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SleepyCat Mattress Review - India (2023)

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SleepyCat is one of India’s most popular mattress brands, offering luxurious mattresses at an affordable price.

But do these mattresses offer quality and an unparalleled sleeping experience? 🤔

And how do you even choose from the wide range of mattresses available?

Sleep Hero is here to help guide you. 🦸

This article on SleepyCat mattresses will discuss the best mattresses they offer, their mattress materials, and why SleepyCat is well known for its delivery conditions.

So, let’s get started. 👇

A woman thinking about multiple mattresses to choose from.

Top features of SleepyCat Mattress

Free Delivery & Returns
Free Delivery & Returns
10-Year Guarantee
10-Year Guarantee


  • Trusted brand with thousands of customer reviews.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Multiple mattress options with a height above 15.2 cm (6 inches).
  • 30 nights free trial.
  • 10-year warranty on all mattresses.
  • Delivered in a box.


  • Long delivery time.
  • Disappointing experience with SleepyCat customer service.

What makes SleepyCat mattresses special?

  • Budget-friendly options.
  • Multiple mattress options are available.
  • Offers a 10-year warranty on all their mattresses.
Great Value For Money

Sleepycat Original Mattress

The Sleepycat Original mattress with gel-infused memory foam offers full-body posture retention and maximum spinal support.

This mattress conforms to the shape of your body perfectly.

The Sleepycat Original mattress offers maximum support and comfort to all its users, even if you are on the heavier side. 

It evenly distributes your body weight, making it perfect for people sleeping on their back.

It has a 2.54 cm (1 inches) gel layer of memory foam on the top that contours to your body, offering full-body posture retention and maximum spinal support. 

It also has a 10.16 cm (4 inches) HD foam base layer that ensures the mattress's durability. 

Sleepycat original mattress

The mattress contours around the spots of heavy pressure, leaving the rest of the surface undisturbed. 

It prevents any motion transfer and eliminates partner disturbance. 👩‍❤️‍👨

The Sleepycat mattress is protected with a removable viscose-knit fabric top cover, keeping you cool all night long.

However, you need to wash the zipper cover by hand.

The Sleepycat Original mattress comes with free delivery and returns, a 30-night sleep trial period, and a 10-year warranty.


  Sleepycat Original Mattress
Composition: Gel memory foam 
Firmness level: Firm
Height: 15.2 cm (6 inches)
Trial period: 30 days
Guarantee: 10 years
What makes this mattress special? Low motion transfer makes for zero partner disturbance

Sleepycat Plus Mattress

The Plus mattress makes sure that the pressure is released uniformly from all your stress points, giving you a peaceful sleep.

The mattress offers a 2-inch gel memory foam layer, ensuring support and plushness for your comfort.

The SleepyCat Plus mattress is one of the best-selling and trending products of this company. 

This plush gel memory foam mattress is available in 20.32 cm (8 inches) and 25.4 cm (10 inches) variants. 

The SleepyCat Plus mattress offers a 2-inch gel memory foam layer, ensuring support and plushness for your comfort.

This gel memory foam mattress is a favourite among stomach and side sleepers. 😴

The Plus mattress is best for hot sleepers. 💨

The supportive HD base layer ensures a smooth transition between multiple mattress layers.

The adaptive nature of the SleepyCat gel memory foam mattress reduces any motion transfer.

This, in turn, makes sure that you can share your bed with your partner without any disturbance. 👩‍❤️‍👨

The five-layered mattress ensures the right balance and restful sleep.


  SleepyCat Plus mattress
Composition: Gel memory foam
Firmness level: Medium soft
Height: 20.32 and 25.4 cm (8 and 10 inches)
Trial period: 30 days
Guarantee: Ten years
What makes this mattress special? Reduces motion transfer

Sleepycat Latex mattress

SleepyCat Latex mattresses are eco-friendly and made up of 100% organic latex.

