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King Koil Mattress Review - India | 2023

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Do you experience persistent back pain?

Then you might consider replacing your old mattress at the earliest.

King Koil is a leading mattress brand known for its outstanding range of products and impeccable customer service. 👌

In this article, we’ve listed the top King Koil mattresses based on comfort, quality, and overall value.

Let’s review together the King Koil mattress in India. 👇

King Koil Mattresses

10-Year Guarantee
10-Year Guarantee
Free Delivery & Returns
Free Delivery & Returns
Environmentally Friendly


  • King Koil mattresses come with excellent weight distribution technology
  • They are recommended for back pain and neck pain
  • King Koil mattresses can be used in summers and winters
  • They provide the ultimate experience of luxury and comfort


  • Prices of King Koil mattresses are slightly on a higher side
  • Most King Koil mattresses are heavy and difficult to move

What makes the King Koil Mattress special?

  • King Koil mattresses feature pressure relieving technology.
  • They provide superior comfort to the body.
  • There are ideal picks for different sleeping positions.

Top Recommendations for the King Koil Mattress:

Our Favourite

King Koil Gravity Foam Mattress

This King Koil memory foam mattress with cotton-like soft fabric is best for everyday use.

The multipurpose and high-resilience memory foam mattress comes with a 10 years warranty.

All about the King Koil Gravity Foam Mattress

Are you looking for a medium firm mattress with orthopaedic advantages?

If yes, then the gravity foam comfort mattress from King Koil is the best option for you. 

This King Koil queen-size mattress is ideal for senior citizens and people with spine alignment issues. [1]

The natural body contouring technology of this mattress seamlessly envelops your body, ensuring an uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. 🌃

Also, the 2 layers of high-density memory foam provide you with the best comfort and support.

Moreover, it comes with a fur-like soft top and a robust resilience foam at the core. 

Overall, this mattress will help keep your spinal cord aligned in its natural “S” shape. 

Buy King Koil Gravity Mattress₹82,899


It helps with spine alignment and body contouring

The combination of memory foam and high-resilience foam offers back support

Made from modern sleep grade material for the best sleeping experience

This mattress comes with 10 years of warranty

It provides sheer luxury and comfort


It is not available in different sizes

It is a little more expensive than other memory foam mattresses

Luxury Choice

King Koil Maharaja Grand Spring Mattress

Pick the best mattress when it comes to your spinal health. It is one of the best luxury mattresses in India.

Designed to encourage spinal alignment and postural correction, this mattress promises restful and healthy sleep.

All about the King Koil Maharaja Grand Spring Mattress

The King Koil Maharaja Grand Spring Mattress comes with premium memory foam and HD pocket springs. 

Each layer of this mattress contributes to increasing cosiness and encouraging uninterrupted sleep. 

It is a zero-flip premium mattress with high tensile HD pocket springs and advanced MSI technology. 

This MSI technology of this King Koil mattress does not transfer the motion effects of one side of the mattress to another side. 🥳

Moreover, the HD pocket rings are well-wrapped in cloth cases and packed together. 

The best part is that each spring can independently compress when pressure is applied to it. 

A memory foam layer over the springs also ensures optimal temperature control. 

Also, it contours the body seamlessly, providing brilliant comfort to the lower back and neck. 🤩

The outer cover of this mattress is composed of ultra-soft knitted fabric

In the end, this spring koil mattress keeps the surface breathable and prevents fungus and bacteria breeding. 

Buy King Koil Spring Mattress₹1,50,000


It is resistant to mould, fungus, and bacteria growth

This mattress provides brilliant body support

Features the latest MSI technology

Available in different sizes


It is more expensive compared to other mattresses of similar composition

This mattress may not be suitable for senior citizens

Great Value For Money

King Koil Natural Response Latex Mattress

This luxury double bed and single bed mattress is made from premium quality naturally-sourced latex.

Say goodbye to your back pain woes with this natural response and posture sense latex mattress.

All about the King Koil Natural Response Latex Mattress

This is one of the best King Koil mattresses and offers you a luxurious bedding experience

The natural elasticity of latex prevents sagging after continuous usage. 

Also, this 100% natural latex mattress offers buoyant support, thanks to its mild cushioning quality.

It is resistant to mould, fungus, and bacteria growth. 

Moreover, the high-resilient structure of this mattress provides firm support to the spinal cord. 

The breathable and soft knitted fabric on the top offers a soothing touch to the skin.

Made from premium quality latex, this mattress prevents motion transfer, ensuring an uninterrupted sleep all night long. 🛌🏻

For additional comfort, the brand has used BodySink foam for this mattress and the high GSM viscose knitted fabric [2]for the topmost layer.

