Sleep Accessories


Last updated: 24.10.2022

Of course, your mattress matters, but there are a few other items that also impact the quality of your sleep.

These include your bed frame, pillows, mattress protectors, mattress toppers, and more.

In our sleep accessories guide, we’ll take you through everything that’s important.

Sleep Accessories

Do you need sleep and mattress accessories?

You may be wondering why sleep accessories are required in the first place.

Sometimes, there is an obvious answer - you can’t sleep well without a bed frame, pillows, or blankets.

Other sleep accessories, like mattress covers, mattress protectors, and mattress toppers, are not necessary - but recommendable.

Again, other accessories like anti-snore pillows or bed bridges are there to fulfil a specific purpose and will only be required by some people.

So, yes, some sleep accessories you need, but others are merely a luxury to help you get a better night’s rest.

When should you buy sleep accessories?

When you should buy an accessory depends on what you need.

If you’re buying a mattress for the very first time, then it’s likely you’ll also need to buy pillows, bedding, a bed frame, a duvet, and a mattress protector.

If you’re replacing an old mattress, then you’ll have all of the basics already and should be good to still use them - unless you’re upgrading or downgrading your bed to a different size.

Other mattress accessories can be bought when the need arises.

For example, if your mattress is too firm and you’re getting back pains, but you can’t return it, then you can invest in a mattress topper.

Or, if you and your partner have decided to sleep on two separate mattresses to form one double bed, then you may wish to invest in a bed bridge.

In general, though, it’s a good idea to invest in sleep accessories if you’ve noticed that the quality of your sleep is dwindling and could be improved by a sleep accessory.

We’re here to help you

Our guides will take you through a range of bedding accessories, from pillows and duvets to mattress protectors and mattress toppers.

We recommend our favourite brands, share our expert knowledge, and tell you what’s important.

If you’re struggling with a few specific frequently asked questions, then take a look at our advice section [1] or our blog [2] - we may have answered your query already!


Sleep Accessories

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