 By using pin-hole technology the mattress distributes weight evenly among the 7 core support zones of the body.

The SleepyCat Latex mattress is part of the eco-friendly mattress range, offered by this leading company.

It is made up of 100% organic latex. 🍀

This sap derived from rubber trees is processed into a hypoallergenic and comfortable foam layer.

This latex foam layer is durable and retains its shape after use.

The mattress offers a 7-zone latex for zonal body support with limited sinkage and a slight bounce.

 Individual SleepyCat mattress

By using pin-hole technology, the experts could distribute the weight evenly among the 7 core support zones of the body. 😌

The latex eliminates any pain and is best suited for side sleepers. 🛌

The SleepyCat Latex mattress is topped with a 2-part smart zipper cover, which can be easily removed and machine washed.


  SleepyCat Latex mattress
Composition: Latex
Firmness level: Medium firm
Height:                                    17.78 cm (7 inches)                                    
Trial period: 30 days
Guarantee: Ten years
What makes this mattress special? 7-zone support

SleepyCat mattress prices

The SleepyCat mattresses are affordable and priced competitively.

They are not as expensive as the Sleepwell mattress or Durfi mattress, and their quality is quite impressive.


A man sitting on coins
Image: © Sleep Hero

On average, the SleepyCat mattress prices range between ₹8,990 and ₹10,337.

The brand also gives you a no-cost EMI option.

How comfortable are SleepyCat mattresses?

SleepyCat mattresses, in general, are favoured by users.

They help relieve stress on their pressure zones. 😌

While the company was established just 4 years ago, they have made quite a good name for themselves, with thousands of positive reviews.

Most sleepers believe that SleepyCat mattresses provide the right balance of comfort and support throughout sleep.

The mattresses are soft and comfortable and do not sink in.

The correct mattress firmness for your mattress
The correct mattress firmness will give you a comfortable and healthy sleep. Image: © Sleep Hero

All the mattresses come with an anti-skid base that ensures your mattress stays in place, even when you move around while sleeping.

These affordable mattresses are also known for their durability and are guaranteed for a maximum of 10 years.

However, as per customer reviews, these mattresses are made of dense foam material and end up retaining heat.


SleepyCat mattresses are more suitable for A/C rooms. 🆒

Who are SleepyCat mattresses suitable for?

SleepyCat mattresses are one of the most affordable options in the market.

Their main target customers are the average middle-income family groups in India.

If you are looking for an affordable and long-lasting option, SleepyCat mattresses are the best fit. 💰

The firmness of mattresses lies between medium soft, and firm.

This means that the company is trying to serve all kinds of sleepers, including the stomach and back sleepers. 😴

These mattresses can also be recommended for couples and the elderly.

A good choice for the elderly

SleepyCat mattresses have varied height options, making them suitable for people of all ages.

Old man sitting on the bed
Image: © Sleep Hero

This is particularly good for the elderly as high mattresses make it easier for them to get in and out of bed.

It is also less painful on the joints.


A good choice for couples

SleepyCat mattresses offer an equal pressure distribution across the width of the mattress.

Couple lying on a mattress and sleeping without any motion transfer
Image: © Sleep Hero

This makes the mattress great for couples, offering a zero partner disturbance experience and a fuss-free sleep. 💑

Who are SleepyCat mattresses not suitable for?

SleepyCat mattresses target a particular customer base looking for a decent mattress at an affordable price.

If you are looking for a more high-end mattress, their mattress options might not impress you. 💰

We would recommend Sleepwell mattresses or Durfi mattresses.

SleepyCat mattress materials

SleepyCat offers mattresses in one of two materials:

  • Gel memory foam
  • Latex foam
Graphic displaying memory foam and latex mattress
Image: © Sleep Hero

Let’s look at these in a little more detail. 👇

Gel memory foam

Gel memory foam mattresses combine spring or a foam base with gel foam.

