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Durfi Original Mattress Review - India (2022)

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Last updated: 07.01.2022 6 Min.

A new brand, Durfi, promises to become the best mattress to help ease any back pain you may be experiencing and give you a great night's sleep.

Claiming to be more than just a mattress, you’ll never have to worry about back pain affecting your sleep again.

If you’re considering the Durfi mattress but need some help to make that final decision, then we are here to help.

Our buying guide is here to make sure you can spend less time choosing and more time sleeping 😴.

Durfi orthopeadic memory foam mattress review


  • A brand with back support as a priority
  • Multiple layers ensuring comfort and durability
  • Dense Ortho Foam
  • Well-made, premium materials
  • Great customer service and support
  • Affordable price point


  • Packaging could be improved slightly

What is Durfi?

Being a new brand, Durfi has a lot to prove in this market.

Many memory foam mattresses promise to improve your back pain and give you a restful sleep. So, Durfi has had to do something to separate themselves from the competition.

The Durfi original is a product that does exactly that. Using several layers of material and a focus on becoming the best mattress for the Indian back, Durfi has risen to the top of the Indian mattress market with their ortho support mattresses.

By going entirely online, Durfi has used its resources wisely to create scientifically proven, thoroughly tested quality products for orthopaedic and health concerns.

There is a range of sizes on offer, from a single up to a king-size, which ensures a mattress size for everyone.

Creating an ethos to solve back pain: Durfi has crafted medically supported, unique products for their customers since they launched.

Its products use as many natural and healing materials as they can, and Durfi manufacture mattresses in India.

Durfi have brought out more products alongside the continued success of its original offering, such as experimenting with the unique idea of using hemp seed oil in mattresses for a night of healing sleep 🛌.

Using hemp seed oil this way is a first for the Indian marketplace and proves Durfi is willing to do something different, but always offer the best to its customer and ensure they get the best product for their health.

Why you should choose Durfi

The Durfi mattress is the best, high-quality option in India if you suffer from back pain and discomfort whilst you sleep.

Durfi has crafted this product to ensure your back is well-supported and protected all night, every night.

Instead of using a material like latex, Durfi has crafted a mattress that gets the best out of memory foam.

Memory foam already has contouring properties, which should offer support to your back as the foam hugs and supports the sleeper. Durfi have made 'cotton candy memory foam' for the softest possible support.

This memory foam acts as the cushion and provides support but is not the only factor that will support your back.

Durfi has designed a multi-layered orthopaedic mattress that is not only firm but breathable, anti-skid, and supportive.

This mattress has everything you could want from a cotton candy memory foam mattress using seven layers.

Covered with a quilted high GSM spun antibacterial fabric, removing the need for a mattress protector, which focuses on removing dust mites and getting a good night's sleep.

The memory foam sits on top of a high resilience layer, preventing sagging and retaining the mattress's longevity.

There is also a dense layer of Ortho foam made specifically with back support in mind to give this mattress a unique comforting property.

This orthopaedic foam differs from the memory foam of the other layer as it gives your back that extra firm supports it needs and begins to realign your spine to get you back to how you want to feel.

With this layer, Durfi has made itself one of the best brands to consider when choosing a mattress.

The layer uses leading technology and ethical materials for a perfect nights sleep where all you will need to worry about is your sleeping position. Durfi’s materials are some of the best on the market to consider, and there is little competition at this price range.

The layer is entirely made of mercury and lead to ensure the cleanest and highest quality possible and focuses only on materials that will support you and your sleep.

A good deal of air circulation is present around the mattress; so warm sleepers have a great option.

As the mattress uses motion isolation, you will benefit from zero partner disturbance.

The Durfi feels high quality to sleep on with its ergonomic support and durability regardless of weight.

Great comfort with Durfi

Durfi have the comfort and usability of its products at the core of the brand, and as a result, their mattresses are proven to be comfortable.

When tested, we found this mattress to be firm on our scale, with a great level of general comfort for sleepers.

The Durfi original targets people experiencing issues with their back and waking up in pain or discomfort so it provides a great level of support for those who sleep on their side and back.

As Durfi use cotton candy memory foam, it is not a foam that you will sink into. However, it is comforting and provides a good contour around the body for the hugging properties you often want from a memory foam mattress.

There should be no issues with discomfort when choosing the Durfi original, and each of its layers is both purposeful and comforting, and of course built to last for the continued support of the back, long after its purchase.

The best mattress for the Indian back

Aside from being incredibly comfy, there are many more orthopaedic benefits with this mattress.

The ortho foam that Durfi has used in this mattress allows it to be a strong competitor in the market.

Designed to be the best mattress for the Indian back, this mattress has won the approval of many physicians and doctors 🧑‍⚕️ to earn its reputation.

Sat at the middle of the mattress, this ortho foam layer is dense and absorbing enough to take the pressure of whatever you throw at it. Meaning it will always bounce back and contour to your shape and support exactly where you need it to.

Durfi Original composition

The composition of your mattress is fundamental in how you sleep and the firmness of your mattress.

