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Best Cotton Mattresses - India (2023)

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Cotton is India's oldest and most popular material for mattresses and other bedding.

Before the advent of foam, cotton was the only choice for making mattresses in every Indian household.

Cotton mattresses are eco-friendly and do not involve any materials that may harm the environment.

These organic mattresses are comfortable, providing healthy sleep.

Let's look at some popular cotton mattresses in India. 👇

Best Cotton Mattresses in India
Our Favourite

Nivedha Cotton mattress

Nivedha cotton mattress is made from pure organic cotton silk, which makes it hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.

This cotton mattress is light in weight, easily portable, and offers a soft and luxurious feel while sleeping.


The Nivedha mattress is made of pure cotton silk, also known as ilavam panju, which gives you a luxurious feeling while sleeping. 👌

Only natural materials are used to manufacture the mattress, making it hypoallergenic and safe for people with dust allergies.

These mattresses provide a firm base and support to your spine by keeping it in its natural alignment. 

The cotton mattresses offered by Nivedha are free from harmful chemicals or foul odours. 

Relieve stress on your muscle and joints as this mattress heavily compresses your pressure points.

The Nivedha cotton mattress is filled with pure silk fibre.

It's light and feels soft and comfortable. 🤗

Rolled up Nivedha cotton mattress
Image: © Nivedha

You can easily roll or turn your mattress as you like.

These mattresses return to their original shape, making them durable and long-lasting.

However, you must flip the mattress every three months to keep its original shape.



Recyclable and biodegradable

Regulate temperature effectively

Hypoallergenic and water-resistant

Provides proper spinal support


Silk cotton is expensive

Flip every three months to retain the original shape

Takes a few days to expand to its original size

The Ozone cotton mattress is cushy and breathable, making it suitable for hot sleepers.

This lightweight mattress can be easily rolled and twisted. 

Ozone offers a foldable cotton mattress made with natural kapok silk cotton. 

These mattresses feature pocket springs and extra plush for maximum comfort and breathability while you sleep. 

This lightweight and breathable ilavam panju mattress is an excellent choice for students and professionals. 👨🏻‍💼

You can easily roll or turn your mattress, which will return to its original shape when unfolded. 

These cotton mattresses are resistant to moisture and dust mites, giving you a restful night's sleep while protecting you from allergens.

Get proper support for your back and ensure good spinal alignment with the pocket spring core of this mattress.

The Ozone ilavam panju mattress also has a cotton-filled pillow in the package. 🆓

Rolled up ozone cotton mattress
Image: © Ozone

The mattress is rolled and vacuum sealed during shipping to minimise damage.

It can take up to 5 days for your mattress to return to its original height.



Lightweight and portable

Moisture-wicking and allergen resistant

Provides proper spinal support

Pure soft cotton, which is organic and durable


Silk cotton is expensive

Takes up to 5 days to expand to its original size

The pillow isn’t stuffed appropriately

Hybrid Construction

Sleepezee Foldable Cotton mattress

The Sleepezee foldable cotton mattress is soft, comfortable, and easy to travel with.

This cotton mattress is breathable and offers good ventilation and air circulation.

Sleepezee offers a slim, foldable, single cotton mattress that is easy to transport. 🚚

This mattress is made of the best quality soft cotton filling that prevents moisture absorption. 

Suitable for sensitive sleepers this single bed mattress has a non-allergenic cover and is rollable and travel-friendly.

The cotton mattress supports the back and ensures good spinal posture. 

Additionally, these soft and comfortable mattresses are breathable and ensure good air circulation. 

This keeps the mattress cool and is also suitable for hot sleepers

Sleepezee cotton mattress fabric
Image: © Sleepezee

The outer polyester cover of the mattress is specially designed for travelling and is easy to clean. 🧼

You can clean it with dry cotton or a microfibre cloth.

The Sleepezee single-size bed mattress folds three times to make it easier to carry around the house.

