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SleepyCat Mattress Review - India (2022)


Last updated: 07.01.2022 8 Min.

SleepyCat Mattress is renowned for its mattress in a box concept.

The company provides excellent support and comes with hypoallergenic material, making it great for people who have allergies! 😄

It's affordable compared to others in its class as well - zippered covers make cleanup a lot easier than more traditional models.

SleepyCat mattress company offers an incredible range that has made them so popular across India.

In this article, we’ll discuss Sleepycat mattresses in detail along with their pros and cons. 😴

SleepyCat Mattress Review - India

Top features of SleepyCat Mattress

Free Delivery & Returns
Free Delivery & Returns
10-Year Guarantee
10-Year Guarantee


  • All the mattresses come with a reversible, washable mattress protector that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • They offer custom sizes options.
  • These mattresses are free from toxic chemicals and dyes. 😄
  • All the mattresses come with a 10 years warranty period.
  • The anti-skid base will ensure the mattresses do not move.
  • Along with a mattress trial offer, the company also offers a full refund to unsatisfied buyers.
  • The brand only offers three variants.
  • It may not work for hot sleepers.

What makes SleepyCat mattress special?

  • SleepyCat has three flagship bestsellers models.
  • They use hypoallergenic latex foam material.
  • The high density gel memory foam is supportive.

SleepyCat mattress review India

Sleepycat mattresses are made to be comfortable, easy to use, and sustainable.

This mattress brand offers different firmness levels if it is difficult for you to find one with the right level of firmness.

With a memory foam mattress designed for sleepers of all sizes, Sleepycat offers a mattress perfect for your needs.

They are designed with the environment in mind by using only eco-friendly materials like latex and cotton.

Besides, they also have an extremely durable zipper cover that resists dust mites and allergens!

Keep on reading the following SleepyCat mattress reviews to learn more about the mattress variants available. 👇

Types of SleepyCat mattress

  1. SleepyCat Original Mattress
  2. SleepyCat Latex Mattress
  3. SleepyCat Plus Mattress

SleepyCat Original Mattress

The SleepyCat Original Mattress is the perfect choice for those who want a high-quality orthopaedic mattress that won't break their bank.

This 6" thickness provides great support and mattress comfort without weighing you down.

The mattress comes with one inch of gel memory foam and five inches of high density foam.

SleepyCat mattress has a soft aero flow transition layer that helps keep you feeling comfortable from top to bottom.

It also features premium high-density foam at the base, which will increase its longevity and provide better support for your spine as well!

The open cell construction of this memory foam promotes airflow.

So it relieves pressure points while releasing trapped heat during sleep time.

The memory foam layer contours you around the spots of heavy pressure, leaving no room for motion transfer.

This prevents interruptions, so your sleep will be sound and uninterrupted!

It is available in medium soft single, double, queen, king, and custom sizes.

Pros Cons
Great for side and back sleepers May dissipate heat
Pressure relief and spinal support
Extremely durable

SleepyCat Latex Mattress

Sleepycat's latex mattress is the perfect choice for those who want a supportive yet comfortable feel.

Sleep in complete comfort with this 7-inch variant that provides zero motion transfer.

It is made of 100% organic two-inch foam core, plus five-inch density support!

This may be the most comfortable mattress foam you'll ever sleep on!

It is an innovative, eco-friendly product made from GSM spun knitted fabric.

Besides, it comes with a washable 2-part smart zipper mattress protector for added softness and comfort all around - inside AND out.

The latex foam layer of this SleepyCat mattress king size uses pinhole technology to evenly distribute pressure throughout 7 core support zones.

It is available in single size, queen size, king size, double, and custom order sizes.

Pros Cons
Hypoallergenic materials Not for back pain issues
Washable 2-part zipper cover
Ideal for side sleepers

SleepyCat Plus Mattress

The SleepyCat Plus mattress is the perfect choice for those with a high need of support.

This premium-quality product comes in 8 and 10-inch thickness variants, having top 2 inches made up solely from comfort layers.

It is designed to provide a plush feel while still providing full backside protection.

A 6" high-density layer of gel memory foam provides additional cushioning during nighttime slumber sessions.

The mattress foam will be easy to maintain with its two-part washable mattress protector with a smart zipper.

It features an innovative breezy inner cover fabric that allows airflow between layers.

Also, this will be perfect alongside a memory foam pillow for orthopaedic mattress comfort along with zero partner disturbance!

This mattress foam with top gel memory foam ensures that you will have a comfortable rest no matter which position suits your needs best.

It's available in single, double, queen, or king sizes for your convenience.

Pros Cons
Ventilated structure Not for back pain issues
High-density supportive foam
Plush feel

SleepyCat mattress sizes and prices

Here is a detailed list of SleepyCat mattress price in India, along with their sizes.

You may also order a custom size mattress after measuring your bed.

This may take a bit longer for the brand to create a custom mattress.

Single size Double size Queen size King size
Original Mattress 72" x 30" to 78" x 42" 72" x 48" to 78" x 48” 72" x 60" to 78" x 66" 72" x 72" to 84" x 72"
7,641 to 9,341 9,766 11,891 to 12,741 14,016 to 16,991
Latex Mattress 72" x 30" to 78" x 42" - 72" x 60" to 78" x 60" 72" x 72" to 78" x 72"
10,461 to 11,891 - 18,691 to 18,691 21,241
Plus Mattress 72" x 30" to 78" x 36" 72" x 48" to 78" x 48” 72" x 60" to 78" x 60" 72" x 72" to 84" x 72"
8,491 to 12,741 12,316 14,866 to 18,691 16,991 to 21,241

The MRP with GST may vary depending upon the available discounts and SleepyCat mattress coupon code at the checkout.

