night.

All about the Wakefit Latex Mattress

Lying down on the Wakefit latex mattresses eases breathing during sleep. 😴

It helps people sleep more comfortably, reduces pressure on the spine, and eliminates joint pains and body aches. 🛏️

The durability of the Wakefit latex mattress is commendable as the robust material doesn’t lose its firmness for a long time.

You wouldn’t need to flip or turn the mattress regularly as it doesn’t sag or get lumpy. 🥳

Additionally, the anti-allergic feature of memory foam makes it ideal for people who are sensitive to dust and pollen.

We love its three-layered high-quality construction with a medium-firm and bouncy feel.

Made with 100% natural and organic material, Latex is breathable, anti-allergic, and can self-ventilate.

Buy Wakefit Latex Mattress₹19,398


The latex material delivers ultimate comfort.

It is an ideal choice for those with back pain or joint pain.

It offers a good pressure distribution that improves blood circulation.


It is heavier than many other types of Wakefit mattresses.


Sleepyhead Laxe Latex Mattress

The Sleepyhead Laxe Latex is a durable mattress that can stay intact for 10 to 15 years.

Made from pure natural latex foam, this mattress comes with a 10-year warranty period.

All About the Sleepyhead Laxe - 100% Natural Pincore Latex Mattress

Spinal alignment issues and neck pains can have long-lasting effects.  🛌🏻

And Sleepyhead is persistently working on elevating these issues through their high-quality latex mattresses. 

The Sleepyhead latex mattress is made from 100% natural latex. 😌

It is an eco-friendly variant that features high constructive qualities. 

This mattress comes with an advanced ergonomic pin core structure. 

This natural latex bed mattress is self-ventilating and helps a heavy sweater stay cool even in summer. 

It is a safe and healthy mattress option as it is anti-allergic and free from toxins.

All these qualities make this sleepyhead latex mattress a great pick for both kids and elders. 

Buy Sleepyhead Latex Mattress₹9,399


This mattress offers uniform weight distribution

It provides firm multi-layer support to the body

This mattress is naturally flexible and relieves pressure points effectively

The product comes with a breathable and washable zipper cover


The price is on the higher side

It is a non-reversible mattress

Sleepycat Latex mattress

SleepyCat Latex mattresses are eco-friendly and made up of 100% organic latex.

 By using pin-hole technology the mattress distributes weight evenly among the 7 core support zones of the body.

The SleepyCat Latex mattress is part of the eco-friendly mattress range, offered by this leading company.

It is made up of 100% organic latex. 🍀

This sap derived from rubber trees is processed into a hypoallergenic and comfortable foam layer.

This latex foam layer is durable and retains its shape after use.

The mattress offers a 7-zone latex for zonal body support with limited sinkage and a slight bounce.

 Individual SleepyCat mattress

By using pin-hole technology, the experts could distribute the weight evenly among the 7 core support zones of the body. 😌

The latex eliminates any pain and is best suited for side sleepers. 🛌

The SleepyCat Latex mattress is topped with a 2-part smart zipper cover, which can be easily removed and machine washed.


  SleepyCat Latex mattress
Composition: Latex
Firmness level: Medium firm
Height:                                    17.78 cm (7 inches)                                    
Trial period: 30 days
Guarantee: Ten years
What makes this mattress special? 7-zone support
Great Value For Money

Flo Anti-Gravity Natural Latex Mattress

The Flo Latex mattress combines the goodness of natural latex with Flo’s responsive foam.

This hypoallergenic mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

All About the Flo Anti-Gravity Natural Latex Mattress

Flo mattresses come with patented foam technology to provide a supportive and comfortable sleeping experience. 😮

The Flo Anti-Gravity mattress blends all the brilliant qualities of organic latex with responsive foam. 

The responsive foam base maximizes orthopedic support.  🛌🏻

Moreover, the middle soft foam layer offers additional support to the lower back, legs, and head. 

All this process works wonders to keep your spine in its natural ‘S’ shape

This ortho latex mattress features 100% natural pin-core latex. 

In addition, it features an open-cell structure to allow maximum air ventilation and lower human body temperature. 

It is the right mattress for people who prefer medium firmness and more back support.

Buy Flo Mattress on Amazon₹6,782


Its anti-allergenic feature keeps the mattress fresh and clean

The product comes with a charcoal-infused, machine-washable cover

The mattress provides a perfect bouncy feel for easy twists and turns


This mattress is a bit heavy. Shifting it from one place to another can become a difficult task

Durability is questionable

Luxury Choice

Dreamzee Natural Latex Monozone Mattress

This 100% organic mattress is a good choice if you suffer from back issues.

