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Best Memory Foam Mattress India (2023)

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Adequate sleep is one of the fundamental pillars of a healthy life.

The quality of sleep you receive will impact your overall health, happiness, and productivity at work.

In today's fast-paced life, when people are struggling to catch enough sleep, a faulty bed mattress can be your biggest hurdle. ✋

That's why it's essential to choose a suitable mattress made of high-quality materials like memory foam.

Today, we will help you select the best memory foam mattress in India for a goodnight’s sleep. 😁

memory foam mattress


  • Memory foam adapts well to the contours of your body.
  • Memory foam mattress orthopaedic offers great pressure relief.
  • They give a warmer sleep, which is great for people who easily feel cold at night.
  • Low motion transfer creates no noise and makes it best for couples.


  • Poor quality memory foam mattresses can damage quickly.
  • Memory foam can feel too warm for people who easily feel hot at night.
  • Not suitable for restless sleepers.

What makes a memory foam mattress special?

  • Soft and smooth body-hugging material with exceptional pressure relief.
  • Fantastic orthopedic qualities for back pain issues.
  • Low motion for sound sleep.

Top 5 recommendations for the best memory foam mattress in India:


Emma Original

The Emma Original is an award-winning orthopaedic mattress that's suitable for most people and sleeping positions.

This bestselling mattress by Emma features three layers of premium foam, offering soft comfort, orthopaedic support, and stability.

The Emma Original is an award-winning memory foam mattress.

Emma original mattress

Designed to suit most people, preferences and sleeping preferences, it is a perfect one-fit-all model.

The mattress comprises three different foam layers and offers medium-firm support suitable for back, stomach, and side sleepers.

The Emma Original is delivered free of charge and comes with a risk-free 100-nigh trial period. 


  Emma Original Mattress
Composition: Airgocell foam, visco-elastic memory foam, and HRX foam
Firmness level: Medium-firm
Height: 20.32 (8 inches)
Trial period: 100 days
Guarantee: 11 years
What makes this mattress special? The Emma Original is Europe's most awarded mattress since 2019.
Great Value For Money

Dunlop Foam Mattress

This is a 4-inch foam mattress suitable for most people and sleeping positions.

This Dunlop mattress is best for comfortable sleep at night. Its design and thickness helps to get a sound sleep. 

All about the Dunlop foam mattress

The Dunlop mattress is best for a single bed for getting a comfortable sleep at night. 

This quality mattress can easily accommodate all your sleeping needs when guests arrive. 👪🏻

It's also a good option for anyone who needs advanced pressure relief.

We love its size, colour, and thickness, which makes it the best single-bed mattress for kids’ rooms and guest rooms. ❤️

You can also use a mattress topper to add more thickness to this comfortable mattress and to protect it from dust.

The company also offers a 1-year warranty on this foam mattress, which makes Dunlop a trusted brand for quality mattresses in India.

Also, it is an affordable option for college students who live in hostels and looking for a comfortable mattress within budget.




It is an affordable single-bed mattress


Dunlop mattress comes with a 1-year warranty


Dunlop mattress is best suitable for people with backpain


It comes in various sizes, thicknesses, and colours


It is not suitable for two persons


The fabric of this mattress is synthetic

Our Favourite

Duroflex Memory Foam Mattress

Premium memory foam mattress with Superior Comfort and Anti-Microbial Fabric.

This pressure-relieving memory foam mattress comes with a 10 years warranty against manufacturing defects.

All about the Duroflex Livein Memory Foam Mattress

The Duroflex Livein Memory Foam Mattress features three layers: memory foam, base layer, and the top layer.

This memory foam mattress king-size comes in a professional roll-pack.

It offers a perfect combination of comfort and support to different types of sleepers.

The adaptive memory foam layer softly cradles all the pressure points for superior support and next-level comfort.

Lastly, the top layer is filled with fur-like soft foam.

It offers a plush and fluffy texture to the Duroflex memory foam mattress. 🤩

Keeping hygiene and health factors in mind, this mattress comes with triple antibacterial protection.

It helps in keeping dust mites, fungi, and germs at bay.

