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Best Air Mattresses in India (2023)

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Does arranging an extra mattress for guests sound like a problem? 🤦🏻

This is where air mattresses come to your rescue!

An air mattress can solve that problem by providing guests with a temporary but comfortable place to sleep.

These mattresses feature intelligent technology and are the perfect space saving solution.

Want to learn more about it? Keep reading! 👇

Best Air Mattress in India


  • Allows for custom firmness.
  • Air beds can save a lot of space.
  • Mattresses are portable and travel friendly.
  • No nasty off gassing and are odour free.
  • Airbeds do not sag over time.


  • It may take up to 60 minutes to set up an inflatable mattress.
  • Usually have shorter warranties.
  • Owners may complain of noisy pumps.
  • Soft PVC material can be easily punctured or torn.

Intex Dura-Beam Airbed

The Intex Dura-Beam air mattress offers incredible support for your back, preventing any back pain.

The precise construction and edge support of the mattress offers a no-dip surface for stability and comfort.

The Intex Plush elevated air mattress offers a specially designed support system for your back and sleep.

With the built-in electric pump, you can adjust the air pressure and get the desired firmness of this inflatable air mattress in just 4 minutes.

Intex Dura Beam bed composition
Image: © Intex

Plus, the precision construction and edge support provide a non-slip surface for stability and comfort. ⚡

This queen-size air mattress also features a plush built-in pillow system.

The Intex air mattress offers the perfect neck elevation and comfortable alignment. 

Your Intex mattress comes with a storage bag for easy transport, making it the best mattress available in this category. 

You also get a 1-year warranty on the product when buying via Amazon. 🤗



Allows better blood circulation. 

Reduces the risk of pressure ulcers.

Provides a refreshing feel to sleepers.


Can cause back pain and stiffness if used for long.

Your spine may get out of alignment without adequate support.

Not fit for long-term use.

Dr Trust Bubble mattress

Dr Trust offers an air mattress with a fascinating design to offer moldable comfort.

The neatly placed bubbles provide a proportionate weight displacement and distribution across the mattress.

The innovative design of the Dr Trust mattress prevents sore spots [1]. 😌

In addition, the neatly placed bubbles provide a proportionate weight transfer and distribution across the mattress.

So you don't have to dwell over the insta-bed dips anymore.

The durable craftsmanship ensures that your inflatable bed stays free of any humidity damage. 

Medical-grade PVC material used in the mattress makes it leak-proof and problem-free. 

Additionally, the efficient external pump ensures that you can inflate your mattress at an ultra-quiet decibel. 

Image: © Dr Trust

The Dr Trust air mattress isn't only a household inflatable bed, but also a medical support system [3].

It's also one of the best options for nursing homes and medical care centres. 

The Dr Trust air mattress comes with a 6-month warranty when buying through a third-party retailer like Amazon. 📅

However, it does not come with a carry bag to store the mattress properly.



130 individual air bubbles allow air to pass through the surface.

Portable and handy.

Anti-bacterial, waterproof, and fire-resistant mattress.


May face air leakage issues after using it for a few years.

Does not offer an alternate inflation mode. 

The manual pump is slightly noisy. 

Bestway Flocked air mattress

The Bestway flocked air mattress has a sturdy coil beam construction that provides lightweight stability while sleeping.

The mattress can be quickly inflated or deflated using the screw valve.

The Bestway Flocked Mattress is the must-have camping airbed. 🛏️

Thanks to the coil beam construction, you'll get a night of sound sleep on a stable surface coupled with comfort. 

The air mattress comprises evenly distributed air channels that reduce disturbance to your partner and provide complete support and comfort. 

These beds are suitable for both space-saving and warm hospitality.

So you don't have to worry about extra guests anymore. 

The indentations and contours on the surface of the air beds provide a soft surface without the risk of rolling.

Inflating a Bestway mattress
Image: © Bestway

In addition, the deflated mattress requires very little space for storage, making it a good alternative to King Koil mattress. 💫

If you're ever worried about punctures during a camping trip, Bestway offers durable repair patches for quick maintenance.