Sleepezee has its registered office in Maharashtra and delivers the mattress within 2 days if you stay in Mumbai, Pune, or Bengaluru.



Easy three-fold design

Moisture-wicking material 

Suitable for hot sleepers


Does not offer any warranty

Not as durable as a spring mattress

Does not offer a box-type mattress

Anand Textile Cotton mattress

Anand Textile cotton mattress is comfortable and offers a healthy posture while sleeping.

The mattress is made of pure organic cotton sourced from local farmers, making it hypoallergenic.

Anand Textile offers a high-quality mattress filled with organic cotton sourced from local manufacturers.

These cotton mattresses are super comfortable and provide a healthy posture while sleeping. 😴

Supportive cotton base of this mattress provides the proper support for most body types.

The 4-inch single cotton gadda supports the body without compromising comfort. 

Unlike traditional or low-quality mattresses, Anand Textiles offers a high-quality cover made of organic cotton.

These cotton covers ensure that your bed is comfortable and completely dust free. 

Anand Textile cotton mattress close up
Image: © Anand Textiles

The organic material allows air to circulate, keeping your mattress cooler. 💨

Anand Textile’s cotton mattresses are lightweight, offer orthopaedic support and are affordable.

Amazon delivers the mattress to your door and offers a 10-day return policy.



Made of high-density cotton

Completely foldable and portable

Maintains a healthy spinal posture

Offers a medium-firm feel to the mattress


Does not offer any trial period or warranty

Only suitable for adults

Takiyawala Cotton mattress

The Takiyawala cotton mattress is designed for year-round use, making it a perfect addition to your bedroom.

This mattress is breathable and offers good air circulation, making it perfect for allergic sleepers.

The Takiyawala offers a breathable, cosy, lightweight cotton mattress. 

Available in a multistrip design, this super soft mattress is made from pure organic cotton. 👌

The brand uses the best materials and eco-friendly processes to produce its mattresses.

This affordable cotton mattress has a 100% organic cotton cover with an anti-microbial layer, making it resistant to dust mites. 

It makes the mattress perfect for people suffering from allergies. 

The cotton filling in the mattress makes it breathable and ensures good air circulation. 

Additionally, these mattresses are available in multiple colours and patterns, including black, brown, and maroon checks. 

Close up image of Takiyawala cotton mattress
Image: © Takiyawala

Suitable for hot Indian summers, the Takiyawala cotton mattress ensures ventilation throughout the bed. 🥵

This king cotton mattress is available at third-party retailers like Amazon, which offer a cash-on-delivery option in addition to various deals and coupons.

You can also return the mattress within 10 days directly through Amazon.



Offers a breathable cotton cover

Durable and affordable

Designed for all-season use


Cotton filling of the mattresses may contain other chemicals

Easily flammable

Mattresses are non-responsive to pressure

Great Value For Money

Atoot Fusion Foldable Cotton mattress

Atoot Fusion offers a foldable cotton mattress which is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

This cotton mattress is breathable and supports your back while sleeping.

Atoot Fusion offers a high-quality, comfortable cotton mattress.

These mattresses offer healthy posture and provide a restful night's sleep. 🛌

Organic, pure cotton is sourced from local manufacturers in India and is used to make the filling of the mattress. 

This cotton gadda has a medium firmness level

Lead an environmentally friendly lifestyle by using a mattress made of certified hypoallergenic cotton.

Folded Atoot Fusion mattress
Image: © Atoot Fusion

These cotton mattresses are breathable and allow unrestricted airflow between your skin and the environment. 

Atoot Fusion offers different-size mattresses, including king size, queen size, and double bed, making them suitable for every requirement.

They have partnered with Amazon-recognised sellers and deliver their products directly through the Amazon warehouse. 🚚

All the cotton mattresses offered by the company provides a 30-day warranty as well. 

These mattresses are shipped all over India, including Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

However, these cotton mattresses have loose material and cannot retain the shape of your body.

If you need a mattress that moulds to your body, you should prefer a memory foam mattress.



