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Best Latex Mattresses In India (2022)

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Latex is derived from rubber. It is a natural material of high quality, leveraged to create natural latex mattresses.

Several mattresses also make use of synthetic latex or, in some cases, a mix of both.

Typically, latex mattresses demonstrate good point elasticity and they are extremely comfortable - specifically for those who sleep on their side.

This article will look at everything you need to know about latex mattresses, along with a few of our own recommendations of the best latex mattresses available in India.

Latex Mattresses


  • The mattresses are soft and very comfortable.
  • They adapt perfectly to your body shape and relieve pressure points.
  • Great for those who like to sleep on their side.
  • Long-lasting mattresses that have a good lifespan.
  • Easy to move around on, which makes it perfect for restless sleepers.
  • Allows for a warmer sleep, which works well for those who enjoy a cosy environment.
  • As it exhibits low motion transfer, it is great for couples.
  • Preferred by those with back and neck pain.
  • A hypoallergenic choice that's great for people with allergies, although one must look out for latex allergies.
  • Latex mattresses using natural materials are environmentally friendly.


  • For heavy sweaters, the warmer sleep may be undesirable.
  • Must be cleaned and turned frequently.
  • Slightly on the expensive side.
  • Quite heavy.

Composition of latex mattresses

Latex mattresses may be manufactured using natural latex, synthetic latex, or both.

Several latex mattresses are also made up of multiple layers, such as a latex layer combined with an extra layer of cold foam, memory foam, or comfort foam.

The result is a completely different sensation while lying down.

Natural latex mattresses

Natural latex is obtained from rubber trees and is a material that has been in use for several centuries.

Latex mattresses using natural latex are environmentally friendly, although they are costly.

There are two common types of latex, Dunlop Latex and Talalay Latex.

They are very similar, and the difference is merely in the manufacturing process, though Dunlop is generally considered even more durable than Talalay.

Synthetic latex mattresses

Synthetic latex was first created in 1909.

Several mattresses today combine natural and synthetic latex.

The properties offered by synthetic latex mattresses are similar to pure natural latex mattresses, but they are much cheaper.

However, they often smell too much like rubber and are not environmentally friendly.

100% latex mattresses

Any latex mattress that a company tags as 100% latex does not indicate that 100% natural latex is used.

The guidelines have outlined that a 100% latex mattress merely has to contain 85% latex. But that latex must be 100% natural latex.

The rest of the mattress, barring the latex, is made up of filler material.

latex foam

Latex mattress

Is a latex mattress the right mattress for you?

Latex mattresses, regardless of their composition, are great for an array of people.

No matter your age, weight, and preferred sleeping position, you will notice that latex mattresses are quite comfortable.

Great for those dealing with back and neck pains

If you are dealing with orthopaedic problems, you will enjoy a latex mattress.

Latex is very point-elastic and it relieves pressure well.

It permits your muscles to completely relax as you sleep and provides adequate support, which ensures you enjoy enough rest.

Good for restless sleepers

When compared to memory foam mattresses, restless sleepers find latex mattresses to be more comfortable.

The reason is that latex does not demonstrate a distinctive memory imprint, and, hence, it is easier to move around on the mattress.

Ideal for those prone to allergies

Dust mites don’t survive in latex mattresses and, hence, they are great for people prone to allergies.

Unfortunately, a lot of people are allergic to latex.

A few latex mattresses are equipped with extra foam layers and covers, while the latex forms the core.

The result is that such mattresses are suitable even for those suffering from a latex allergy.

In case you have severe allergies, though, we recommend avoiding latex mattresses.

Natural latex is an organic choice

If you value an organic lifestyle and the environment in general, you can consider a natural latex mattress.

Since natural latex is harvested from renewable rubber trees (Hevea brasiliensis), the environmental impact is negligible.

Natural latex mattresses do not contain harmful chemicals or toxins.

Ensure that you find certified organic and certified natural latex mattresses.

Perfect choice for those who do not mind some extra work

It can be slightly challenging to maintain a latex mattress.

If you want a mattress that’s easy to maintain, it is best to keep looking as latex mattresses must be cleaned and turned frequently.

However, as they are quite heavy, the process is slightly challenging.

Therefore, latex mattresses are not recommended for the elderly or anyone struggling with moving or lifting.

Criteria that must be considered when buying a latex mattress

Many parameters must be considered if you are planning to purchase a latex mattress.

Is there someone in your family with a latex allergy?

Typically, latex mattresses are great for those with allergies.