This mattress comes with a 10 years warranty and is the perfect balance for comfort and support.

Buy King Koil Latex Mattress₹1,00,000


It offers an excellent motion transfer feature

This mattress is made from high-quality BodySink foam for supreme comfort

This mattress can be used on both sides

It comes with a 3D air mesh for natural air ventilation

It is available in different sizes


Kids may not feel comfortable sleeping on this mattress

This mattress can be too expensive for salaried persons

About the King Koil Mattresses

King Koil is in the mattress industry for over 120 years.

The company has been developing cutting-edge mattress technology to offer you the best night's sleep.

They have substantial expertise in designing high-quality mattresses that are recommended by certified doctors. 🩺

King Koil is associated with the International Chiropractors Association [3].

The brand has used this partnership as a powerful instrument in engineering its products.

an image of mattress
King Koil is known to offer some of the best and most durable mattresses in India. Image: © Sleep Hero

Their outlets are spread worldwide in over 100 countries with a customer base of more than 100 million customers. 😮

In India alone, King Koil have more than 600 store locations.

Being one of the oldest mattress manufacturers in the world, they have an extensive range of more than 40 premium mattresses.

The speciality of each of their products lies in the scientific research that goes into it.

Further, the SleepID feature of King Koil suggests the best mattress based on your pain areas, such as neck pain, back pain, muscle problems etc.

Plus, they have a team of experts working 24*7 to ensure that every mattress provides luxury and comfort to the sleepers.

King Koil Mattress Price List India

The King Koil mattress price depends on the product you are choosing. 🤔

They have mattresses ranging from INR 25,000 to INR 1,50,000 available in memory foam, innerspring coil, and latex material.

For ultra-luxurious mattresses, the price can also be as high as Rs 1,70,000. 💸

a man comparing the features of a mattress to its price
Choose a mattress that offers maximum features at an optimal price. Image: © Sleep Hero

Heads up: You can get the luxurious King Koil maharaja grand spring mattress* for INR 1,50,000.

To buy the King Koil natural response latex mattress, you may need to pay INR 1,00,000.

And, if you want to buy the King Koil gravity foam mattress, then you need to pay INR 63,399.

Here is the tabular difference between the different models of King Koil mattress:

Price Shop Online
King Koil Gravity Foam Mattress INR 63,399 Buy King Koil Gravity Mattress₹82,899
King Koil Natural Response Latex Mattress INR 1,00,000 Buy King Koil Latex Mattress₹1,00,000
King Koil Maharaja Grand Spring Mattress INR 1,50,000 Buy King Koil Spring Mattress₹1,50,000

Why is it better to buy the King Koil mattresses online?

Buying a King Koil mattress on Amazon offers many benefits, some of which are as follows:

Easy to buy

You can buy the mattress from the comfort of your own home or workplace.

Also, shopping can become easier and more convenient through the online range and sizes of King Koil mattresses. 🥳

Moreover, if your mind changes, you can easily cancel the order on Amazon.

Saves time

Customers do not have to stand in queues in cash counters to pay for the products that have purchased by them.

They can shop from their home or workplace and do not have to spend time travelling.


Amazon is open 365 x 24 x 7 for shopping.

So, time is not a barrier, and you can order your King Koil mattress anytime from anywhere.

Discounts and offers

You can get King Koil mattresses at a discounted price on Amazon than buying them from physical stores.

You offer discounts as there is a cut down on real estate and maintenance costs. 🙌

How Long Does a King Koil Mattress last?

To be precise, the longevity of a King Koil mattress depends on how well you maintain it.

On average, a King Koil company mattress can last from 8 to 13 years if you use a King Koil mattress protector on it.

Here are the elements that can affect the life of a King Koil mattress:

The technology behind the mattress

Unlike regular mattresses, a King Koil mattress comes with a super-soft flocking layer along with an in-built pillow.

The best part is that every product of King Koil offers undeniable support and comfort to the user.

As far as the technology is concerned, the King Koil mattresses get inflated in less than 3 minutes. 🥳

You would be surprised to know that King Koil offers a special one-year warranty on this feature as well.

The material

Natural cotton, latex, springs, and wool are some of the prominent materials used in making a King Koil mattress.

The material used in King Koil’s mattresses is meant to offer supreme spine support.

a girl is sleeping on the mattress
Consider various things when buying an orthopaedic mattress. Image: © Sleep Hero

It uses certified foams that don't include toxins. 😌

Moreover, the mattresses are made from a thick side flocked robust fabric.

It is a puncture-proof material that can be easily used while you are camping outdoors.

However, we would recommend you place padding beneath to eradicate any chances of mattress damage.