Handmade and washable

Comfortable and portable

Available in multiple colours

Organic, hypoallergenic filling


Offers a thin mattress

Not suitable for adults on the heavier side

IRA Furniture Cotton mattress

The IRA Furniture offers handmade cotton mattresses that are made without using any chemicals.

The mattress is available in different types of sizes and offers a medium-soft feel.

IRA Furniture offers a cotton mattress filled with high-quality cotton wool. 🐑

This organic cotton is sourced directly from local manufacturers in India.

All mattresses offered by IRA Furniture are handmade and contain no toxic chemicals. 

The cotton mattresses are incredibly comfortable and ensure a healthy spine posture while sleeping. 

Get a medium-soft feel from the mattress as it is layered with high-quality cotton and wool. 

These mattresses are made with pure cotton filling, with the mattress's covers made using a handloom. 

Close up of IRA Furniture cotton mattress
Image: © IRA Furniture

Since the brand has partnered with Amazon, it offers you the option to pay cash once the mattress has been delivered. 💵

The mattress is delivered to your door by a two-person delivery service

If you ordered the wrong size mattress, you could return it within 10 days of delivery.



Handmade cotton mattress

Offers an extra plush feel

Comfortable and portable


Does not offer any warranty

Less effective against back pain

Boriya Bistar Cotton mattress

Boriya Bistar offers a cotton mattress perfect for side, back, and stomach sleepers.

This mattress is built with the best in class craftsmanship and is designed for long-lasting use.

Boriya Bistar offers a 100% organic cotton mattress that is soft and comfortable. 

The filling of these mattresses is tightly compressed in their cover to keep their shape. 📦

These mattresses are suitable for both stomach and side sleepers.

The filling of this mattress supports your back and ensures that it lasts long.

Additionally, this soft mattress is foldable and easy to store. 

close up image of Boriy Bistar cotton mattress
Image: © Boriya Bistar

Cotton gadda offered by Boriya Bistar provides comfort without breaking your budget. 

These mattresses are available in both black and white cotton fillings, designed for long-lasting support.

Boriya Bistar offers a 12-month warranty on its cotton mattresses. 📅

These mattresses are available on Amazon with discounts and coupons and can be delivered to your door.



Foldable and easy to store

Offers better shape retention and back support

Offers a 12-month warranty


Takes time to expand

Less effective against back pain

Puts pressure on your joints

How much does a cotton mattress cost?

Cotton mattresses are much cheaper compared to other mattress materials, such as memory foam or PU foam [1].

Due to the large cotton production in India, the price is lower and available to the masses. 💰

Cotton offers an affordable and budget-friendly mattress range.
Image: © Sleep Hero

However, the cost of a cotton gadda can vary depending on the type of filling.

Cotton mattress prices range from ₹500 to ₹7,000.

The price also varies depending on the size of the mattress.

These mattresses offer you comfort without digging a hole in your pocket.

Some affordable retailers like Atoot Fusion and Anand Textiles also offer great options at affordable prices.

Price Cotton Mattress
Affordable ₹1,499 BUY ANAND TEXTILES MATTRESS₹1,499
Mid-range ₹4,000 BUY OZONE MATTRESS₹4,000
High-end ₹7,000 BUY NIVEDHA MATTRESS₹7,000

Is a cotton mattress right for you?

There's a wide range of mattresses to choose from, but cotton mattresses are generally a good choice for different types of sleepers.

People who're allergic to dust and bacteria might find the natural cotton filling of the mattress very comfortable. 🦠

If you're a hot sleeper or sweat a lot, this mattress could benefit you as it allows air to circulate throughout the bedding.

Let's take a look at why cotton mattresses might be perfect for you.

A good choice for allergic sleepers

A high-quality cotton mattress is made from organic cotton grown from non-genetically modified plants. 🍀

The filling contains no synthetic chemicals, making it perfect for allergic sleepers.

A cotton mattress is naturally hypoallergenic [2].