These mattresses are infused with cooling gels. 🧊

The gel beads provide extra support and reduce heat build-up while sleeping. 🤗

These infusions help pull heat away from the sleeper and are best suited for hot sleepers.

A graphic displaying the composition of a Gel memory foam mattress
Image: © Sleep Hero

The innovative infusion of gel beads with air-filled cells delivers ultimate comfort and unrivalled breathability. 💨

Gel memory foam mattresses offer a spring effect to sleepers. 🔩

No matter how much you jump on it, these mattresses tend to return to their original shape.

The gel memory foam works towards evenly distributing heat across the mattress, offering comfort around the areas surrounding your shoulders and hips. 💁


Latex foam

Latex foam can be made either out of natural or synthetic materials.

Natural latex does not have any harsh chemicals as it is made from the extracted sap from rubber trees. 🌳

Latex foam is a popular option for people looking for an eco-friendly mattress.

This type of foam is more firm and rubbery.

A graphic displaying the composition of a latex mattress
Image: © Sleep Hero

The latex foam mattress is better for active sleepers, allowing them to move freely. 🛌🏻

A mattress made of latex foam is breathable and does not hold any heat.

This mattress is hypoallergenic, maintaining a fresh and healthy sleep environment. 🤗

Its naturally resilient nature makes it durable and allows it to hold its shape and performance for many years.


SleepyCat mattress sizes

The SleepyCat mattresses are available in four different sizes.

These are:

  • SleepyCat single mattress - 91 cm x 183 cm (2.9 ft x 6 ft)
  • SleepyCat double mattress - 122 cm x 183 cm (4 ft x 6 ft)
  • SleepyCat queen mattress - 152 cm x 183 cm (4.9 ft x 6 ft)
  • SleepyCat king mattress - 183 cm x 183 cm (6 ft x 6 ft)
Different mattress sizes
Image: © Sleep Hero

The SleepyCat mattress is also available in custom sizing.

How thick is the SleepyCat mattress?

SleepyCat mattresses are available in three different heights.

The Original mattress has a height of 15 cm (6 inches).

The Latex mattress has a height of 17 cm (7 inches).

The Plus mattress is available in two thicknesses - 20 cm (8 inches) and 25 cm (10 inches).

SleepyCat mattress coupon codes

Even though the SleepyCat mattress is an affordable option for Indians, you’ll be pleased to know that the company offers regular discounts on their website.

Coupon codes are available at any time.

However, particularly exciting sales take place on:

  • SleepyCat’s birthday
  • New year
  • Republic day
  • Independence day
  • Diwali
  • Christmas

Coupon codes can get you up to 40% off on their website.

Do not worry. You don’t have to browse the internet and view many sites to find the best SleepyCat coupon code. 🎫

Sleep Hero collects all the best coupon codes on our discount page. 👌

Does SleepyCat have a baby mattress?

SleepyCat also offers a mattress for babies 0 to 2 years old. 👶

The SleepyCat Baby mattress is made from high-density foam with a soft washable cover.

The foam is 10.16 cm (4 inches) high, supporting your baby’s growth and bone development process.

This mattress is covered with a zipper cover that is fully waterproof for added protection. ☔

It gently cradles your baby and has a medium-firm feel.

The mattress has 4 layers, which are thoughtfully designed for a supported sleep.

Its premium HD foam is designed to endure wear and tear and comes with a standard 10-year warranty. 📝

What else does SleepyCat offer?

In addition to the mattresses, SleepyCat offers a wide range of other sleeping accessories.

  • All-season reversible comforters in a wide range of colours. 🤗
  • Pet beds that are calibrated to contour and rest your pets comfortably.
  • A weighted blanket filled with glass beads for deep and relaxing sleep.
  • 100% cotton pillowcases. 🐑

All of these accessories are available at SleepyCat’s official website and Amazon.

SleepyCat also offers comfortable mattress protectors.


