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Best Summer Blanket - India (2023)

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Summer in India is really hot, and warm nights can prevent you from getting good quality sleep. 😴

This is why you need summer blankets or cotton dohar for restful nights.

They are lightweight while combating heat and sweat, but still cosy enough to sleep with.👍

But finding the best AC quilt and the comforter is trickier.

In this blog, we've rounded up the best summer blankets to buy based on quality, comfort, and overall value.

Let's review together!

summer blanket size for single bed


  • Cooling blankets may improve sleep quality for hot sleepers.
  • They prevent night sweats.
  • Cooling blankets for summer are moisture-regulating and breathable.


  • In winter, you need to replace the cotton dohar with a winter quilt.
  • Heavy summer blankets are difficult to wash in a machine.

What’s so special about summer blankets?

  • They offer good quality sleep in summer.
  • They increase the aesthetic appeal of the room.
  • Summer blankets are easy to store and carry.
Our Favourite

Cloth Fusion Reversible AC Comforter for Double Bed

This natural reversible summer blanket is made from 100 percent microfiber.

Compared to the other summer quilts, this AC quilt is lightweight and regulates the temperature very well. It is crafted in a dual shade that can easily hide accidental food stains and marks.

All About the Reversible AC Comforter

Cloth Fusion's reversible AC blanket for summer can be a great option to use in your bedroom.

We love its smooth-to-touch fabric, which makes it the perfect blanket for summer days. 

The hypoallergenic microfiber [1] filling makes it a viable option for users with allergies and sensitive skin. 

Further, it has sewn-through construction, which keeps the down filling at a place, and it won't shift around as you move in sleep. 😴

Another thing that we like about this cooling blanket is its size.

A lightweight and attractive AC quilt for everyday use!

You can comfortably use it with a king-size bed and is suitable for two people. 

The best thing is that it has six loops around the edges that allow you to use it as a duvet cover too. 🙌

Choose from five combinations of shades: ivory and white, teal-light grey, maroon-navy blue, walnut-dark brown, and black-grey.

Buy Cloth Fusion AC Comforter₹1,399


It is the best summer blanket for king-size bed

Its machined stitching offers a great look

This quilt has a decent GSM rating

It is an ideal choice for users with allergies


You can not wash this blanket in washing machine

A bit on the expensive side


Story @ Home Floral Pattern Single Bed Comforter

Get soundless sleep in the hot summer with this super-soft cotton comforter.

This cotton summer blanket offers a perfect mix of design and materials so that it delivers both rustic charm and great comfort.

All About the Cotton Single Comforter

It is one of the best and most lightweight dohar for the summer. 

The outer layer of this cooling blanket for summer is made of 100% cotton, which is super soft and breathable.

Also, the down filling is a mix of cotton [2] and polyester, which makes it a moisture-wicking summer blanket cotton for comfortable sleep.

We love the textured finish that offers a great visual appeal and makes it best for every room in your home. 😍

This single-bed AC comforter is easy to drape on your sofa bed in the living room or guest room. 

Two different designs on either side give a whole new look to your room with a simple turn!

It is easy to wash by hand or in a machine. 

We love the lightweight features that make it a perfect essential as a body cover. ❤️ 

This is available in 4 different colours, so you can find the version that best matches your interior. 

Buy Story @ Home Single Bed Blanket₹899


It is best for a single person

This summer blanket is easy to wash and store

The material of this quilt is skin-friendly and lightweight


It is not suitable for mild winters

It is not suitable for two persons or couples

Made In India

Cloth Fusion AC Blanket for Single Bed

The light, airy AC blanket fleece feels very comfortable and smooth on the skin.

The durable AC blanket for summer is soft to touch and is perfect for overnight sleep. Slip-free, no matter how much you move at night.

All About the AC Fleece Blanket

Are you looking for a thin blanket for summer? 🤔

If yes, then this summer blanket is a great option for you.

It is made of 100% Polyester, and the brushed fabric makes it super soft to use in summer and mild winters. 

Snuggle up in a soft summer fleece at night will make you feel relaxed and comfortable.