If you suffer from severe allergies, you should choose a mattress with cotton filling and a cotton cover, like the Nivedha mattress.


A good choice for the environment

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint and are actively looking for environmentally friendly mattresses, mattresses with cotton filling can be your way.

Cotton plants are grown using methods and fertilisers with minimal environmental impact. 🌍

Choosing a cotton mattress can contribute to a greener environment.

A perfect choice for hot sleepers

A mattress with cotton filling could be a good choice if you sweat a lot during sleep.

These cotton mattresses are moisture-wicking and don't absorb heat. 🌡️

Since cotton is a natural, soft material, it allows air to pass through the mattress.

The cotton filling in the mattress keeps it well ventilated and cool.
The cotton filling in the mattress keeps it well-ventilated and cool. Image: © Sleep Hero

This keeps the mattress well-ventilated and cool all night long.

How to wash a cotton mattress?

Cleaning your mattress every six months will keep your bedding fluffy and free of dust and debris.

Let's take a closer look at how to wash your cotton mattress. 👀

Vacuuming your mattress

The first step to cleaning your mattress is vacuuming. 🧹

Vacuuming your mattresses with a wide brush attachment will remove all dust and dead skin layers from the mattress surface.

With the long upholstery nozzle, you can also get into the crevices, edges and piping of your cotton mattress.

Spot clean your stains

If you've vacuumed, you must remove and clean the stains on your cotton mattress.

To do this, you can mix two tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and one tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent.

Dip a toothbrush in this solution and gently scrub the stains on your cotton mattress. 🥄

Once done, you can wipe off the excess cleaner with a wet cloth.

Deodorise your cotton mattress with baking soda

After removing all the stains, it's time to deodorise your mattress. 🌸

Put a few drops of your favourite essential oil in a bowl of baking soda.

Spread this generously over your mattress.

Leave the baking soda on your cotton mattress for at least one hour.

The soda breaks down the acids and absorbs any odours or liquids left over from spot cleaning. 🧂

Use a wide nozzle attachment on the vacuum cleaner to vacuum the mattress and remove the baking soda.

Once the mattress is clean, leave it near a window for a few hours to air out.

Cleaning a mattress every month is simply not practical.

Instead, you can use a cotton mattress protector to protect your mattress and keep it from stubborn stains.

Finding the right cotton mattress protector

To make an organic cotton mattress last longer, it is essential to put a waterproof mattress protector on it.

A good protector will save your mattress from damage caused by accidental spills, cuts, or stains.

Regardless of where you live, dust or mould can accumulate on the surface of your cotton mattress. 🤧

A good quality waterproof mattress protector can prevent this.

Since cotton is easily washable, it's the ideal choice for covering your mattress.

This natural fabric is better than synthetic fibres and is a good conductor of heat.

Here are a few recommendations for cotton mattress protectors from our experts at Sleep Hero.

Our recommended cotton mattress protectors

Which mattress is better - cotton or foam?

Both cotton and foam mattresses are popular choices among mattress buyers.

Cotton versus memory foam mattress.
Image: © Sleep Hero

Everyone needs a bed mattress that suits their body type and gives them a comfortable night's sleep all night long.

Both cotton and memory foam have advantages and disadvantages, but let's look at which mattress suits you better.


Cotton mattresses are made of eco-friendly and biodegradable material. ♻️

The natural filling of these mattresses contains no chemicals and is therefore also suitable for sleepers with allergies.

On the other hand, the foam is made of chemically bonded polyurethane [3] and memory foam.

Cotton mattresses are more suitable for sensitive sleepers compared to foam mattresses.


A cotton mattress has an impressive performance compared to a foam mattress when it comes to breathability.

The cotton fibres can absorb all the body moisture and ensure air circulation.

Foam mattresses, on the other hand, retain most of the heat.

Foam is a dense mattress material that lacks interconnected air channels, making air circulation difficult.