SleepyCat mattress protector

All SleepyCat mattresses are covered with high spun knitted fabric covers. 🧺

These covers are not waterproof, and cleaning a mattress can feel like a Herculean task.

The SleepyCat mattress protectors act as a shield your mattress needs. 🛡️

The protector is made with terry-soft cotton fabric, which is spill-proof and completely washable.

A man spilling a cup of coffee on a mattress protector
SleepyCat mattress protectors are spill-proof and completely washable. Image: © Sleep Hero

It comes with an elastic grip that can snuggly fit your mattress.

This ultra-soft protector serves as a breathable and cool sleep surface. 🥶

The inner side of the mattress protector is covered in a non-toxic TPU layer.

This layer prevents any liquids on the surface from seeping through.


SleepyCat memory foam pillow

SleepyCat’s memory foam pillow has an air gel foam, which offers the perfect support for your head and neck.

The zipper cover is made up of aloe vera gel fabric which moisturises your scalp and keeps bacteria at bay. 🌿

This cover can be easily removed and washed in the machine.

The memory foam pillow features a pin-hole technology which is great for ventilation and offers a cooling comfort. 💨

Whenever pressure is applied to the pillow, the air is released from the top and the bottom.

A set of memory foam pillows
Image: © Sleep Hero

This releases heat and the pillow's fabric stays cool.

The SleepyCat memory foam pillow has a medium-high loft, making it perfect for side sleepers. 😴


SleepyCat Comforter

SleepyCat offers a reversible comforter which is filled with microfiber with a soft to touch fabric.

The outer material of the fabric is breathable and keeps the shell wrinkle-free. 💨

The SleepyCat comforter has a baffle box design which keeps the microfiber fill in place.

Each of these squares designed in the mattress serve as air pockets, which gives the comforter an airy and fluffy feel.

A comforter spread on a bed.
Image: © Sleep Hero

These comforters retain their colours and are completely machine washable. 🧺

This quick-drying comforter is available in five different colour combinations.


SleepyCat bed range

Apart from mattresses and protectors, SleepyCat offers a range of sleeping accessories, including beds. 💤

Types of bed frame options that SleepyCat offers
Image: © Sleep Hero

Let’s find out what this affordable yet premium company has to offer.

Ohayo bed

The latest addition to the SleepyCat accessories is their modern take on beds. 🛏️

Ohayo bed is a Japanese-joinery inspired bed that requires no tools for assembly.

It comprises a premium hardwood frame and comes in a queen and a king size.

This DIY bed serves as a strong yet stylish foundation for your mattress, ensuring a comfortable sleep. 🛌🏼

It has an immensely strong and durable hardwood that can easily withstand 250 kgs of weight.

Sleepycat’s Ohayo bed is designed to be noise minimising with leg fasteners and felt-padded slats.

It comes with a 1-year warranty and free delivery. 📃


Metal bed frame

SleepyCat’s metal bed frame is easy to set up and simpler to use.

It is made of strong, durable metal with a sleek black finish. 🔧

The metal bed frame can withstand 250 kgs of weight with ease.

The Sleepycat metal bed frame is smart and sturdy, with a practical and foldable metal bed base. 🛏

The metal bed frame is available in single, queen, and king size options.

You do not need any extra tools for assembly. 🛠

All you have to do is simply unfold the frame and latch the screws in the given place.

The bed is delivered in a box with free delivery and offers a 10-year warranty. 📦


SleepyCat mattress delivery conditions

SleepyCat offers free shipping to all pin codes of India. 🆓

However, the delivery time varies from state to state.

The express 72-hour delivery is available only across 9200 pin codes, covering Indore, Pune, Bhubaneswar, Jaipur, Thane, and Chennai.

If your area is not eligible for express delivery, your orders will be delivered under standard shipping criteria. 🚚

This might take anywhere between 7 and 10 working days.


If you are urgently looking for a mattress and need it delivered asap, SleepyCat might not be the best option.