We love its wine and charcoal colour and quality material to use in the bedroom or living room as a throw blanket for a sofa bed. 

You can easily wash this blanket in the machine or by hand. 

This cooling blanket for the summer will not shrink or fade after washing and drying.

It's perfect for a king size bed with a blanket size of 60 X 90 Inches or 152 X 229 cm, so use it for naps in the living room or restful sleep in the bedroom. 🛌

Further, it weighs around 1 kg 130 g, which makes it one of the lightest summer blankets on the list. 

Being highly durable, lightweight, and easy to care fabric, this double bed blanket for summer is a perfect choice for cuddling at night. 🙌

You can easily store it in cupboards and can carry it with ease while travelling. 

All in all, it is the best summer blanket for summer and winter.

Buy Cloth House AC blanket₹799


It is lightweight and soft to touch

You can easily wash it in the washing machine

Travel-friendly summer blanket


Not suitable for couples

It is not a good option for people with allergies

Great Value For Money

Blocks of India Cotton King Size Reversible Dohar

Give yourself a special treatment with a hand block king-size AC quilt

Being highly durable and lightweight fabric, it is a perfect choice for snuggling and cuddling on summer nights.

All about the hand-blocked cotton summer blanket

Curl up and relax with the malmal feel of this double bed blanket for summer. 

We consider this a medium, soft, and lightweight summer quilt that is good for all seasons.

Why is cotton a good option? 🤔

Natural fabric like cotton helps with temperature regulation, which makes this the best fit for summer nights. 

The soft material of this cotton dohar keeps you cool in the summer months & warm in the winter months.

The best part is that you can easily wash this cotton dohar for the Summer double bed in the washing machine. 

Each print on this high-quality cotton blanket is made of individually hand-carving wood and printing colours. 

It is a perfect gift for loved ones on occasions like Diwali, Rakhi, and many more. 👍

Available in many shades like grey, blue, pink, green, black, and multi-colour.

Buy Cotton AC Dohar₹2,099


It is best for babies and people with allergies

It is soft to feel and touch

This AC quilt matches rustic interior


It can be quite expensive

You may need to get it dry cleaned from the laundry shop

What are the Different Types of Blankets to Use in Summer?

In India, a variety of summer AC blankets are available in the market.

Let's check out the different types of summer blankets in India:


A comforter is a thick, quilted, fluffy, and light summer blanket to keep you warm in AC.

In simple words, we can say that comforters are a type of duvets without cover.

They are of great use if you sleep in AC rooms in summer. 😴

thin summer blanket for comfortable sleep
White coloured thin summer blanket. Image: © Sleep Hero

Also, you can use comforters during monsoon and pre-winter months.

It is a trendy option to update your bedroom décor with something unique and comfortable to sleep in. 🛌


A quilt is made of many fabric layers that are sewn together for a rich look and comfort.

Its top part is really unique as it is made using a patterned fabric, trending pipeline, and decorative stitching.

Quilts are the perfect addition to modern interiors for comfortable sleep in summer or spring.

Moreover, the inner layer of the quilt is batting, giving the warmth you need in summer while sleeping in AC rooms.

ac quilt for summer
Reversible ac quilt for king-size bed. Image: © Sleep Hero

Also, the down filling of the quilt is of fluffy cotton or wool fibres, but there are quilts with synthetic fibre filling too.

Fleece blankets

These are thin summer blankets that are easy to carry while travelling.

Fleece blankets regulate the body temperature and thus are best to use in summer as well as in mild winters. 👌

Most of them are made of polyester and a blend of fabrics, which makes them soft to touch or feel.

Buy Cloth House AC blanket₹799


Comforters that come with covers are known as duvets.

These are a little warmer than comforters as they have an extra cover layer.

Duvets are an extremely light summer blanket for adults and kids for comfortable sleep.

The filling of these types of summer blankets offers the best insulation, and the covers are made of fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen.



A dohar is an Indian version of a quilt that is made up of three layers of fabric stitched together.