Buy Duroflex Memory Foam Mattress₹8,549


It is a lightweight mattress and easy to move

It offers three types of high-quality foam bases

This mattress comes with a triple bacterial protection feature

The medium firm texture provides superior support to the body.

It is available in Double, King, Queen, and Single  bed  sizes.


Children may find it firmer and so soft

If not cared properly, it will not last longer


SleepX Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress can be a good option for people suffering from lower back pain.

It is a premium ortho mattress that comes with advanced sleep technology and offers great comfort to people suffering from back pain.

All about the SleepX Ortho Plus Memory Foam Mattress

No more tossing and turning all night when you got this amazing memory foam mattress!! 🕥

SleepX ortho memory foam mattress offers a comforting hug to your shoulders and spine, allowing you to take a sound sleep.

This memory foam mattress queen comes with superb anti-microbial technology.

It ensures supreme freshness and hygiene for all sleepers of all age groups. 

The 25 mm durable PU foam effectively relieves pressure points.

The high resilience memory foam promotes a natural spine alignment and can reduce issues like chronic back pain and neck pain.

The high-quality air mesh fabric on the sides stimulates breathability and increases air circulation in the mattress.

It means you can enjoy a cool, fuss-free, and sweat-free sound sleep on this memory foam mattress single bed.

Buy SleepX Memory Foam Mattress₹6,915


The mattress comes with advanced sleep technology

It offers robust spine and neck support

It is a three-layer mattress for lifelong relief and comfort

This memory foam mattress features air mesh fabric on the sides for a better airflow

Its high-density foam seamlessly adjusts to your body’s position


This is a heavy mattress and difficult to move

You can’t flip this mattress

Made In India

Springtek Tri-Fold Memory Foam Mattress

This 4-inch mattress promises a combo of luxury and comfort.

The thickness and design of this mattress help to get a sound and relaxing sleep.

All about the Springtek tri-fold foam mattress

Springtek is a leading mattress brand that is known to roll out some of the most comfortable and durable mattresses in India. 

This foldable memory foam mattress is firm enough to give the best, light-cushioned support to your back. 

Connect with the dealer if you want to get an 8-inch memory foam mattress or 10-inch memory foam mattress.

The ultra-soft sleep surface is the highlight of this memory foam mattress foldable. 😍

Moreover, the supportive PU foam offers a cloud-like sleep to different kinds of sleepers.

Ultra Soft sleep surface & complete with supportive PU foam mattress providing soothing sleeping or leisure. 

The best part is that you can carry this lightweight and portable mattress anywhere. 

However, if you are looking for a mattress to soothe your chronic back pain, then this may not be the one for you.

Buy Springtek Memory Foam Mattress₹10,999


It is a lightweight and portable mattress

The mattress comes with an ultra-soft sleep surface

It offers light-cushioned support to the lower back and upper back

This is a multi-purpose mattress for all types of sleepers and can be used as a sofa bed

This is available in different sizes like memory foam mattress king size and more


This mattress is not suitable for chronic back pain

It offers only a 1-year warranty which is very less as compared to other mattresses

Great Value For Money

Centuary Memory Foam Mattress

High-quality foam and soft material makes this mattress good for children and elders in home.

You will love its material and the firmness. This is a great mattress for kids and elders.

All about the Centuary Sleepables Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Centuary is a leading mattress manufacturer in India.

This antimicrobial memory foam mattress for single bed comes with a high-density PU foam layer.

It also comes with an Intelligent Temperature Management feature.

This feature offers superior airflow technology, promising a cool and sweat-free sleep all night long. 

Apart from this, maintenance can never be an issue with this mattress because it comes with a durable and machine washable cover.

The centuary memory foam bed mattress comes with anti-sag technology as well.

So, if you have children at home, then this is a great option as it will not get damaged easily and offers best support to their back. 

Moreover, this mattress is a good choice for back sleepers as well. 

