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Best Coir Mattress - India (2023)

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An unsuitable mattress can worsen your back pain and neck pain.

So, make sure you choose the right mattress for your bed that ensures comfort and back support to help you with a sound sleep.

Are you wondering which mattress fits best for your back pain issues?

If yes, then a coir mattress is the best option for good back support while sleeping.

Here, we have listed our top recommendations for the best coir mattress in India.

So, let’s get started! 👇

coir mattress types

Environmentally Friendly
Environment Friendly
Firmness Level 4.5
Firmness Level 4.5


  • Coir mattresses may improve sleep quality for hot sleepers.
  • It is best for people with back pain issues.
  • Coir mattresses are dust-resistance and best for people with allergies.
  • Coir mattresses are breathable and comfortable to sleep overnight.


  • You may need to change your coir mattress after 5 to 7 years.
  • Coir mattress is difficult to clean compared to other mattresses.

What’s so special about coir mattresses?

  • They are lightweight and best for summers.
  • Coir mattresses are made of 100% natural material.
  • They are best for back pain and neck pain.
  • Coir mattresses are fire-resistant.

Top recommendations for the best coir mattress in India

Our Favourite

Duroflex Orthopaedic Certified Mattress

This Duroflex high-density coir mattress is specially designed for comfort.

It is a dual-side quilted mattress and is best for king-size, queen-size, and double-size beds.

All about the Duroflex Back Magic

Are you looking for a higher degree of back support?

If yes, then Duroflex back magic coir foam mattress is a great option for you.

We love its firmness and thickness, which is specially optimised for better sleep. ❤️

This Duroflex coir mattress is made of high-density coir and rebounded foam that will relax your muscles and offer great back support.

Also, it has a 5-zoned orthopaedic layer, making it the best choice for people with lower or upper back pain [1] issues. 👌

The dense coir layer helps with effective air circulation, which makes this mattress best for all seasons, including summer and winter.

Moreover, the outer quilted fabric of this coir mattress is well-stitched and feels luxurious while sleeping. 🛌🏻

You will also get seven years warranty from the company on this coir bonded foam mattress.

Buy Duroflex Back Magic₹22,775


This coir mattress is available in many size options

Its quilted outer fabric gives a luxurious feel

The mattress is certified by the national health academy

This coir bonded mattress gives the best back support

The company offers decent customer support service


It comes with limited colour options

Great Value For Money

Cozy Coir Heavy Density Coir Mattress

Get relief from back pain and neck pain with this high-quality 100% natural coir mattress.

This cozy coir mattress is made from eco-friendly material and is free from any harsh chemicals, including pesticides.

All about the Cozy Coir Mattress

When you are in search of the best coir mattress for back pain, then nothing can beat the comfort of Cozy Coir Mattress. 🛌🏻

It is a double-quilted mattress made from high-density natural coir to offer you the best sleep at night. 😴

This coconut coir mattress is eco-friendly, contains no chemicals, and is free from any kind of pesticides.

We love its eye-pleasing design and the quilted fabric that gives extra protection to this coconut fibre mattress. 💖

It is one of the best coir mattresses for a comfortable night's sleep.

This high-quality coir mattress keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter, which makes it one of the best mattresses for all seasons. 🙌

The company offers a warranty of two years against manufacturing defects, which is less or negligible.

Buy Cozy Coir Mattress₹12,441


This coir and foam mattress is available in different size options

It is very comfortable to use in both summer and winter

This coir mattress comes with an eye-pleasing design

You can customize the mattress size based on your needs

Comes with two years of warranty against manufacturing defects


The warranty period is less compared as compared to other coir mattress providers

Made In India

Sleepwell Extra Firm Coir Mattress

This coir mattress has a bit of a bounce and a quality fabric cover to match your home décor.

This medium-firm coir mattress offers the best back support and extra comfort for all sleeping positions.

All about the Sleepwell Coir Mattress

Restful sleep requires the right choice of mattresses like this Sleepwell coir mattress.

Those who prefer the medium-firm and looking for the best mattress for back pain will love this coir bed. ✨

This coconut mattress has an air-mesh fabric that makes it best for blood circulation and improves back pain.

The best part is that you can use this mattress during summer and winter.

We love the rubberised coir mattress that absorbs moisture and gives it a perfect firmness for comfortable sleep. 😴

Also, the highest-quality rubberised coir ensures that the Sleepwell mattress maintains its shape.

This coir bed mattress is eco-friendly and safe for kids as well as for adults. 😊

It is made up of a natural coir husk, which is then transformed into a dense layer of coir to create a comfortable mattress for you.

Moreover, the top layer of this coir mattress Sleepwell is perfectly knitted for an overall fantastic feel and comfort. 🤩

Sleepwell also offers a one-year warranty on this product.