Cotton and latex are long-lasting materials and you can buy King Koil mattresses made from these materials for better comfort.

Buy King Koil Latex Mattress₹1,00,000

The composition

The King Koil line of mattresses is made of materials like natural foam, cotton, and latex.

The natural components are coupled with multiple layers of memory foam and pocket coils.

composition of king koil mattress types
King Koil mattress comes with various compositions and types. Image: © Sleep Hero

Moreover, advanced coil-beam engineering also promotes proper weight allocation.

On average, a King Koil mattress is around 20 inches/ 73 cm thick.

It is rare to find any other mattresses in this thickness. 🙅‍♀️

The prime intention behind this thickness is to ensure deep compression support.

It can sustain over 270 kilograms of weight at a single time.

That’s not all.

The King Koil mattresses also come with a durable waterproof duvet.

It’s quilted and made to offer extended spinal support.

Buy King Koil Gravity Mattress₹82,899


Most of the King Koil mattresses come with 10 years pro-rated warranty. 📅

The various mattress models of King Koil are guaranteed against manufacturing defects in workmanship and/or materials.

You can contact the retailer or a nearby King Koil store to claim if you find a defect.

A long-time warranty period ensures that the King Koil mattresses last longer.

Our favourite King Koil mattresses:

Is King Koil Mattress Better Than Other Mattress Brands In India?

If you are looking for a premium-quality luxury mattress, then King Koil is the best option.

This company produces luxury bed mattresses for comfortable and sound sleep.

is king koil better than other mattress brands
King Koil mattress comes in various types and sizes. Image: © Sleep Hero

Starting from their quality, material, to height, everything is well-researched in the labs of the King Koil.

Take a look at the difference between Koil mattresses and mattresses of other brands like Kurlon, Wakefit, and more:

King Koil mattress vs Wakefit mattress

Both King Koil and Wakefit are famous brands in India for buying quality mattresses.

Here is the difference between King Koil and Wakefit mattress brands.

King Koil Mattress Wakefit Mattress
Price INR 63,000 to INR 1,50,000 INR 6,000 to INR 20,000
Warranty 10 year 10 year
Mattress thickness 5 to 11 inches / 12 to 28 cm 4 to 10 inches / 10.5 to 25 cm
Products Foldable roll away bed, pillows, water-proof mattress protectors Pillows, Mattress protectors, Foldable mattress, cushions, towels, pillow covers, summer blanket, more
Trial period No trial period No trial period
Buy online Buy King Koil Gravity Mattress₹82,899 Buy Wakefit Single Size Mattress₹5,402

King Koil vs Sleepwell

Kurlon and Sleepwell produce a variety of mattresses in India.

Both companies offer rubberised coir, spring, and foam mattresses.

Sleepwell also manufactures mattress accessories, such as pillows, comforters, and mattress protectors.

picture showing how a memory foam mattress looks from inside
Select the best memory foam mattress for you and your loved ones. Image: © Sleep Hero

Here is the difference between the King Koil and Sleepwell mattress brands:

King Koil Mattress Sleepwell Mattress
Price INR 63,000 to INR 1,50,000 INR 10,000 to INR 30,000.
Warranty 10 years 7 to 10 years
Mattress thickness 5 to 11 inches / 12 to 28 cm 4.5 to 8 inches / 11.5 to 20 cm
Products Foldable roll-away bed, pillows, water-proof mattress protectors Pillows, comforter, bed, pillow covers, bedsheet, mattress protector, etc.
Trial period No trial period No trial period
Buy online Buy King Koil Latex Mattress₹1,00,000 BUY SLEEPWELL ADMIRE MATTRESS₹10,282

King Koil vs Springtek

King Koil and Springtek both produce quality mattresses.

But, if you want a luxury mattress, then King Koil is the best brand.

a man is sleeping on his bed
Consider all the factors before you choose the best memory foam mattress for your bed.

Here is the difference between the King Koil and Springtek mattress brands:

King Koil Mattress Springtek Mattress
Price INR 63,000 to INR 1,50,000 INR 10,000 to INR 44,000
Warranty 10 years 5 to 11 years
Mattress thickness 5 to 11 inches / 12 to 28 cm 4.5 to 8 inches / 11.5 to 20 cm
Products Foldable roll away bed, pillows, water-proof mattress protectors Folding roll away bed, storage bed, bedsheet, pillow cover, mattress protector
Trial period No trial period No trial period
Buy Online Buy King Koil Spring Mattress₹1,50,000 BUY SPRINGTEK EURO HYBRID₹25,975

Are King Koil Mattresses Good For Back Pain?

Well, the answer is a Yes!