What is SleepyCat mattress made of?

SleepyCat mattress India is designed to be shipped in a box, so they're compact enough for shipping and easy storage.

The SleepyCat bestsellers come with five layers that will fit perfectly for any bed size.

These mattresses are designed to keep you cosy and fresh, no matter how much time passes.

The bottom layer of the mattress is called an "anti-skid base," which has a special fabric to prevent it from slipping or shuffling around.

Next comes the high density foam, which can be 5 or 6 inches thick depending upon what model fits your needs best!

This layer also adds structure and durability to the mattress.

The first foam layer has gel based memory foam on top for additional comfort.

This gel layer also reduces motion transfer while transferring weight equally.

The top layer of the mattress is of a smart zipper cover made from a breathable cover that is easy to wash.

Original SleepyCat mattress has 5 inches of high density foam and 1 inch of gel memory foam combined into a supportive structure.

Latex variant uses organic materials to ensure it is hypoallergenic and free from chemicals.

Is SleepyCat mattress good?

With SleepyCat Mattresses, you never need to worry about getting stuck with something bad.

All mattresses are tested for quality and durability by multiple tests to ensure zero motion transfer.

Moreover, these mattresses are toxin-free and are hypoallergenic to ensure your bedroom is a safe space.

These mattresses are true to their features and offer a medium soft, comfortable bed at the end of the day.

The brand also has a baby mattress with a medium soft surface fit for zero to two-year-olds.

How to pick the right SleepyCat mattress?

The three SleepyCat mattresses cater to a wide range of sleepers, including side sleepers and back sleepers.

You may consider the thickness of the mattress and the size of the memory gel layer to pick the right one.

Besides, go for a latex foam if you are looking for an organic quality mattress for your family and kids.

All the mattresses have orthopaedic support; however, pick the latex version if you are a back sleeper.

You may compare memory foam and latex to learn about their features.

Another thing to consider is the firmness of the top layer of the mattress.

Choose the soft and plush variant if you sleep on your stomach or sides to support your body and wake up pain-free.

If your bed size does not fit the standard sizes, you may order a custom one at a different SleepyCat mattress price.

SleepyCat mattress trial period

SleepyCat Mattress offers a 30-day free trial on all its adult-sized mattresses.

If you don't like the mattress, send it back, and SleepyCat will refund your entire purchase!

Just ensure you have the original packaging and mattress protector to return the mattress.

SleepyCat return & shipping policy

The return policy of the brand is hassle-free, and you just need to keep the packaging intact.

Apart from this, ensure there are no stains and damages to the mattress if you wish to return it.

SleepyCat promises its customers a new quality mattress within 7-10 days from placing an online order.

If you're in Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, or Bangalore and want it delivered on the same day, then make sure it's placed before 2 pm.

The brand offers free shipping across Indian regions with no minimum purchase.

When it comes to ordering from Flipkart and Amazon vs. SleepyCat Mattresses website, each approach has pros and cons.

Purchasing through the mattress supplier's site, you will have more direct contact.

Placing an order from SleepyCat mattress Amazon or any other e-commerce store may have different return policies and warranty options.

SleepyCat Mattress warranty

The SleepyCat offers 10 years warranty.

They'll replace your mattress without charge if it has any issues during this time span.

However, the company will not honour its workmanship or repair services for deliberate damages.

This includes any damages caused by users in violation of instructions given at purchase - so use their product as intended!

EMI conditions

The company has no specific or exclusive finance plan of its own.

However, you can still avail for no cost EMI offered by various credit cards.

You may also use finance companies like Bajaj Finance for the same payment option.


SleepyCat creates the perfect mattress at an affordable price in comparison to Wakefit and other startup Indian brands.

The brand has premium features in all its mattresses, making them worth the investment.

They provide excellent quality mattress options without any hassle or middlemen.

You can have your new sleep partner delivered straight to your doorstep from the factory!

Contact SleepyCat mattresses

Customer service: Contact SleepyCat mattress directly for complaints, support, or queries.

Please use the email id and mobile number +91-97486 52247, visit their live online chat or complete their online contact form.

Registered office: Shed #3, GKW, 97, Andul Road

Howrah - 711103

West Bengal, India

Frequently asked questions

  • Does SleepyCat have custom thickness mattresses?

    SleepyCat offers six to ten-inch mattresses with a top layer of memory foam encased in high GSM knitted fabric.

  • How firm are SleepyCat mattresses?

    The SleepyCat original plus is a softer mattress for those who want a plush feel. 

    On the other hand, Latex and original mattresses lie on the firmness scale. 

    These firm mattresses are ideal for people with back pain troubles. 

  • Is latex material better than memory foam?

    This may depend on the features you are looking for. 

    A latex mattress will provide a 100% organic surface with seven zone support. 

    It is excellent for people who have allergies. 

    A memory foam mattress is suitable for pressure relief and motion isolation. 

    Checkout the latex foam and memory foam mattress variants to find out which one is better for you. 


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