This luxurious monozone latex mattress comes with a whopping 12 years of warranty.

All About the Dreamzee Natural Latex Mattress

Dreamzee latex mattress can be a great option for most sleeping-related problems. 

The Dreamzee Natural Latex mattress is composed of 100% natural latex. 

This healthy and hygienic mattress is made with the Dunlop process with pin core formation. 

It maintains the ventilation inside the mattress. 

Moreover, this mattress is also free from chemicals and toxins, making it the right choice for sensitive kids and elders.  🛌🏻

The unique temperature control feature will keep you warm during winter and cool during summer. 

All these features make the Dreamzee latex mattress a must-have.😮

Buy Dreamzee Natural Latex Mattress₹24,900


This mattress is free from toxins

It also comes with a temperature control feature

The pin core formation helps maintain ventilation inside the mattress

It is a reversible mattress that provides excellent back support


It is an expensive mattress

Finding the right protector for this 12-inches (30 cm) thick mattress can be a difficult task

Made In India

Russo Natural Latex Mattress

This luxurious eco-friendly mattress can be used by people suffering from back pain issues.

This medium-firm, reversible mattress comes with 10 years of warranty.

All About the Russo 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Do you frequently take medications for stiff joints and backache? 

If yes, we got the right mattress that can boost your recovery process. 

Russo is one of the pioneers of latex mattresses in India. 

Its 100% natural latex mattress comes with Dunlop process pin core technology. 

Moreover, its organic feather-soft bamboo fabric offers a cooling effect to the body. 

This mattress is specially engineered to address joint pains and lower back alignment issues, and is highly recommended by physiotherapists. 

The best part is that this mattress is available in different sizes to cater to the varied needs of sleepers. 🥳

Overall, it is a thoughtfully designed mattress for utmost comfort.

Buy Russo Latex Mattress₹15,990


This mattress is specially made to treat back and joint issues

It is made from 100% pure certified natural latex material

This mattress is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite

The pin core structure promotes self-ventilation in the mattress


It may not be suitable for small children

The price is on the higher side

What Are The Benefits Of A Latex Mattress?

There is a wide range of latex mattress benefits for sleep and health.

Let us have a look at them one-by-one!

Pain Relief

A natural latex mattress provides great lumbar support to the body.

This foam mattress also comes with incredible pain-relieving properties.

It provides gentle cushioning to the body and moulds according to your body shape and sleeping style.

latex mattress for back pain
Latex mattress can help relieve back pain. Image: © Sleep Hero

As a result, no strain or soreness is created on your back, hips, neck, or shoulders.

Good for sensitive people

Are your kids and elders sensitive to dust or pollen allergies?

If yes, an organic latex mattress can be the right pick for them. 🥳

This hypoallergenic mattress is resistant to dust, mites, and mould.

mattress for people suffering from allergies
Latex mattress is good for people with allergies. Image: © Sleep Hero


Latex foam is obtained from the rubber tree sap.

It is a great alternative to traditional foam.

This material is non-toxic, biodegradable, and sustainable.

Keeps you cool

Latex foam features a robust open-cell structure.

It allows better airflow through the mattress, keeping you cool throughout the night.

It is a great mattress option for warm sleepers.

Brilliant durability

Do you know what makes latex mattresses so popular in India?

Apart from incredible performance, this mattress type is also appreciated for its durability.

durable latex mattress
A latex mattress is durable and lasts longer. Image: © Sleep Hero

The average life of a latex mattress can range from 10 to 15 years, depending on how well you maintain it.

You can also prolong its life by using a high-quality latex mattress topper.

Latex mattresses usually have a longer lifespan than most of the mattresses available in India.

Picking The Right Slatted Frame For Your Latex Mattress

When you are purchasing a slatted frame for your latex mattress, the following must be considered:

Height-adjustable slatted frames

Latex mattresses tend to be very flexible. Hence, it is recommended to choose a slatted frame that is height-adjustable.

Adjustable head and foot sections provide better flexibility and comfort while enhancing blood circulation. 😴

As a result, breathing becomes easier, specifically for the elderly.

An electric slatted frame is also a great option.

You can also opt for a rigid slatted frame.

Small slat distance

It is recommended to opt for a maximum spacing of 5 cm (2 inches) between slats.

This will provide the best support to your mattress and offers great balance as well.

Also, the chances of displacement of the mattress become zero when it perfectly fits between the gaps of the slats.