Instead, you can try out Wakefit or Durfi mattresses, which are delivered between 1 and 3 working days. 📅

SleepyCat offers rolled up, vacuum-sealed mattresses.

Rolled up mattress packed in a rectangular box
Image: © Sleep Hero

These bed-in-a-box mattresses are easy to carry and are usually delivered by a single person.

How does the SleepyCat mattress expand?

You should always place your rolled up, vacuum-sealed mattress on the bed frame before opening it up. 🛏️

This would make it easier for you to place your mattress perfectly, especially if you are doing it alone.

All you have to do is cut the plastic carefully with a pair of scissors. ✂️

The expansion will take place on its own.

The SleepyCat mattress starts expanding almost instantly after removing the plastic covering.

The full expansion can take up to 48 hours. 🕒

You can sleep on your new SleepyCat mattress as soon as it has reached its full size.

However, we recommend you air it out for a few hours in a well-ventilated room.

This will easily help you get rid of the off-gas, a chemical odour associated with compressed mattresses. 💨

The off-gas is completely normal and not harmful in any way.

However, the smell could be a little unpleasant, and that is why you should air it out before you start sleeping on your new mattress.

SleepyCat mattress trial period

All standard size adult mattresses come with a 30-night free trial.

It starts the day after the delivery. 📦

This is great as it gives you time to test whether the mattress offers a comfortable sleep or not.

A mattress trial period is pretty crucial.

You might take a week or two to break in your new mattress. 📅

This means you can't really judge a mattress until you have gotten used to it.

If you are still suffering from back pains or sore muscles after sleeping on the mattress for 4 weeks, then the mattress might not be suitable for you.

If you decide that the mattress isn't right for you at any point during the trial, you can simply return it. 🔙

The returns are organised by SleepyCat free of charge.

All you have to do is contact their customer service.

The full lifecycle of trial periods from delivery to returns
Image: © Sleep Hero

We have mentioned all the contact details at the end of the article.

The 30-night free trial on SleepyCat mattresses is available only for a purchase done either through their website or an authorised seller, like Amazon. 🆓

The trial is not applicable for any purchases made through Paytm or Flipkart.


SleepyCat mattress comparisons

It’s always the best option to search the market and be aware of the differences before selecting the right mattress for you. 🔍

If you would like to find out how SleepyCat performs against other mattresses, then this comparison might be helpful for you.

SleepyCat vs Wakefit mattresses - which one is better?

While both SleepyCat and Wakefit are made of high-quality materials, SleepyCat offers a more affordable range to its consumers.

The Wakefit mattresses are made with memory foam that bend according to your body shape. 🧼

On the other hand, SleepyCat mattresses have gel-infused foam, making them softer and cooler than normal mattresses.

Both SleepyCat and Wakefit mattresses offer a 7-zone support layer.

However, Wakefit mattresses are a little more durable than SleepyCat mattresses because of their edge support.

SleepyCat offers more firm mattresses than Wakefit and is better for back sleepers. 💤

They are better suited for heavier sweaters and restless sleepers than Wakefit.


SleepyCat vs Flo mattresses - which one should you choose?

Both SleepyCat and Flo offer affordable mattress options for the Indian audience.

The Flo mattresses are recommended for people who prefer softer ergonomic support.

On the other hand, SleepyCat offers firm mattresses for people looking for additional support and comfort while sleeping. 🤗

Flo mattresses are reversible in nature.

They are covered with aloe vera infused cashmere fabric on both sides and can be flipped if you need more firm support.

On the other hand, SleepyCat mattresses are premium mattresses with 2-layer construction, offering 7-zone support. ✨

If you are looking for a brand that offers a better sleep trial period, you should definitely choose Flo mattresses.

Flo offers a 100-night trial period, while SleepyCat only offers a 30-night trial period.

While the responsive foam of Flo mattresses does support your back and neck, it does not offer zero motion transfer. 🧼

So, if you are looking for a couple-friendly mattress, SleepyCat would be a better option.