Buy Sleepwell Coir Mattress₹8,000


This coir mattress is made of multiple layers

It is very comfortable to sleep overnight in all seasons

The material is perfectly breathable

The mattress is very soft to sleep


Short warranty

Hybrid Construction

Sunidra Orthopedic Coir Mattress

Long-lasting, breathable and flexible coir will provide great comfort to you while sleeping.

Sleep comfortably on this medium-firm coir mattress.

All about the Sunidra® Orthopedic Coir Mattress

This is a certified natural orthopaedic coir mattress you can buy for your bedroom or guestroom. 👍

It is the best coir foam for healthy sleep as it offers great lumbar support and spinal alignment.

The best part is that the company has not used harmful chemicals and hazardous chemicals while making this coir mattress.

You will love to sleep on this super-soft coir mattress. 🥳

We love that this premium quality mattress is made with rubberized coconut coir [2] for enhanced back support along with memory foam.

Further, it comes in four multilayers that offer a great cushioning barrier between your body and the support core for a cosy sleep. 🛌🏻

We love the top design of this mattress, which makes it best for all rooms in your home.

The company offers a two-year warranty with amazing customer support.

Buy Sunidra® Coir Mattress₹9,791


This Mattress is a good choice if you have pressure points in your body

It generates no noise when your take turns in sleep

This coir mattress offers great support for sleeping in any position

Being an anti-dust mattress, it is a good choice for people with allergies


This Mattress is made of memory foam and is sensitive to changes in temperature

What are the benefits of a coir mattress?

Most people ignore the fact that the mattress plays an important role in their overall health and well-being.

A good coir mattress can provide a comfortable and sound sleep that makes you feel healthy and fresh all day long.

Are you wondering what a coir mattress is? 🤔

Well, the mattress, which is made of high-density coconut fibre, is known as a coir mattress. ✨

Following are some of the benefits of the coir sleep mattress.


Coir kurlon mattresses or other coir mattresses are made of natural fibres obtained from coconut.

It means these mattresses are 100% eco-friendly and free from any harmful chemicals. 🥳

coir mattress layer
Thick coir mattress with white cover and layers of coir. Image: © Sleep Hero

So, a coir mattress is a good option for people with allergies or skin problems.

Buy Sleepwell Coir Mattress₹8,000


A coir mattress is made of a mesh of coconut coir that helps in air circulation, which gives rise to its hygroscopic nature.

These coconut mattresses not only absorb your sweat while sleeping on it, but also absorb the moisture from the air around them. 😊

Hence the mattress remains moisture-free, which makes it best suited for people with skin issues. 😴

Resistant to dirt and dust

The best coconut coir mattress resists dirt and dust.

It offers anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties.

Thus, a rubberised coir mattress keeps moths, bacteria, and other disease-causing germs at bay. 🤗

Having said all of this, we are sure you know the benefits of the coir mattress and will choose the best one for your home. 👍

What is the cost of a coir mattress in India?

You can choose the coir mattress from a wide choice of mattress options having diverse price ranges.

A good coir mattress costs anywhere between INR 5,000 to INR 30,000.

Coir mattresses out of this range are also available in the market.

cost of coir mattress
Choose the coir mattress based on price. Image: © Sleep Hero

The cost of the coir mattress in India depends on these factors: 👇

Quality and cost of the materials

The cost of materials like mattress top cover, foam quality, and coir density impacts the overall price of the coir mattress.

For example, if you are in the market to buy a 100% coir mattress for a double bed, then you may get it between INR 4,000 to INR 10, 000 price. 😊

On the other hand, a coir mattress made from layers of foam and coir can cost you between INR 8,000 to INR 20,000.

The coir mattresses made from premium materials naturally come at a higher price.

Delivery and shipping cost

When you order a coir mattress online, you may need to pay for shipping charges.

This may increase the cost of the mattress.

But, often, the cost of transporting and delivering the ortho coir mattresses is in its final price.

coir mattress two man delivery
Two man delivery will keep your mattress safe. Image: © Sleep Hero

Two-man delivery ensures safe delivery of your coir mattress.

Brand value

The cost of a coir mattress also depends upon the brand of the mattress.

For example, if you buy a coir mattress from a local brand, it costs you less as compared to purchasing a coir mattress from Kurlon, Sleepwell, etc.

When you shop for quality coir mattresses from reputed brands, they last for years.

Things to consider when buying a coir mattress

Want to have good quality sleep?

The coir mattresses are the best choice for a more breathable and cool sleep.🙌

But, sometimes selecting the best coir mattress for home become challenging.

We have listed the points that you need to consider before buying a coir mattress for your bed.👇


It is one of the most important things that you should consider when buying the coir mattress online or offline.

No matter how thick and well-constructed the coir mattress is, it is of no use if it can’t help you with back pain. 🛌🏻

Make sure you buy the coir mattress that comes with special features and offers comfort for different sleeping positions.