What Is The Difference Between A Latex Mattress And A Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam and latex mattresses are two of the most popular mattress options in India.

memory foam mattress
Choose between latex mattress and memory foam mattress. Image: © Sleep Hero

However, there are some specific differences between the two mattress types that you should know.

It will help you pick the right mattress for you and your loved ones.

So, here is a crisp comparison between latex mattress vs memory foam mattress for your reference.

Components Latex Mattress Memory Foam Mattress
Construction A latex mattress can be composed of three types of foams; natural, synthetic, or a blend of both. A memory foam mattress is made from several additives and chemical compounds.
  • Latex mattresses give a lighter feel to the body. It offers more bounce, subtle generalized compression, and a faster response time.
  • It hugs and contours your body by allowing sinkage. Moreover, aerated latex mattresses have better cooling and less heat retention.
  • Memory foam mattresses come with more pronounced sinkage. It offers deeper body contouring, slow response time, and a greater hug.
  • In addition, it is a mattress that comes with viscoelastic properties. The only pitfall of this mattress is its heat retention feature.
Suitable for

This mattress is ideal for people who:

  • Want more bounce
  • Expect a faster response time
  • Want an organic mattress

This mattress is ideal for people who:

  • Seek a deep compression support
  • Want a slower response time
  • Want varied material
Lifespan Latex mattresses last up to 15 years. Memory foam mattresses come with a lifespan of 8 to 10 years.
Best sleeping position Latex mattresses are great for all sleeping positions. Memory foam mattresses are good for back and side sleeping positions.
Firmness level A latex mattress comes with a medium to firm hardness level Memory foam mattresses offer soft to medium-firm firmness.
Shop Online Buy Flo Mattress on Amazon₹6,782 BUY SLEEPYCAT LATEX MATTRESS₹8,249

How Much Does A Latex Bed Cost In India?

Here is a quick latex mattress price comparison for your reference.

budget-friendly latex mattress
Buy the latex mattress that falls in your budget. Image: © Sleep Hero

It displays the latest latex mattress price in India and can help you identify the right mattress according to your budget.

Mattress Price Shop Online
Wakefit Medium Firm 7-Zone Latex Mattress INR 17,291 Buy Wakefit Latex Mattress₹19,398
Sleepyhead Laxe - 100% Natural Pincore Latex Mattress INR 16,399 Buy Sleepyhead Latex Mattress₹9,399
SleepyCat Orthopedic Latex Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress INR 15,599 BUY SLEEPYCAT LATEX MATTRESS₹8,249
Flo Anti-Gravity Natural Latex Mattress INR 11,254 Buy Flo Mattress on Amazon₹6,782
Dreamzee Vilasa™ Natural Latex Monozone Mattress INR 24,900 Buy Dreamzee Natural Latex Mattress₹24,900
Russo 100% Natural Latex Mattress INR 15,990 Buy Russo Latex Mattress₹15,990

In Which Sizes Are Latex Mattresses Available?

Latex mattresses or Sunday latex mattress are offered in every standard mattress size.

Standard Indian mattress sizes include:

  • Single-size mattresses: 91 x 183 cm (36" x 72")
  • Double-size mattresses:122 x 183 cm (48" x 72”)
  • Queen-size mattresses: 152 x 183 cm (60" x 72”)
  • King-size mattresses: 183 x 183 cm (72” x 72”)

Obviously, based on the manufacturer, they may also be available in custom sizes. 👌

For couples, it is recommended not to go for any size smaller than double, as there won’t be adequate space for both people to sleep.

Based on your bed and your room’s size, it is best if you can go for a wide latex mattress.

What Are The Different Types Of Latex Mattresses?

Technically speaking, there are two latex mattresses: hybrid and all-latex mattresses.

But, in addition to this, there are other types of latex mattresses too.

Here is a clear description of each type to help determine the right latex mattress type.

Hybrid Latex Mattress

A hybrid mattress comprises 2 to 3 inches (6 to 8 cm) of latex foam.

Beneath this layer comes the pocketed coil support core.

It means that the coils are individually wrapped in fabric. 👍

This enables the rings to respond differently to the different parts of the body.

hybrid mattress
Hybrid latex mattress can be a great option for the bedroom. Image: © Sleep Hero

For example, they will remain softer near the shoulders and hips.

At the same time, coils will remain firm in the lumbar region, keeping the lower back stable.

Moreover, it also offers better motion isolation.

Since the coils are separately covered, contaminants like dirt and dust are less likely to accumulate in the bed.

Most latex hybrid mattresses have a latex foam layer beneath the coils for better shock absorbability and durability.

All - Latex Mattresses

These are the full latex mattresses that contain around three to four latex layers.