Cotton mattresses are better for hot and sweaty sleepers as they wick away moisture and keep the bed cool throughout the night. 🥵


When it comes to durability, foam mattresses are miles ahead of a mattress filled with cotton.

The high-density memory foam lasts longer and feels more supportive when you sleep.

With thorough care, foam mattresses can last up to 7 years. 📅

Cotton mattresses, on the other hand, quickly become lumpy and lose their shape.

If you keep them clean and flip the mattress every three months, a cotton bed mattress can last up to 5 years.

Orthopaedic support

Compared to cotton, a foam mattress has more effective orthopaedic features.

A foam mattress aligns your spine, supports your back and provides better pressure relief. 😌

Cotton mattresses, on the other hand, lose their height quickly and aren't the best mattresses when it comes to supporting your back.

If you suffer from back pain or strained joints and are looking for a mattress with orthopaedic support, foam mattresses are a better choice.


Compared to foam, cotton mattresses require a little more maintenance.

Since the mattress is filled with natural organic cotton, it sags easily. 🌿

You need to flip the mattress every three months to maintain its height.

Since cotton is a natural fibre, it can attract dust mites or mould over time.

You should use a mattress protector and clean your cotton mattress thoroughly every six months.

On the other hand, foam mattresses are ergonomically designed and easy to care for.

If you're a lazy sleeper and don't mind using a synthetic material, foam mattresses are the best choice for you.

Here are a few foam mattress recommendations from our experts at Sleep Hero.

Our recommended foam mattresses

Should you buy a cotton mattress?

Cotton mattresses are ideal for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

These mattresses are made from organic cotton, making them naturally hypoallergenic.

Cotton mattresses are the perfect choice for you if you're a hot sleeper and sweat profusely while sleeping. 🥵

The breathable filling keeps the mattress cool all night long.

However, these mattresses aren't suitable for everyone.

Cotton mattresses may not be the best choice for you if you suffer from back pain and are looking for orthopaedic support.

Also, these mattresses aren't as durable as foam or latex mattresses.

If you're looking for a high-quality, durable, yet affordable mattress, try IKEA mattresses or Flo mattresses.

Our recommended comfortable mattresses


  • What is a cotton mattress known in Hindi?

    The cotton mattress in Hindi is called a Gadda ( गद्दा ).

  • Is a cotton mattress good for back pain?

    Cotton mattresses aren't naturally firm or responsive in nature. 

    It cannot adapt to the body's curves like other mattress materials. 😔

    Therefore, it's unsuitable for people who suffer from back pain and seek orthopaedic support.

    Moreover, cotton loses its structural shape after a few years, which can increase discomfort.

  • Can cotton mattresses easily catch fire?

    A cotton mattress isn't a suitable fireproof option. 🔥

    Natural or pure cotton catches fire quickly.

    The main difference between cotton and synthetic materials is flame retardancy [4]

    Synthetic materials are naturally flame retardant, i.e. they prevent or slow down the development of fire.

    Cotton mattresses, on the other hand, need to be treated to make them flame resistant.

  • Is a cotton mattress good for health?

    High-quality cotton mattresses contain a filling of pure and organic cotton.

    These mattresses don't contain toxic pesticides or chemicals, which makes them hypoallergenic and good for your health.

    Nivedha cotton mattress is filled with pure cotton silk, also known as ilavam panju, making it hypoallergenic and good for your health. 

  • What is the life of a cotton mattress?

    Cotton mattresses become lumpy and lose their shape easily. 

    If you keep them clean and turn the mattress every three months, a cotton mattress can last up to 5 years. 📅

  • Is a cotton mattress good for a baby?

    The mattress you choose for your baby should be breathable to avoid the risk of suffocation or infection with germs. 👶🏻

    A cotton mattress is perfect for your baby because the natural fibre offers perfect sleeping comfort.

  • Does the cotton mattress expand?

    Since cotton mattresses are tightly packed on delivery, they may be 3 or 4 inches shorter on delivery. 

    A cotton mattress can take up to 5 days to expand and reach its original size.

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