With a luxuriously soft woven cotton cover, it regulates your body temperature and offers you a perfect sleep.

You can shop for a beautiful hand-block printed dohar to match your interior – modern or rustic. 👍

How Much Does a Summer Blanket Cost in India?

Summer blankets in India come in a wide range of prices that can vary between INR 500 to INR 10,000.

The cost of a cooling blanket for summer depends on the size, material, quality, and type of comforter you choose for your room.

For example, the synthetic single bed AC quilt can be easily bought between INR 400 to INR 700. 👍

Also, the queen-size summer quilts start from INR 600 and can range up to few thousand based on quality.

Cost of summer blankets in India. Image: © Sleep Hero

Moreover, if you wish to buy cotton or wool summer blankets, then it may cost you between INR 2000 to INR 1000 for a full-size bed.

Which Blanket is Best for All Seasons in India?

India is a country with a diverse climate [3], and the weather changes in every part of it.

There are summer, monsoon, and winters.

Are you looking for the weighted blanket that fits best all seasons in India? 🤔

If yes, then according to our research and review, we feel cotton, and microfiber comforters are the best versatile blankets for year-round.

Why are cotton blankets best for all seasons?

Cotton is a natural fabric that not only keeps you warm in chilly winters but will also help you with comfortable sleep on hot summer days. ☀️

cotton summer blanket for comfortable sleep
Cotton summer blanket. Image: © Sleep Hero

It absorbs sweat in the summer, and exposes it to the atmosphere for easy evaporation.

Naturally hypoallergenic and durable, cotton summer blankets are easy to care for and are amazing for those with allergies.

Therefore, cotton blanket is undoubtedly your best bet if you're looking for ways to stay warm in AC rooms or in winters. 🙌

Not only sleep pillows and memory foam mattresses, but comforting bed blankets and comforters are important for soundless sleep in summers and winters. 🛌

What's the Difference Between a Comforter and a Summer Blanket?

As mentioned earlier, blankets are made from one layer of fabric, while comforters are made of three layers.

In summer, you can choose anything between a summer blanket and a comforter according to your need.

If you want a warm option to sleep in AC and cold winters, then go for a comforter. 💤

cotton summer comforter for comfortable sleep
Summer dohar for full bed size for comfortable sleep. Image: © Sleep Hero

On the other hand, a cooling blanket is a good option if you are looking for something to use in summer and mild winters.

Basically, comforters and weighted blankets can't really be compared, as they serve different purposes. 🤗

Here is the difference between a summer blanket and a comforter

Summer Blanket Comforter
Fabric It is made with a single layer of fabric like wool and polyester It is made with multiple layers of fabric like cotton, linen, and silk
Warmth A summer blanket is sufficiently warm to use in AC or mild winters Comforters are way warmer than summer blankets
Storage Easy to store Easy to store
Washing Dry clean Dry clean or machine wash depends upon the fabric
Price The price of a summer blanket depends upon its fabric, but the fleece blanket is not expensive as a comforter. The price of a comforter depends upon the material, filling, and quality, so it may cost more than a summer blanket.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best AC Blanket for Summer

Finding the best summer blanket can be a little challenging.

It cannot be too warm, but warm enough to keep you cosy during cool summer nights.

Keep in mind these things before buying the perfect summer blanket.👇


The first thing to focus on when buying the cooling blanket for summer is the fabric.

Choose a summer blanket based on material. Image: © Sleep Hero

There are quite a few common summer quilt fabrics, so choose the one that best suits your needs.


Cotton blankets do not get damaged in repeated washing and are the best option for people suffering from allergies.

Based on the weave, cotton quilts are lightweight and good enough to use in summer.

Buy Cloth House AC blanket₹799


Wool is a natural material, and there are different types of wool, including sheep wool or camel wool, to make summer quilts.

If you want a heavy and warm summer blanket, then wool can be a good option for you.

It provides excellent insulation while allowing moisture to evaporate, which makes it the best summer blanket. 🤗


These days, many synthetic fibres [4] like acrylic, polyester, and microfiber are common for AC quilts in India.

