Tempur Mattress Topper

Tempur Mattress Topper Review (2023)

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The Tempur mattress topper is regarded as one of the best sleep accessories in the world.

As a brand, Tempur is best known for providing high-quality memory foam, created in the 1970s by NASA to provide optimal comfort for astronauts during take-off.

Because of this memory foam, Tempur products adapt well to the body's contours, offer support and stability, and have excellent pressure-relieving capabilities.

The Tempur mattress topper is of incomparable quality and truly lives up to the Tempur brand name.

We discuss the Tempur mattress topper in more detail in this article.

Tempur Mattress Topper

What is the Tempur topper made from?

The Tempur mattress topper is 7 cm thick and is made of the NASA Approved memory foam that’s made the brand famous. To date, it is the only mattress brand that is approved to retail products made with NASA technology.


The Tempur mattress topper features a cosy jersey cover (75% cotton, 25% polyester).

For hygienic reasons, you can easily remove the cover and machine-wash it at 60°C.

This also makes it a great product for allergy sufferers.

There are no straps to help affix the topper to the mattress.

It is best, to stretch a fitted sheet over both the mattress and the topper to help keep it firmly in place.


Tempur mattress topper rolled up

Tempur mattress topper

Comfort and firmness

This is a top-quality mattress topper.

The memory foam allows for body-hugging comfort that promotes a peaceful sleep by effectively relieving pressure points and preventing aches and pains.

While most people love this body-hugging comfort, it does make moving around on the topper a little more difficult, making this a less-than-ideal choice for restless sleepers.

It is difficult to determine a set level of firmness for a mattress topper, as this is dependent on the mattress it is placed on top of.

How deep you sink into the foam also largely depends on your body weight.

That said, a mattress topper's objective is to provide more softness and comfort, and should impact the firmness of your mattress as a result.

A warmer sleep

Mattress toppers - and especially memory foam toppers - mean you will be warmer as you sleep.

This is perfect for those who prefer a cosy warm sleep.

However, if you prefer a cooler sleep, a memory foam topper isn't for you. Memory foam is designed to retain heat and distribute it across its fabric, keeping you at a warmer temperature all night long.

Purchasing a Tempur topper in India

You can buy Tempur mattress toppers via Amazon or established Tempur retailers across India.

Approved outlets will offer you the standard 10-year guarantee that comes with all Tempur products.

This guarantee will protect you if your topper presents any defects attributed to faulty workmanship or materials or forms indentations of 2 cm or more.


Tempur mattress topper

Tempur brand


Although the Tempur mattress topper is a high-quality option with many great qualities, it is costly and may fall outside many people’s budget.

If you like a soft, warm sleep and have the budget available, investing in a Tempur mattress topper is a great choice.


Contact Tempur India

Customer service: To contact Tempur India directly for complaints, support, or queries, please email Tempur at [email protected] or call them on +011 475 33333. Alternatively, you can also choose to contact Tempur via post, addressed to Customer Care via the registered office address listed below.

Registered office: Springwel Mattresses Pvt. Ltd. 72, Block-2, WHS Kirti Nagar New Delhi 110015 India


  • What is the Tempur brand?

    Tempur Sealy is a leading supplier of sleep products globally, and Tempur mattresses are considered to be among the best mattresses in the world.

    Tempur creates a unique NASA-certified memory foam that sets it apart from other brands.

    These memory foam mattresses are often recommended as orthopaedic mattresses as they adapt well to the body and demonstrate great pressure-relieving properties.

    However, the brand is incredibly expensive due to the materials and technology they use, and is not for those on a budget. 

  • What makes the Tempur mattress topper so good

    The Tempur mattress topper is a top-tier product that demonstrates the quality you’d expect from the Tempur brand.

    Utilising the best in memory foam technology, the mattress topper adds a further layer of industry-leading foam to your bed and promises to give you a restful nights sleep for a very long time. 

    Because of this, the topper is definitely worth its high price point, adding quality NASA Approved memory foam to your bed in a range of thicknesses and sizes so you can get the topper you need. 

  • What is the Tempur mattress topper made of?

    Tempur’s renowned NASA-certified memory foam is used to create the Tempur mattress topper. It adapts perfectly to the body’s contours and provides optimal body-hugging comfort. Perfect for those who have found their ideal mattress but need an extra layer of support for their back or like the soft feeling of memory foam but don't want their entire mattress made from it. 

  • How Much Does the Tempur mattress topper cost?

    This is a very expensive sleep accessory, and may well not suit your budget. A Tempur mattress topper retails for  ₹ 48,000, making it one of the most expensive accessories on the market. That isn't to say that this product isn't worth it, as you are getting a long-lasting, incredibly comfortable product. 

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