Buy Centuary Memory Foam Mattress₹18,251


The mattress comes with a sleep-enhancing technology

Contouring features ensure a goodnight’s rest experience

Excellent airflow for hot sleepers

Affordable mattress option

Provides brilliant orthopedic support to the back


If you want soft mattress, then this is not for you

It needs proper care otherwise the foam will gets damaged

Durfi Original Mattress

Made with patented Cotton Candy memory foam, the Durfi Original provides orthopaedic support for back pain.

The Durfi Original is made with the latest ultra-fresh technology with antibacterial properties and mould resistance. 

The Durfi Original provides a medium-firm feel ideal for side sleepers

The most supported sleep can be achieved by Durfi's Cotton Candy patented memory foam that adjusts to your body shape.

With a responsive feel and pressure-relieving comfort, the Durfi Original encourages optimal spinal alignment during sleep. 😍

durfi original mattress

The Hypoallergenic Grade 400GSM Fabric prevents bacteria with its antimicrobial technology. 🦠

The bottom fabric is crafted from organic cotton and features anti-skid support for dual comfort.

This helps to keep the mattress in place whilst also being highly breathable. 🌬️

The Durfi Original includes a 10-year guarantee for decade-lasting comfort. 


  Durfi Original Mattress
Composition: Cotton Candy & orthopaedic memory foam 
Firmness level: Firm
Height: 12.7 cm (5 inches), 15.24 cm (6 inches), 20.32 cm (8 inches) or 25.4 cm (10 inches)
Trial period: 30 days
Guarantee: 10 years
What makes this mattress special? The firm support is great for backcare and those that sleep on their stomach.
Our Favourite

Flo Ergo mattress

The mattress cradles you all night and compresses the pressure points on your hips or shoulders more.

The mattress is best suited for professionals who spend many hours at a desk. 

The Flo Ergo mattress is best suited for professionals who spend many hours at a desk. 👨🏽‍💼

Cradle your body all night and compress the pressure points on your hips or shoulders more while sleeping on this mattress.

The mattress's top layer is made of gel-filled memory foam

This memory foam reacts to your weight and body temperature and adapts to the shape of your body. 

Flo ergo mattress memory foam
Image: © Flo

The bottom layer of the mattress is made of Flo foam, which provides unparalleled back support

Get the highest level of sleeping comfort with the medium-soft Flo Ergo mattress.

This perfect mattress comes with a high-quality, soft cover that combines the cashmere fabric with their innovative 3D Airflow technology. 🌬️

The soft cashmere fabric helps to dissipate excess heat from your body.

In addition, the 3D Airflow technology draws heat away from the mattress to keep you comfortable all night long. 

The Flo Ergo mattress is reversible, and you can sleep on either side. 


  Flo Ergo Mattress
Composition: Memory foam
Firmness level: Medium firm
Height: 10 cm, 15 cm, 20 cm, and 25 cm (4, 6, 8, and 10 inches)
Trial period: 100 days
Guarantee: Ten years
What makes this mattress special? Responds to your temperature and moulds to your body shape


How to Choose the Best Memory Foam Mattress In India?

Are you planning to get a memory foam mattress for your home, but don't know where to start?

a girl is wondering how to buy the memory foam mattress
How to buy the memory foam mattress. Image: © Sleep Hero

Don't worry, we got you covered!

Here are some key parameters to look for while purchasing the best memory foam mattress for your home.

Check the mattress firmness

Memory foam mattresses are generally softer as compared to orthopedic mattress and coir mattress.The memory foam also acts to temperature and is likely to become even softer as it warms up while you sleep. 💤

But, when you are choosing a mattress the firmness you choose is all depends upon your sleeping needs and body weight.

a girl is sleeping on memory foam mattress
Check the comfort before you keep the memory foam mattress. Image: © Sleep Hero

If you're a back or stomach sleeper or your body weight is more, you'll need a mattress a little firmer mattress.

This provides enough stability and support to your back while sleeping.

People who are habitual of sleeping on their sides should pick softer mattresses for the best support.

It will cause no pressure on your side and help you with sound sleep.

We understand that determining the right degree of firmness can be challenging. 🤯

This is why we've devised the Sleep Hero firmness scale.

It will help you choose the right firm mattress according to your sleeping position.