This point does not include latex allergies, which are pretty common.

In case that is prevalent in your household, you must avoid latex mattresses.

Are you or your partner heavy sweaters?

Latex foam mattresses tend to create a cosy sleeping environment.

This is an advantage for people who feel cold at night.

But, for people who sweat easily, the latex mattress could be too warm, specifically in summers.

If you’ve faced problems like this, we recommend a mattress with an open-pored cell structure.

These mattresses exhibit better ventilation.

However, if you sweat profusely, we recommend a spring mattress.

These offer much greater airflow and are more breathable, resulting in a cooler sleep.

Apt degree of firmness

Typically, latex mattresses are slightly on the softer side and are great for a host of sleeping positions.

However, if you are slightly heavier, a firmer mattress may be better suited for you. The same applies to back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

It is best to consider going for some other kind of mattress altogether, such as a spring mattress, which is typically more firm.

Lightweight people and those who sleep on their side will prefer a softer mattress, and, thus, a latex mattress is great for them.

Several latex mattresses are offered in various degrees of firmness so they can align with your personal preferences.

How long-lasting are latex mattresses?


In fact, they are among the most long-lasting mattresses available on the market.

However, it is crucial to focus on the mattress's overall quality before you make a purchasing decision.

And, as with any mattress, pay attention to the warranty conditions to ensure that you can return your mattress should anything go wrong.

Focus on the density

One crucial aspect that helps dictate any mattress lifespan is its density.

In simple terms, density describes the amount of material that is foamed in a cubic metre.

A high-density value denotes that the foam layers used are high-quality and that the latex mattress has a long lifespan.

Ensure that the density value is greater than 40 kg/m³.

However, excellent latex mattresses tend to demonstrate much higher figures.

The below table can be used as a reference if you want to understand the relationship between density and durability.

Density Approximate lifespan
up to 25 2 years
30 3 years
35 5-6 years
40 6-8 years
50-60 10 or more years

In which sizes are latex mattresses available?

Latex mattresses are offered in every standard mattress size.

Standard Indian mattress sizes include:

  • Single-size mattresses: 91 x 183 cm (36" x 72") [3'0" x 6'0"]
  • Double-size mattresses:122 x 183 cm (48" x 72”) [4'0" x 6'0"]
  • Queen-size mattresses: 152 x 183 cm (60" x 72”) [5'0" x 6'0"]
  • King-size mattresses: 183 x 183 cm (72” x 72”) [6'0" x 6'0"]

Obviously, based on the manufacturer, they may also be available in custom sizes.

For couples, it is recommended not to go for any size smaller than double, as there won’t be adequate space for both people to sleep.

Based on your bed and your room’s size, it is best if you can go for a wide latex mattress.

Indian mattress sizes

How do I clean a latex mattress?

Ideally, always opt for a latex mattress that is provided with a removable and machine-washable cover.

The majority of the removable covers are equipped with zippers and, hence, it is very easy to take the cover off and put it back on again.

As a result, washing your cover becomes very easy, and your mattress always remains neat and clean.

Obviously, it is recommended to incorporate a mattress protector as well as a sheet.

This way, you will be able to protect your mattress from stains, spills, sweat, and more.

In case a stain seeps through the cover, it is recommended to use a little natural liquid soap combined with water and wash the stain using a white cotton cloth.

Ensure that the mattress dries properly.

You can also read our full guide on cleaning foam mattresses.

Picking the right slatted frame for your latex mattress

When you are purchasing a slatted frame for your latex mattress, the following must be considered:

Height-adjustable slatted frames

Latex mattresses tend to be very flexible. Hence, it is recommended to choose a slatted frame that is height-adjustable.

Adjustable head and foot sections provide better flexibility and comfort while enhancing blood circulation.

As a result, breathing becomes easier, specifically for the elderly.

An electric slatted frame is also a great option.

You can also opt for a rigid slatted frame.

Small slat distance

It is recommended to opt for a maximum spacing of 5 cm between slats.

Which mattress topper can I use with my latex mattress?

Obviously, a mattress topper created using latex is the best option for a latex mattress.

With latex mattress toppers, the lying comfort is enhanced, along with elasticity and bounce.

That does not mean you cannot opt for any other high-quality mattress topper.

Alternatives to latex mattresses

In case latex mattresses don’t seem like something you would like, we also have a list of alternatives,

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are renowned for their memory imprint.

In other words, upon applying pressure, the foam turns softer, enabling the body to create an imprint.

