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Best Sofa Beds - India (2023)

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A sofa bed is a great multi-functional piece of furniture when you’ve guests to stay overnight.

Using a pull-out or foldable sofa bed, you can quickly turn your living room into a guest room instead of using a less-comfortable air mattress.

Also, it is the best option for small apartments and flats. 🏘

In this blog, we’ve rounded up the best sofa beds to buy in 2022 based on quality, comfort, and overall value.

Let’s review together! 😊

Woman is sitting on a full-size sofa bed


  • Provides comfortable sleeping space for guests.
  • Adds to the aesthetics of the room.
  • Most sofa beds come with easy to set up configuration.
  • Multi-purpose furniture to match your interior.
  • Come in various colours, designs, and shapes.
  • The product can be durable and budget-friendly


  • Sofa beds can be a little expensive.
  • Delivery of sofa beds may take up to 10 weeks.
  • It may not be as comfortable as a traditional bed.

What makes a sofa bed special?

  • Provides convenient seating and bed for guests
  • Easy to convert into comfy sleep surfaces
  • Comes in various designs and shapes to match your space and decor
Our Favourite

Uberlyfe Jute Fabric Sofa Cum Bed - 3 Seater

This 3-seater foldable sofa bed is available in various colours to match your home décor.

This multipurpose space-saving sofa cum bed is made from natural raw materials and is lightweight to move around single-handedly.

All About The UberLyfe Jute Fabric Sofa Cum Bed

The jute fabric sofa cum bed is a multipurpose furniture piece as you can use it for sitting, sleeping, and lying down.

full-length sofa bed for comfortable sleep at night

We love its high-quality foam base surface for comfortable sleep. 😴

It is a washable sofa bed and is very light in weight to move around.  

This sofa bed is available in 4 beautiful colours, including dark grey, beige, blue, and even silver! 🤩

The best sofa cum bed by UberLyfe is easy to open and will set your sleep surface in minutes.

It has a full bed length of 6 inches and a thickness of 8 inches.

The best thing is that you can easily clean this fabric sofa cum bed using a vacuum cleaner and a duster. 

The seat is formed of high-quality jute materials and is best for the bedroom or guestroom. 👌

Buy Uberlyfe Sofa Cum Bed₹10,899

Criteria Rating
Easy to move
Value for money
Overall rating


The sofa is excellent for sitting, sleeping, and lying down

It is durable and comfortable

Easy to fold out and store

The sofa is washable and easy to maintain


Only two people can sleep on it

No wooden bed frame

Woodtrend Wooden Sofa Cums Bed

Wooden sofa bed with extra sleeping space for guests

This trundle style sofa cum bed is made from a wooden bed frame and high-quality fabric for optimal comfort and support.

All About WOODTREND™ Solid Wood Sofa Cums Bed

This wooden comfortable sleeper sofa forms its sleep surface with a trundle-style lower rail and pull-out mattress. 😀

Its measurements are 69 x 31 x 33 Inches, which are wide enough for 2 to 3 individuals to sleep easily. 

This 3-seater sofa come bed features sleek arms with hidden storage and soft polyester fabric for comfortable seating. 

Push back the lower part of the sofa bed to convert it into 3-seater sofa

We love its split-back design, you can easily lower each of the two sections independently into a sleeping position. 

Unique, simple, and robust construction gives an evergreen and majestic look to this sofa bed, enhancing the look of your living room or guest room.

To accommodate overnight guests, pull out the lower portion of this sofa into a king-size bed. 👨‍🦰

Or, pop it up to create a queen-size sleep surface for kids with sofa seats. Cool, right? 🛌

Overall, this stylish piece of furniture is an unbeatable value to add to any home for the extra sleeping area. 

Buy Solid Teak Wood Sofa Cums Bed

Criteria Rating
Easy to move
Value for money
Overall rating 4.5 stars


Sturdy and durable

Easy to use

Add value to interior

Comfortable to sleep


Difficult to move

Wakefit 3 Seater Sofa Cum Bed

The Wakefit Amoeba 3-seater sofa cum bed design is best for the modern interior to create a comfortable sleeping space.

This 3-seater green coloured sofa bed includes a bespoke mattress with a soft fabric layer.

All About the Wakefit Amoeba Sofa Cum Bed

Wakefit Amoeba's fabric sofa cum bed design works both as upholstery and a full-length bed, thus helping you save space while offering a comfortable surface to sleep on. 🤩

We love its neat wood frame and sturdy steel legs, which make this sofa bed a durable piece for any home.