Synthetic summer blankets are warm but often attract a good deal of static electricity and tend to hold onto hair, dust, and lose threads.

Buy Cloth Fusion AC Comforter₹1,399


There are different types of summer blankets, but the standard size of AC quilts in India is 213 x 223 cm or 84 x 88 inches. 👍

Meanwhile, there are also oversized summer blankets, for example, 228 x 254 cm or 93 x 100 inches. People who are taller than 6 feet need this type of longer AC blanket.

summer blanket size for single bed
A person is sleeping with a summer blanket for a single bed Image: © Sleep Hero

The following other sizes of summer blankets are available:

  • Summer single bed blanket 140 x 210 cm/ 55 x 83 inches
  • Summer blanket queen size bed 182 x 152 cm/ 72 x 60 inches
  • Double bed dohar for summer 213 x 223 cm/ 84 x 88 inches
  • Summer blanket king size bed 228 x 254 cm/ 90 x 100 inches

Appearance and layering

Choose the stylish summer blanket to match your interior, home decor, and how you want your bed to look.

AC quilts and dohar comes in various colours and pattern to choose from.

While not necessary, you can layer your favourite bedsheet under the covering for unique decoration purposes.

Or, you can use the comforters with covers as a final top layer on the bed.

Care instructions

Summer blankets for children, households with pets or quilts used by people with allergies need to wash pretty often.

Lightweight dohars and quilts made of cotton, polyester or fleece blankets are machine washable or can be washed by hand.

However, the heavy and thick coverings need dry cleaning as they are difficult to wash at home.

wash ac quilt and summer blanket in machine
Wash summer blanket in washing machine Image: © Sleep Hero

Using a machine to wash a fluffy comforter may flatten the filling or make it lumpy.

So, read the care instructions carefully and buy the dohar blanket for summer that suits your washing needs.

Final Words

Packing away the winter quilt in the summer and swapping it out for a quality summer blanket is a good idea.

AC quilts are specially made for summer to give you a soundless sleep at summer nights.

So, buy the best blanket for summer that fits your needs and budget for a restful sleep all night long. 😴


  • Are 100% cotton blankets warm?

    Yes, 100% organic cotton blankets are warm and are the best option to feel cosy on cool summer nights. 

    Cotton is a breathable material, which is easy to maintain, and this is the reason why it is considered the best material for summer blankets.  

    Cotton blankets are good for night-time sleep and daytime naps in summer. 

    The softness of the material is best for feeling cosy when watching TV or trying to sleep on the mattress.

  • What are the costs of a single bed and double bed dohar in India?

    Single bed dohar in India may cost you around INR 500 to INR 2000 based on which quality you choose. 

    For example, if you want to buy synthetic single bed dohar, you may need to pay between INR 400 to INR 1000. 

    For cotton dohars, you may need to pay a little higher, like INR 700 to 1000 for a single bed dohar.

    Double bed dohar can cost you around INR 1500 to INR 8000. 

  • What are the standard sizes for summer blankets?

    Summer blankets in India come in various sizes, but the standard size is 213 x 223 cm.

    In addition to this, you can get the following sizes for AC quilts in India:

    • Summer single bed blanket 140 x 210 cm
    • Summer blanket queen size bed 182 x 152 cm
    • Summer blanked double bed 213 x 223 cm
  • Can I wash a cooling blanket in the washing machine?

    Yes, you can wash the lightweight blankets or single bed cooling blanket in the washing machine. 

    Follow the comforter's manufacturer tags instructions to select the correct water temperature and cycle settings.

    But, if your cotton summer blanket is heavy, then get it dry cleaned from the laundry shop. 

    It is better to read the washing instruction that comes with the very quilt type you buy for your home. 

  • How often should you wash the AC quilt?

    If there is no pet or small children at your home, then consider washing the comforter four to five times per year.

    Over-washing and drying can damage the fabric and the filling of your summer blanket. 

    But, if you have a pet or children at home, consider washing the dohar two times a month.

    It helps keep the bedding clean while making it best for children or allergic people at home.

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