Since it is very adaptable and relieves pressure to a large extent, memory foam is typically preferred for orthopaedic purposes.

Memory foam adapts easily. It curves up to align with the shape of your body and offers a unique sensation when sleeping.

However, it is quite challenging to move on this mattress while sleeping, and, hence, it is not ideal for restless sleepers.

Memory foam retains body heat to create a cosy environment when you sleep.

Memory foam imprint

Memor foam mattress

Innerspring mattresses

The primary difference between a latex mattress and a spring mattress lies in temperature regulation.

When compared to latex mattresses, spring mattresses are very cool.

Hence, they are great for people who sweat a lot or do not enjoy a warm sleep.

The gaps between springs create ventilation channels that allow for better airflow, ensuring body heat isn’t stored and cooling down the mattress.

Typically, spring mattresses are relatively firm and result in better stability.

Thus, they are great for sleepers who are of heavier weight or usually sleep on their backs or stomachs.

Ensure that whatever spring mattress you decide to go with is of good quality.

Otherwise, you will find that the mattress wears out very quickly, and it will begin to show dents, which can lead to back pain.

High-quality innerspring mattress models are pocket spring mattresses or barrel pocket spring mattresses.

Hybrid mattresses are also a great alternative, as they combine pocket springs with high-quality memory foam.

Such mattresses demonstrate both materials’ benefits to provide an extremely comfortable sleeping experience.

Innerspring mattress

Pocket sprung mattress

Cold foam mattresses

Cold foam mattresses demonstrate properties that are similar to latex mattresses.

They are adaptable and are typically recommended for orthopaedic purposes.

To enhance ergonomic properties, specific comfort zones are frequently assigned.

Moreover, they are great for restless sleepers.

Both latex mattresses and cold foam mattresses offer a warmer sleep and a soft sleeping surface.

Cold foam mattresses

Cold foam mattress with zones

Gel foam mattresses

Gel foam mattresses demonstrate high point elasticity and high comfort levels.

They also provide good ventilation, which results in a cooler sleep.

Movement is still facilitated easily by a gel foam mattress, and, thus, it is a good choice for restless sleepers.

Gel foam mattress topper

Gel foam mattress


Latex mattresses are a great choice for several types of people.

They are great for those who enjoy softer mattresses, a warmer sleep, and those who are in search of orthopaedic support.

They can also work well for couples and restless sleepers.

Natural latex mattresses tend to be environmentally-friendly.

That said, if you are a heavy sweater or do not have enough time to maintain a mattress, we do not recommend latex mattresses.

They are also on the expensive side and are not ideal for those on a budget.

Frequently asked questions

  • Are latex mattresses any good?

    If you opt for high-quality latex mattresses, you will definitely enjoy a comfortable sleep.

    Moreover, latex mattresses that use natural latex are environmentally friendly.

  • Do latex mattresses offer a warm sleep?

    Yes, latex mattresses do offer a warmer sleep. Thus, they are great for those who feel cold easily.

    But, heavy sweaters ought to avoid latex mattresses.

    For those who enjoy a cooler sleep, an innerspring mattress or a hybrid mattress is a better alternative.

  • Are latex mattresses safe?

    Either natural or synthetic latex can be used to create latex mattresses. Sometimes, both of them are used as well. 

    They are also typically used in juxtaposition with other foams.

    If you want to go for natural latex mattresses, find those that are certified organic.

    Such mattresses are essentially free from harmful chemicals and toxic substances.

    Latex mattresses are great if you are prone to allergies.

    However, you must be sure that you or your partner do not have latex allergies.

    Latex is highly flammable, though, and many mattresses contain fire retardants to counteract this. Some mattresses, especially natural latex mattresses, only feature a fire-proof cover as protection. 

  • Are latex mattresses comfortable?

    Since the latex material perfectly adapts to the body’s contours, it is extremely comfortable

  • Do latex mattresses help with back pain?

    As latex perfectly adapts to the body’s curves, it offers sufficient pressure relief. 

    Thus, they work very well for back and neck pain.

    Typically, latex mattresses are preferred for orthopaedic purposes

  • Are latex mattresses good for side sleepers?

    Yes, they are great for those who like sleeping on their side as they are usually soft.

    With this mattress, heavy parts of the body, including the hips, tend to sink in more deeply and, thus, allowing for optimal spinal alignment.

    This prevents aches and pains.

  • Where can I buy latex mattresses?

    You can buy latex mattresses at standard brick-and-mortar retailers and online outlets, such as Amazon or Flipkart.


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