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How To Clean A Mattress - India (2023)

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Having a mattress that looks great is a good feeling.

But it can be quite challenging to clean your mattress.

You don’t only have to worry about dirt and stains from accidental coffee spills, pets, or children but also need to consider dust mites, mould, and allergens.

While we always recommend that you make use of a waterproof mattress protector to extend the lifespan of your mattress, sometimes it really is necessary to give your bed a good clean.

And to keep your mattress fresh and healthy, you have to clean it regularly.

We guide you through the best ways to clean to your mattress.

Clean A Foam Mattress

What lives in and on your mattress?

Mattresses often carry dust mites, dirt, and mould, in addition to sweat, grime, oil, blood, chemicals from deodorants, and even pollen.

People also often permit their pets to rest on their beds, leaving animal fur everywhere.

And this is all in addition to the more visible stains caused by accidental occurrences, such as bedwetting or spilling your coffee.

How to clean your bedding

The first place to start is with your linen.

Remove your bedding and machine-wash sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases at a hot temperature regularly. This kills dust mites and bacteria.

You also need to regularly wash your mattress pads and mattress protectors if you have these.

We’d recommend always using a mattress protector as it creates an additional layer between your sheets and your actual mattress, further protecting your mattress from dirt, moisture, and stains.

Used bedding

Used dark bedding

How to clean your mattress

Most foam mattresses can be washed.

We suggest a simple 3-step method to clean your mattress.

1. Vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are a great tool for cleaning your mattress, sucking out any dirt or bacteria.

Begin at the top and work your way down.

Then, use different brushes to vacuum the sides.

2. Leverage disinfectants

While you can buy mattress cleaners, we’d recommend using baking soda.

It’s inexpensive and usually removes any form of bodily smells.

Simply sprinkle the product over the mattress and use a scrub brush to rub it in.

Make sure that it seeps into the fabric of your mattress and let it sit for a while before you go to the next step.

3. Vacuum again

As you let the baking soda sit, it combines with oils and moisture in your mattress.

You can then vacuum your mattress again to suck out the baking soda with the dirt.

This also eliminates any causes of odours.

Dealing with stains

Sometimes, you need to do more than just clean your mattress.

It can be challenging to remove body fluid stains such as blood, urine, and sweat.

Fresh stains are easier to remove, and we’d suggest always spot-washing a stain immediately.

But even liquids that have seeped into the fabric can be removed.

We’ll guide you through the removal of a few common fluid stains below.


Mix hydrogen peroxide (3%), liquid soap, and table salt.

Apply this mixture to the area of the stain. Let it sit for a while before you scrape off the remnants.

Then, dip a white cloth in hydrogen peroxide and rub the cloth against the stain to remove it.

Always use a white cloth to eliminate the risk of transferring dyes from the fabric to the mattress.

Urine stains

If you have children, you’ll likely have encountered urine stains.

These can be difficult to remove once dry, but it is possible.

Mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda with hydrogen peroxide until it dissolves. Then add a few drops of dish soap.

Using a clean, white cloth, rub this mixture over the stain.

If the stain persists, wait until the area dries out. Then, work a mixture of water and laundry detergent into the stain and let it sit for about half an hour.

Use a spoon to scrape off the dried paste. Then, use a white cloth dipped in hydrogen peroxide to eliminate the residual, more stubborn stains.

Use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate any remaining dirt.

Vomit stains

If you need to get rid of a vomit stain, you need a slightly different approach.

Ventilate the room before you begin.

Then, use a white cloth to blot the stain with undiluted ammonia. However, make sure that you’re not drenching it in ammonia.

Then use a clean, damp cloth to wipe the area.

Sprinkle baking soda over the area to remove the moisture and ammonia odour. Vacuum once dried.

Child in bed

Breakfast in bed

Remember to flip your mattress regularly

If you have a brand new mattress [1], you can flip it every month. But after about three months, you only have to flip it every quarter or so.

This ensures that your mattress doesn’t wear in one area more than another.

Remember to always clean both sides of the mattress - focus on the one you’re using, and then do the next side the next time you’ve flipped your mattress.


Mattresses are expensive, but they can last a very long time if you treat them well.

Purchasing a high-quality mattress is an important first step, but taking care of it once you have it is also vital.

Always use a waterproof mattress protector to expand the lifespan of your mattress, and ensure that you clean your mattress regularly, wash out stains immediately, and take time to ventilate your room.


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