And each layer has a thickness of 2 to 4 inches (6 to 10 cm).

Usually, such mattresses also come with a firm foam base layer to maintain their shape.

The topmost latex layer is made of soft to medium foam.

It is designed to contour the body parts and correct pressure points. 👍

all latex mattress
To get relieve from back pain, you can go for all latex mattress. Image: © Sleep Hero

This mattress also has excellent hypoallergenic and motion transfer properties, making it perfect for different sleeping styles.

Natural Latex

It is 100% organic latex foam that is derived from rubber trees.

Natural latex foam is further divided into two categories; Dunlop and Talalay.

This latex is antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and resistant to mildew and mold. 🤩

Buy Flo Mattress on Amazon₹6,782

Dunlop Foam

Dunlop foam mattresses are made from liquid latex.

The latex is whipped, poured into a special mold, and placed in the vulcanization oven.

Next, it turns the liquid into a solid by applying Zinc Oxide and heat.

dunlop foam mattress
Dunlop foam mattress is one of the best types of latex mattress. Image: © Sleep Hero

Once the process is done, the foam is washed and dried properly.

As the latex foam settles, it becomes denser from the bottom and remains lighter at the top.


Talalay Foam

Like Dunlop foam, Talalay foam is produced by mixing liquid latex and placing it into a mould.

However, there is a difference.

The mould is partially filled with Talalay foam and sealed.

And vacuum technology is used to expand the Talalay foam in the mould.

talalay latex mattress
Talalay type latex mattress is a great option for those who suffer from allergies. Image: © Sleep Hero

Once the foam is expanded completely, it is frozen with the help of carbon dioxide.

This procedure gives a gel texture to the foam. 🤩

After this, the foam is vulcanized at 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

Synthetic Latex

Several chemical combinations and different materials are used to make synthetic latex foam.

The main purpose is to create a foam that feels similar to organic latex foam.

Moreover, the process of producing it is similar to that of Dunlop and Talalay.

The synthetic rubber usually found in outdoor turf is used in this process.

However, the chemicals used in this process may leach or off-gas indoors.

It can give rise to skin, lung, and eye inflammation.

The lifespan of synthetic latex foam is also lesser than that of natural latex foam.

Therefore, it is better if you would go for natural latex for better results. 👍

Blended Latex

Blended latex is a mix of 70% synthetic latex and 30% of natural latex.

The production process remains similar to Dunlop and Talalay latex foams.

blended latex mattress
A blended latex mattress can last longer. Image: © Sleep Hero

But the lifespan and durability are lesser than any other form of latex.


How Do I Clean A Latex Mattress?

Ideally, always opt for a latex mattress that is provided with a removable and machine-washable cover.

The majority of the removable covers are equipped with zippers and, hence, it is very easy to take the cover off and put it back on again.

As a result, washing your cover becomes very easy, and your mattress always remains neat and clean.

clean the latex mattress
Cleaning a mattress can increase its life. Image: © Sleep Hero

Obviously, it is recommended to incorporate a mattress protector as well as a sheet.

This way, you will be able to protect your mattress from stains, spills, sweat, and more.

In case a stain seeps through the cover, it is recommended to use a little natural liquid soap combined with water and wash the stain using a white cotton cloth. 👈

Ensure that the mattress dries properly before using it.

You can also read our full guide on cleaning mattresses.

Closing Words

There are many reasons which make latex beds a great choice for many sleepers.

The latex mattress type is a good option for allergy sufferers, warm sleepers, and most sleeping positions. 😍

Moreover, it is also a great choice for the environmentally conscious and those looking for a more natural material for mattresses that lasts. ⏳

If you spend less time on your mattress, then you can opt for the budget-friendly mattress like a Sleepwell mattress or IKEA mattress.


  • How long will a latex mattress last?

    The lifespan of latex mattresses lies in the range of 10 to 20 years.

    How long the latex mattress lasts will entirely depend upon your care and maintenance of the mattress. 

  • Can you flip a latex mattress?

    Most latex mattresses available in the market aren’t flippable. 

    This is because of their layered structure, which usually includes a supportive foundation and a softer top. 

    However, you can rotate the latex mattress after every six months.

  • Are latex mattresses good for back pain?

    Latex offers a firmer feel that adapts your body shape and provides great pressure relief to sleepers. 

    Therefore, it is a great option for people suffering from neck and back pain. 

    Latex mattresses are also often recommended for orthopaedic purposes. 

    But, keep in mind that the back pain issues can be due to various reasons, and some get relieved by changing the mattress while some needs medical assistance. 

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