So go through reviews to check the comfort level of the coir mattress, or ask the shopkeeper for every detail you want to know about it.👍

Buy Sunidra® Coir Mattress₹9,791

Mattress size

Another factor that you should not miss when buying a coir mattress is the size of the bed and the mattress.

coir mattress size selection
Choose the coir mattress size based on bed size. Image: © Sleep Hero

Make sure you buy the mattress that fits properly to your bed size. These are some standard sizes of mattresses: 👇

  • Coir mattress single bed - 90x190 cm (35x75 inches)
  • Coir mattress queen size - 120x190 cm (47x75 inches)
  • Coir mattress king size - 150x200 cm (60x78 inches)
  • Coir mattress double bed size - 135x190 cm (53x75 inches)


Make sure you buy the best coir mattress that can last for years.

If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting coir bed, then you should go for the rubberised coir mattress.

It is because the rubberised coir mattress is much better than 100% coconut coir beds in terms of durability. 🤩

Buy Rubberised Coir Mattress₹9,286


Check if the coir mattress that you are planning to buy is anti-allergic or not.

Make sure you buy the best coir mattress in India that is anti-allergic and free from any harsh chemicals.


Last but not least, buy the coir mattress that falls under your budget. 🤔

It is better to check the coir mattress price list and then buy the one that suits your needs and budget.

Is a coir mattress better than a spring mattress?

Are you wondering which is better – a spring mattress or a coir mattress?

If yes, then here is everything you need to know about the two mattresses.

Spring mattress

Spring mattresses are made of high-quality stainless-steel springs wrapped in a layer of foam and fabric. ✨

spring mattress layers defined
Spring mattress can be a good option for your bed. Image: © Sleep Hero

There are further two types of spring mattresses that are open coil and pocket spring mattresses.

Some people may get benefit from these mattresses, but many are worried about their noise or bounce when they move on the bed.

It is a good mattress type, but it may not be suitable for people with back pain. 🛌🏻

Coir mattress

As discussed earlier, the coir mattress is made from natural coconut fibre which makes it an anti-allergic mattress for you.

Also, this mattress offers medium-firm support to the back and is best for people with back pain issues.

Pure coconut coir mattress has a life span of around 5 years, and if you buy the rubberised coir mattress, it can last longer. 🙌

In addition to this, it stays cool in hot summers as the coir absorbs moisture.

Spring mattress Coir mattress
  • These mattresses have more bounce
  • These mattresses don’t have much bounce
  • Steel springs can get damaged over time
  • There are no steel springs in coir mattresses
  • Spring mattresses are available in different sizes
  • Coir mattresses are available in different sizes
  • These mattresses can be soft and not fit for back pain
  • These mattresses are medium-firm and fit for back pain
  • They do not absorb the moisture
  • They absorb the moisture and are best for summers

How long does a coir mattress last?

Coir mattresses have a lot of advantages, and one of them is that they can last up to 5 years and more.

These mattresses are made of 100% natural coconut fibre and can have a lifespan of 5 to 7 years. 🤗

How long your coir mattress will last entirely depends on the quality of your mattress and your usage.

If the coir mattress is exposed to water, it may get damaged easily, which will affect its lifespan.

In the market, there are different variants of coir mattresses available that you can buy.

But, being a firm mattress, it needs proper maintenance and care, including ventilation, sunlight, etc.

Properly cared coir and foam mattresses can last up to 10 years too. 👍

Should you buy coir mattress?

Coir mattress offers many health benefits and is best for back pain.

If you are looking for a firm mattress that helps you with lower or upper back pain, then you can buy a coir mattress for your home. 👍

Make sure you check the quality and the reviews of the coir mattress before investing in it.


  • Which brand is best for a coir mattress?

    You can buy a coir mattress of any brand that suits your pocket.

    In India, brands like Duroflex, Nilkamal, Sleepwell, and Kurlon are considered the best mattress brands.

    So, you can buy Nilkamal coir mattresses, Sleepwell coir mattresses, and many more.

    Further, you can choose any mattress from our list based on our reviews.

  • Is a coir bed good for health?

    Being eco-friendly, the coir mattress is best for health.

    It is especially good for people with back pain and neck pain.

    The coir mattress comes with a natural spring quality that makes it best for modern homes and hotels.

  • How do you clean a coir mattress?

    Put the coir mattress in the sunlight twice a year to clean it.

    Never use a wet cloth to clean the coir mattress, but you can use the dry duster to shed dust particles from it.

    Further, to remove the stains from the coir mattress, use a soft sponge with a small amount of carpet shampoo dissolved in warm water.

    Make sure you do not rub the coir with a hard brush.

  • Does a coir mattress generate heat?

    No, a coir mattress doesn’t generate heat.

    It has gaps that allow heat to escape, and therefore, the coir mattress remains cool in summer.

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