Buy Durfi Memory Foam Mattress


Durability in a mattress is identified by the compression and density of the materials used in it.

check the memory foam mattress
Buy the durable memory foam mattress for your home. Image: © Sleep Hero

High-density foam, pocket spring, and pure latex mattresses promise good durability as compared to others.

Cotton, bonded foam, and coir mattresses score low on the durability scale. 🥰

You can also increase the durability of the mattress using the best mattress protector.


Are all memory foam mattresses expensive?

Thankfully no!

consider the budget when buying memory foam mattress
Buy the budget-friendly memory foam mattress. Image: © Sleep Hero

According to the experts, the best price of a memory foam mattress depends on its size, foam type, and thickness.

The best part is that there are hundreds of options in all these categories. 🥳

So, make sure you pick a mattress that fits your budget effectively without burning a hole into your pocket.

Here is the list of memory foam mattress prices:

Price Shop Online
Duroflex Livein Memory Foam Mattress INR 15,499 Buy Duroflex Memory Foam Mattress₹8,549
SleepyCat Original Memory Foam Mattress INR 19, 549 Buy SleepyCat Ortho Mattress₹12,480
SleepX Memory Foam Mattress INR 16,325 Buy SleepX Memory Foam Mattress₹6,915
Springtek Tri-Fold Foam Mattress INR 7,599 Buy Springtek Memory Foam Mattress₹10,999
Centuary Sleepables Memory Foam Mattress INR 18,929 Buy Centuary Memory Foam Mattress₹18,251
Durfi Original Memory Foam OrthopedicMattress INR 11,647 Buy Durfi Memory Foam Mattress
Flo Ergo - Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress INR 20,478 BUY FLO ERGO MATTRESS₹9,265

Risk-free trial periods

The best way to really see if a memory foam mattress is right for you is to try it out yourself.

We're not talking about lying on a mattress for a few minutes in a retail store.

Everything feels comfortable for a few minutes. 🤷‍♀️

But, you need to sleep on the mattress for atleast a week to know if it is right for you or not.

Therefore, we always recommend buying a mattress that comes with free delivery, a risk-free trial period, free returns, and full refunds.

Different mattress brands offer different trial periods, but most offer a minimum of 100 days. 🗓

Our favourite memory foam mattress is Wakefit memory foam mattress it comes with a 100-night trial.

What are the Health Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses?

There are various memory foam mattress benefits.

Keep reading on as we outline the range of health benefits they offer to sleepers.

Body Hugging Comfort

Memory foam mattresses offer outstanding body-hugging comfort to sleepers.

a man is sleeping comfortably on memory foam mattress
Memory foam mattress offers body hugging comfort. Image: © Sleep Hero

These highly resilient and temperature-sensitive mattresses react to body weight and heat.

So, as you lie down on the mattress, it will gradually mold itself to your body shape.🛏️

Suits all Sleeping Positions

Memory foam mattresses come with brilliant contouring properties.

So, whether you are a back, stomach, or side sleeper, a memory foam mattress will ensure you 100% comfort.🛏️

Relieves Back and Neck pain

You see, memory foam promotes an effective spinal alignment. 🤗

It lets you sleep in a position that is supportive and comfortable.

a girl is sleeping on the mattress
Memory foam mattress helps to relieve back pain. Image: © Sleep Hero

Long-term usage can help in relieving chronic back and neck pain.

How Long Do Memory Foam Mattresses Last?

Ideally, a quality memory foam mattress can last for 8 to 10 years on average. However, its longevity and shape depend on certain factors:


The density of a memory foam spring mattress is measured in PCF-pounds per cubic foot.

So, low PCF foams tend to degrade faster than high PCF foams.

In other words, the higher the density, the longer your mattress will last. 🙌

Density in kg/m³ Quality indicator Expected lifespan
Under 30 Inferior quality Up to 3 years
30-40 Average quality 3 - 6 years
40-50 Good quality 6 - 8 years
50-60 Very good quality 8 - 10 years
Over 60 Excellent quality 10 years and more

Both the memory foam and latex mattress have the best density so far.