Dimensions of Wakefit Amoeba sofa cum bed

The inner mattress of this sofa is made from layers of premium-quality foam, and it's as wide as a traditional queen-size mattress. 

A fabric sofa cum bed elevates your living space and is a comfortable option that can be modified as per your need.

The fabric of this sectional sofa bed is soft to touch and much easier to clean with a wet cloth or duster. 

It is available in various colours like green, blue, grey, and red to match your interior. 🤗

Also, you can use mattress toppers for extra cushions and comfort.

We love its unique and trendy design, which makes it the best sofa cum bed for the modern living room or guest room.  

Buy Wakefit Sofa Bed₹21,003

Criteria Rating
Easy to move
Value for money
Overall rating


Adding an extra sleeping space

Adds aesthetic value to the room

Easy to convert into bed

Comfortable sleeping surface


Difficult to move from one room to other

Steel legs can make scratches on floor

Great Value For Money

Seventh Heaven Sofa Cum Bed

The contemporary style foldable sofa bed is available in various colours to match your home décor.

This foldable sofa cum bed is made with high-quality fabric for optimal comfort and support while sitting or sleeping.

All About Seventh Heaven 3-Seater Sofa Cum Bed

For those looking for a 3-seater sofa cum bed, the Seventh Heaven daybed is a great choice. 👌

It's equally comfortable as a bed and is easy to move around to use in the desired room when needed. 

The sofa's backrest unfolds to create a super comfortable mattress, which rests on the floor.

When you have overnight guests, unfold the soft couch to a more comfortable bed to sleep in. 

You can also add the matching footstool and accent chair to complete the living room.

When opened, it measures around the same queen-size bed and offers enough space to sleep for two people. 😴

Green coloured 3-seater sofa cum bed for your home

The ultra-soft fabric is highly breathable, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic, which makes it a comfortable sofa bed for daily use.

This sofa bed is available in 5 different shades, including blue, dark grey, light grey, brown, and even green!

Buy Seventh Heaven Sofa Bed₹9,599

Criteria Rating
Easy to move
Value for money
Overall rating


Easy to move

Soft and comfortable mattress

Open to full-size bed for two people


Can be expensive

Not as durable as wooden sofa bed

Made In India

Metallika Centerville Three Seater Sofa cum Bed with Mattress

The Metallika Centerville sofa bed can put your guests up for the night with an easy pull-out mechanism.

This space-saving sofa cum bed offers comfortable sleep for up to two people!

All About Metallika Centerville Sofa cum Bed with Mattress

The Metallika Centerville 3-seater sofa bed is stylish, attractive, and practical.

The combination of the metal frame, sleek design, and pull-out mechanism can set your sofa bed up within seconds. 🤩 

Full size sofa bed for comfortable sleep

We feel this 3-seater sofa cum bed will look great in any traditional or modern living space.

Its foam base seat gives the sleeping surface a firm yet comfortable feel similar to the traditional sofa.

This sofa bed pulls out into a double bed size, ideal for sleeping up to two people. 😍

Overall, this is often one of the best sofa cum beds in India.

You can use it as a corner sofa in your rooms or can place it in your home office for a power nap between work.

Buy Metallika Centerville Sofa Cum Bed

Criteria Rating
Easy to move
Value for money
Overall rating


Comfortable sleeping surface

Sturdy design with back support

Durable and long-lasting


Heavy in weight

It can be little expensive

What are the Different Types of Sofa Beds?

There are different types of sofa beds, we have compiled the list of the best sofa bed designs for you 👇

Pull out and lift up

Pull-out sofa beds are best for the guest room and living room.

There is a pulley system that helps to lift up the seat of the sofa to convert it into a complete bed.

pull out sofa bed in living room
Brown coloured pull-out sofa bed in the living room Image: © Sleep Hero

This type of sofa bed comes with an integrated mattress, usually underneath the sofa's base.

The sturdy design and comfortable memory foam mattress give your guests a sweet and restful sleep.💜

Easy to use, there's not much to set up when it comes to pull-out sofa beds.

Foldable sofa bed

Foldable sofa beds are one of the easiest to assemble and lightweight to move around.

These are pretty much like fold-over sections of memory foam mattresses.

This is the best type of sofa bed for a kid's room and guest bedroom. 🙌

Buy Metallika Centerville Sofa Cum Bed

Click-clack sofa beds

Click-clack sofa beds are unique in the way they transform into comfortable beds.