As a mattress with several layers and zones in its manufacturing process, there is a lot more to the product than simple foam. Encased in a hypoallergenic fabric: the foam only makes up the first layer of the product.

Below the memory foam layers, the ortho foam comfort helps to reinforce the back and keep it in a good shape as you sleep.

This foam is what makes the product so great for the back, and you should notice the feeling when you wake up every morning.

Whilst this is not the softest material, making for a firmer product overall, there are plenty of benefits to having the ortho foam support the memory foam.

Furthermore, the ortho foam is encased between two layers of a high resilience material, which helps keep the mattress in shape for longer and mean that whatever you throw at it in terms of weight, the mattress will remain durable.

The Durfi mattress is clearly constructed very well, with the back in mind. We saw no issues with the composition of the product whilst testing, and the original is a very well-crafted mattress, that will support your back and relieve tension in your pressure point.

Affordable price

Durfi, being an incredibly innovative Indian brand, using only the best materials for the customers back- manage to keep their products affordable 💰.

The Durfi original is at an excellent price point for the level of materials and the well-crafted product you are getting. Furthermore, the company also offer a great selection of ways to pay, including a no-cost EMI, meaning you can pay over time without any extra payments.

Durfi also frequently will do promotions and sales, taking as much as 30% off your purchase.

It is a sign that Durfi truly cares about the quality of its customers' sleep, wanting to make these mattresses affordable and accessible regardless of budget.

Premium quality

As expected from a mattress with great orthopaedic quality, there is no questioning that the Durfi original has been made with only the best materials.

Being the best mattress for the Indian back, Durfi has specially selected and tested for several years to find the best mattress they can offer.

The result is a memory foam mattress that uses several materials from the base layer to the top.

It is not too soft to be uncomfortable for some sleepers, but still provides a great degree of comfort to everyone who needs it.

Customer service and experience

When buying a product online, you often may have some questions. Durfi is more than aware of this and has a customer helpline 📞 that is displayed for the customer.

With a ten year warranty, if your mattress breaks down before it should, Durfi is there to help you and make sure you get the best sleep.

If you prefer to speak to a live chat service, then Durfi has this also through WhatsApp.

Meaning you can ask any questions through text if you prefer. Response times are relatively fast, and the team was more than happy to answer even the most simple questions.

Durfi also has an Experience centre in Bengaluru. Open seven days a week; this centre gives you the chance to try out the mattress before making the purchase, making it a great alternative to brands who operate online and do not have a service such as this.

The brand recommends calling ahead of your visit to the experience centre to plan and have your mattress selection available to test. This is brilliant if you like several products from Durfi, or you are unsure if the mattress is for you.

As well as this, Durfi has set up a rewards platform, which gives customers some money back in various gift cards when they purchase Durfi. Some of the gift cards are available to redeem at Amazon and Uber, another great reason to choose Durfi.

Other products by Durfi

Besides other mattress types, such as the dual comfort and hybrid mattress, Durfi offers a good deal of sleep-related products.

These include the Dr Pillow. A dual-sided product including a hard side for those who like to rest firm and a soft side for those who want to sink into their pillow like a cushion.

Durfi's mattress topper comes in both soft and firm. Meaning you can add another layer to your mattress or give it some softness or firmness. Both toppers use airflow technology, and the firm product will provide your spine with some relief as it uses the same fibre technology as Durfi’s mattresses.


Durfi is a very intriguing brand, doing some innovative things with the mattress market and revolutionising the way we think about orthopaedic mattresses.

As an affordable product, the way this is designed is excellent, and a great deal of craftsmanship and materials go into each mattress. Along with a great manufacturer warranty of ten years: this is a fantastic brand to buy from.

Durfi is proving to be a reliable, friendly and exciting brand to purchase from and one that is worth the investment for a good night's sleep.


You can contact Durfi via email at sales@durfi.com. There is also the option to call or message with WhatsApp at +91 8588879585

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the Durfi Original a good mattress?

    Yes. Durfi is a great mattress for the Indian back and will give great memory foam based support. 

  • Is Durfi a pocket spring mattress?

    No, Durfi uses memory foam and ortho foam for a great deal of comfort for the back. The comfort foam is incredible for the back and is far comfier than something like a coir mattress.  

  • Is Durfi good for the back?

    Whilst brands like Sleepyhead and Wakefit are making orthopaedic mattresses. Durfi have specially designed this mattress for the back, making it the ideal option. 

  • Is this a hybrid mattress?

    No, the durfi original is a memory foam mattress with ortho foam, that supports the back.

    Durfi does offer a hybrid mattress. 

  • Does the Durfi Original use gel memory foam?

    No, the Durfi uses ortho foam and a high-density medium firmness cotton candy memory foam for medium-soft support for the back. 

  • Do I need a mattress cover?

    No. Because of the high GSM fabric of the mattress, you are protected from dust mites and allergies. If you are looking for a mattress cover, however, we recommend one with a zipper cover for ease of washing. 

  • Is the mattress easy to unbox?

    When your mattress arrives you will have to give it time to expand and let the gasses escape. Unboxing the mattress is really this easy, with no difficulties experienced getting it from the box. 


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