The King Koil air mattress offers you a cloud-like cosiness for a good night's sleep.

The robust materials used in them help in retaining their shape even after 10 years of use.

The result is optimal lower back, neck, spine, and shoulder support.

two men complaining of lower back pain and neck sprain
Choose a mattress that will provide excellent support to your back and neck. Image: © Sleep Hero

King Koil mattresses also ensure that you do not get jerks while sleeping, thanks to its motion isolation technology.

Moreover, King Koil mattresses also cushion body curves and relax frozen muscles.

Made with 100% pure and certified foam, these mattresses offer a perfect blend of breathability, comfort, and support. 🍃

King Koil mattress adequately supports your body and cushions your pressure points that help relieve back pain.

Buy King Koil Gravity Mattress₹82,899

What is the Softest King Koil mattress?

The King Koil gravity mattress is the softest mattress so far.

It offers supreme comfort to all kinds of sleepers.

The best part is that this mattress is also good for infants, babies, and elders.

As a King Koil king-size mattress this is an ideal pick for people who prioritize comfort over price.

Here is who should choose the softest King Koil mattress:

Best for couples

The soft King Koil gravity mattress is loved by couples as it is soft and comfortable to sleep on.

a couple is taking a nap
A good mattress comes with an advanced zero partner disturbance feature. Image: © Sleep Hero

It comes with brilliant motion absorption, pressure distribution and edge support, making it a must-have for all couples. 👩‍❤️‍👨

However, other models of King Koil mattresses can also be used by couples.

Great Option for Elders

Most elders prefer to sit on the edge of this soft mattress for maximum comfort.

an old man is sitting on a mattress
King Koil mattress is best for elders. Image: © Sleep Hero

The anti-sagging feature of the King Koil mattress makes it a perfect pick for senior citizens as well.

Buy King Koil Gravity Mattress₹82,899

For Children

Do you have kids at home?

If yes, you cannot get a better mattress than King Koil gravity or memory foam mattress for them.

an infant is taking a nap on his sister’s arm
Pick a mattress that features antimicrobial properties and keep dust mites and bugs at bay. Image: © Sleep Hero

Children seek cosiness after a tiring day at school and the park.

The perfect medium firmness of the King Koil bed mattress offers a perfect contour to their sensitive spinal cord.

Note: People with back pain should go for King Koil ortho mattresses as they should not choose the softest mattress.

Buy King Koil Spring Mattress₹1,50,000

What Else Does King Koil Offer?

Apart from high-quality premium mattresses, King Koil India also offers a wide range of sleep accessories.

Stay with us as we outline the top products offered by King Koil.

Mattress Toppers

King Koil offers a premium range of the best mattress toppers to boost the longevity of its mattresses.

picture of a topper placed on the mattress
Invest in a durable topper that will multiply the comfort and support of your mattress. Image: © Sleep Hero

These anti-skid toppers are 100% waterproof and come with a 3-year warranty.

With these mattress toppers, you get added comfort and durability at affordable prices. 👀


Apart from a quality mattress, you also need an equally durable pillow to ensure a good night’s sleep.

The King Koil pillow is firm and comfortable.

king koil pillows for good sleep
King koil pillows are best for long hour’s sleep. Image: © Sleep Hero

You can also improve the life of the King Koil pillows by using the pillow top.

King Koil pillows are comfortable and firm, with varying loft sizes for different types of sleepers.

Buy King Koil Foam Pillow

Final Words

A mattress plays a vital role in determining the sleep quality of a person.

A hard and uncomfortable mattress can trigger severe health issues and aches.

On the other hand, a relatively firmer mattress will provide optimal support to your spinal cord, back, head, and neck.

King Koil mattresses are recommended by the experts and have everything that a premium mattress offers.

So, make sure you pick the best mattress for you and your loved ones.

Our favourite King Koil mattresses


  • Which type of mattress is best for sleeping?

    Health experts recommend going for a King Koil medium firm latex mattress for sleeping. 

    These mattresses help align the spinal cord and offer supreme support to the neck and head.

  • Which mattress is the best for children and elders?

    To be precise, you should focus on buying a King Koil memory foam mattress for these sleepers. 

    These mattresses come with brilliant antimicrobial properties. 

    They keep moulds, bacteria, and dust mites at bay.

  • Which is the most durable mattress in India?

    King Koil offers some of the most durable mattresses in India. 

    Moreover, it also offers 10 years of pro-rated warranty on them.

  • What is the average life of a mattress?

    Ideally, a mattress can last for somewhere around 7 to 10 years, depending on how well you maintain it. 

    Using durable, antiskid, and water-resistant covers can help in extending the life of your mattress. 

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