Usually, the backrest folds down and creates a perfect sleeping surface.

There is no integrated mattress; therefore, these sofa bed designs tend to have a firmer feel, similar to sofa seat cushions.

Full-size sofa bed for comfortable sleep
Steps to open click-clack sofa bed. Image: © Sleep Hero

Simply lift the under part of the comfy sofa bed and tilt the entire bed back to get a flat sleeping surface.

Buy Wakefit Sofa Bed₹21,003

Storage sofa bed

Make the most of your sofa bed!

Storage sofa beds offer extra space to store things while providing a comfortable surface to sit and sleep on.

Full-size storage sofa bed for comfortable sleep
Sofa bed with storage Image: © IKEA

These types of sofa cum beds are more spacious and practical to use in small rooms, flats, and apartments.

Buy Solid Teak Wood Sofa Cums Bed

How to Choose the Best Sofa Bed for Your Home

The best sleeper sofa bed should be a comfortable seat for you and your guests for sitting, working, lounging, or sleeping.

We have listed down important things to consider when buying the best sofa cum bed for your home: 👇

Check the types of mattresses used for sofa beds

A quality mattress is a key to a good night's sleep with no back pain issues [1].

You need to check the sofa bed's mattress and ensure it comes with a warranty and is comfortable to sleep.

What type of mattress to choose for the best sofa bed
Consider the type of mattress you want for your sofa bed. Image: © Sleep Hero

Standard size of a comfy sofa bed you need

Sofa beds come in various sizes.

There is a two-seater sofa bed, a three-seater sofa bed, and a four-seater sofa bed for every interior design. 🙋

Also, the dimensions for the sofa cum beds vary according to king-size bed or queen-size bed.

A man is sitting on full-size sofa bed comfortably
Man is sitting on a sofa bed. Image: © Sleep Hero

These are the dimensions available for sofa beds:

  • Single person sofa bed - 90 x 190 cm (3' x 6'3")
  • Sofa bed for two persons - 120 x 190 cm (4' x 6'3")
  • Queen size sofa bed - 135 x 190 cm (4'6" x 6'3")
  • King size sofa bed - 150 x 200 cm (5’ x 6’6”)

Are sofa beds good for everyday use?

So, can you sleep on a sofa bed every night? 🤔

Pull-out sofa beds are the most suitable for frequent use, as they usually come with a real mattress.

A sofa bed with a high-quality mattress will give you more support to sleep overnight.

Full-size sofa bed for comfortable sleep
People are watching TV while sitting on a sofa bed. Image: © Sleep Hero

If you're considering buying a sofa bed for a guest room or living room, make sure it is comfortable to sleep. ✔️

Select the best material for a sofa bed

There are wooden sofa beds, fabric sofa cum beds, and leather sofa beds.

Choose the material or fabric that suits your style and budget.

The fabric choice for a comfortable sleeper sofa is related closely to wherever you go based on the type of specification you need.

On the other hand, you can have leather [2] sofa beds for a formal living room.

Should I Buy a Sofa Bed?

With the best sofa bed, you don’t have to worry about extra sleeping space for accommodating guests. 🎅

Consider your budget, space, interior, and whether or not a sofa cum bed is a necessity for your home. 🏠


  • Which company is best for sofa cum bed?

    There are a variety of different sofa bed brands available.

    Some of our favourite sofa bed companies are:

    • Wakefit
    • Furny
    • Springtek Mattress
    • Metallika Centerville

    You can buy the best sofa cum bed in India that suits your budget and requirement.

  • What is the most durable sofa bed material?

    The sofa bed fabrics like cotton, linen, wool, polyester, and olefin offer great durability and last longer. 

    Linen is the strongest of all and doesn't pill when wet.

    Polyester and linen sofa cum beds can withstand wear and tear better over time than other wooden sofa beds.

  • Are sofa beds comfortable?

    There is no doubt that a traditional bed is best for a quality night's sleep - but with limited room space, sofa beds are a good option for guests. 

    You can shop for a quality sofa bed that comes with a quality mattress and offer a comfortable sleep. 

    But, we do not recommend using a sofa bed every day, use it when you need an extra sleeping surface for guests or yourself. 

  • Do sofa beds have a weight limit?

    Sofa bed companies often do not mention the weight limit, but according to bed size people, 2 to 3 people can easily sleep on them.

    A twin sleeper sofa can hold up to 150 kg weight with ease. 

    A full-size sofa cum bed can be used by two or three people as it can hold a weight of up to 250kgs. 

  • Sources

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