The warranty period is also a good indicator of how long a memory foam mattress can last.

Most of the brands offer at least 10 years of warranty on their mattresses. 🫶

But some might also offer a lesser warranty period.

Here is a list of mattresses that come with different warranty periods.

Warranty Shop Online
Duroflex Livein Memory Foam Mattress 10 years Buy Duroflex Memory Foam Mattress₹8,549
SleepyCat Original Memory Foam Mattress 10 years Buy SleepyCat Ortho Mattress₹12,480
SleepX Memory Foam Mattress 10 years Buy SleepX Memory Foam Mattress₹6,915
Springtek Tri-Fold Foam Mattress 5 years Buy Springtek Memory Foam Mattress₹10,999
Centuary Sleepables Memory Foam Mattress 10 years Buy Centuary Memory Foam Mattress₹18,251
Durfi Original Memory Foam OrthopedicMattress 10 years Buy Durfi Memory Foam Mattress
Flo Ergo - Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress 10 years BUY FLO ERGO MATTRESS₹9,265

What's The Difference Between Memory Foam And Regular Foam?

If you are not sure which is better: Memory foam or Regular Foam, we got you covered. This comparison will help you narrow down your search.

Cooling Properties

Memory foam comes with body contouring technology.

It not only comforts the sleeper, but also helps them stay warm during winter.

But does it mean that this mattress will make you warm even in summer?

Well, no!

Modern memory foam mattresses come with cooling technology that enables better airflow during summer. 🛏️

On the other hand, regular form gives an average performance in this regard.

Sleeping Position

Memory foam is a boon for all types of sleepers.

It relieves pressure from the body and enables the sleeper to get good, uninterrupted sleep.

a couple is sleeping comfortably on mattress
Memory foam mattress is best for couples. Image: © Sleep Hero

Regular foam, on the other hand, does not come with a pressure relieving feature.

The result may be back pain and neck aches.

Body Weight

Memory foam is a durable and sturdy material that can withstand heavy weights effectively.

Whereas regular foam can sag and lose its shape when heavy weight is put on them.


Memory foam mattresses offer a perfect medium firmness that is ideal for all sleeping positions.

firmness of the mattress is important to check
Memory foam mattress offers great firmness for quality sleep. Image: © Sleep Hero

However, regular foam can be extremely soft and fluffy, making the sleeper uncomfortable all night.🕥


Although you can get a wide range of high-density poly foam mattresses on the market.

But when it comes to a durable density, memory foam takes the limelight here.

At times, regular foam is used as a support base for memory foam mattresses as well.

Motion Isolation

Couples usually complain of sleep interruptions at night.

Memory foam comes with motion isolation or zero partner disturbance features. ❤️

memory foam mattress causes no disturbance to couples while sleeping
Memory foam mattress offers motion isolation and is best for couples. Image: © Sleep Hero

But regular foam does not offer this feature to sleepers.

Should I Buy a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses offer supreme comfort to the lower back and neck.

They come with brilliant pressure relieving technology and motion isolation features.

These are long-lasting and durable mattresses that are ideal for all age groups and types of sleepers. 🛏️

We can recommend memory foam mattresses to:

  • People who easily feel cold at night

  • People with orthopaedic concerns

  • Couples

  • Allergy sufferers

We would not recommend memory foam mattresses to:

  • People who easily feel hot at night or heavy sweaters

  • Restless sleepers


  • Is memory foam good for back pain?

    Yes, the memory foam mattress is good for back and neck pain.

    A memory foam mattress supports your back and helps relieve body aches.

    Also, it is best for all types of sleepers.

  • Is memory foam good for side sleepers?

    Yes, memory foam seamlessly adjusts to the body shape, providing great comfort and support to the sleepers.

  • Can I put a topper on a memory foam mattress?

    Yes, you can put a memory foam mattress topper on your mattress to protect ir from getting damaged. 

    It will multiply the comfort plus adds to the durability of the mattress.


  • Can I wash a memory foam mattress?

    No, you cannot wash a memory foam mattress. 

    But, you can clean it with a damp cloth or can get it dry cleaned from the shop.

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