Sleepyhead vs SleepyCat mattress - which one is more comfortable?

Both the Sleepyhead and SleepyCat mattresses were startups that were introduced in the same year.

Sleepyhead mattresses are made according to 90% of Indian body types and are comfortable for all sleeping positions. 🛌

SleepyCat mattresses offer one of the best orthopaedic memory foam mattresses.

These mattresses are made from a special blend of memory foam and cooling crystals to regulate your body temperature. 🌡️

Sleepyhead mattresses are made from high-quality and superior-grade HR foam.

These mattresses are more suitable and comfortable for side sleepers.

On the other hand, SleepyCat mattresses are more comfortable for back sleepers. 😴

SleepyCat offers a gel-infused comfort layer on the top, which offers zero partner disturbance for a restful sleep.

Whereas, Sleepyhead has a breathable soft layer on the top, making it couple-friendly.👩‍❤️‍👨


Should you buy a SleepyCat mattress?

If you are looking for a durable and affordable option, buying a SleepyCat mattress would be good.

We recommend SleepyCat mattresses for:

  • Couples
  • Elderly
  • Babies
  • Hot sleepers
  • People looking for an eco-friendly option
  • People looking for orthopaedic support

Even though SleepyCat mattresses are not as high quality as Wakefit or Flo mattresses, you can always test them in the 30-night trial.


Contact SleepyCat India

Customer service: To contact SleepyCat directly for complaints, support, or queries, please e-mail them at [email protected], visit their live online chat [1], complete their online contact form or call/whatsapp them on +91-8588052247.

Registered office: Shed #3, GKW, 97, Andul Road, Howrah - 711103, West Bengal


  • Is a SleepyCat mattress good?

    SleepyCat offers premium quality mattress options at an affordable price range. 

    The zero partner disturbance feature makes sure that you have a hassle-free and restful sleep.

    Sleepycat mattresses are comfortable for people suffering from lower back pain or stressed pressure points.

  • Does SleepyCat offer custom thickness options?

    Unfortunately, you cannot demand a custom thickness through this brand. 

    SleepyCat offers mattresses of heights between 15.2 and 20.3 cm (6 and 8 inches).

    However, you can select a custom size for your mattresses, depending upon your requirements. 

    You should remember that SleepyCat does not offer any trial or refund policy for custom size mattresses.

    Additionally, they might take more than 10 days to get delivered to your address.

  • How firm are SleepyCat mattresses?

    SleepyCat mattresses offer different firmness options for different types of sleepers. 

    If you are a side sleeper and prefer a slightly softer mattress that contours to the shape of your body, you should choose a SleepyCat Plus mattress.

    If you are looking for the best orthopaedic mattress, you should prefer a SleepyCat Original mattress.

    On the other hand, if you are looking for an eco-friendly option with a slight bounce, you can choose a SleepyCat Latex mattress

  • Are SleepyCat mattresses eco-friendly?

    SleepyCat offers an eco-friendly mattress option to its customers. 

    The latex mattress is made up of natural latex foam and is hypoallergenic in nature. 

    This makes it resilient to dust mites, creating a fresh and healthy sleeping environment. 

    The Latex mattress is naturally resilient and durable, retaining its shape and performance for years.

  • Where to buy a SleepyCat mattress?

    Whether you live in Mumbai or Gangtok, you can easily buy a SleepyCat mattress online.

    All you have to do is to go to their website or any authorised seller and scroll through the different options they offer. 

    Make sure you choose the mattress that suits your sleeping position and style. 

    You can add the mattress or other sleep accessories you like to the cart and checkout. 

    The website will direct you to the payment page, where you can pay via debit or credit cards.

    SleepyCat also offers you EMI options for your mattress.

    Once the payment is done your mattress is booked. 

    It will be delivered to you free of cost within 3 and 10 business days

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