However, the product doesn't come with a manufacturer's warranty.



The flocked top is suitable for travelling and camping.

Stable to sleep on. 

Requires less space for storage.


Does not offer any warranty.

Does not offer an external or internal pump.

Structural bumps are slightly high.

Intex Classic Downy Airbed

Intex offers a classic air bed which is plush and waterproof.

The high-quality vinyl material ensures the softness of the surface, while the additional pillows provide a pain-free night's sleep.

The Intex Classic is a fantastic choice for the home if you prefer integrated cushions in your air mattress.

The excellent build quality and sleek design of the Intex Downy make it a classic choice for air mattresses.

Not only do you get your well-deserved sleep, but you also get a well-designed wave beam structure along with air chambers.

This provides extra support and comfort without disturbing your partner. 👫🏻

The puncture-resistant mattress also has a safety valve that restricts air leakage in the middle of the night.

However, if the height of your air mattress isn't optimal, Intex provides a quick hand pump.

Now you don't have to search for compatible equipment for your air mattress.

Intex downy airbed for family
Image: © Intex

Its plush firmness, convenient storage, and pillow rest make the bed an ideal partner for a small family. 📦

The Intex airbed is designed with continuous air coils, providing the support you and your guest need for a sound sleep.

You can choose either the single, queen, or the twin xl size, depending upon your requirements.  

However, the airbed has no manufacturer's warranty for repairs or replacement in case of unsatisfactory performance.



No partner disturbance.

Offers a manual pump.

Has a safety valve to prevent air leakage. 


Does not offer any manufacturer warranty.

Not suitable for heavier sleepers. 

Not suitable for camping.

Biroller Car Bed Air mattress

Biroller offers a multifunctional inflatable car air mattress that fits perfectly into your backseat.

The inflatable elastic reduces the driving vibration and effectively blocks any noise from the bottom of your vehicle.

The Biroller air mattress is your perfect travel companion, eliminating the need for layovers while travelling. 

Turn the back seat of your car into a bed by inflating this travel-friendly air mattress.

This high-quality mattress is made from flocked PVC material, making it moisture-resistant. 💧

Plus, this multi-functional mattress can be turned upside down and used as a couch when you're not travelling or using it as a bed. 

The soft texture of this air mattress provides ultimate comfort and a relaxed posture when sitting. 

The non-slip bottom of the mattress doubles the rear seat by filling the gap created by foot space. 

Biroller car bed air mattress inflation pump
Image: © Biroller

You can add a mattress topper or even bed sheets to your airbed to make it more cosy. 

Your passengers can roll around comfortably in the back seat without fear of falling. 🚗

The mattress provides a comfortable, waterproof sleeping surface and reduces vibrations or bumps when driving.



Easy to set up.

Reduces driving vibrations and noise.

Suitable for kids. 


Does not offer a security valve to prevent the air from passing out. 

Not suitable for a mid-sized SUV.

The packaging isn’t that great.

How much does an air mattress cost?

Air mattresses are usually considered a temporary option and are quite affordable.

Best budget mattress.
Image: © Sleep Hero

The size and quality of the mattress affect how much it can cost. 💰

The bigger your air mattress gets, the more expensive it'll be.

Air mattress price ranges from ₹1,900 to ₹11,000.

The price of the air mattress also depends on its durability and brand.

It will help if you buy an air mattress that's both affordable and durable.

Price Cotton Mattress
Affordable ₹1,949 BUY BIROLLER CAR MATTRESS₹1,899
Mid-range ₹3,999 BUY INTEX DOWNY AIRBED₹2,710
High-end ₹10,999 BUY INTEX DURA AIRBED₹8,998

What are air mattresses?

Air mattresses or air beds are bed cushions made of PVC [4] that you can inflate and deflate at will. 🧶

The air-filled products are a fantastic alternative for camping mattresses or extra sleeping space.

There's also a wide range of air mattresses to support your back and improve your sleeping comfort.

You can now find an air mattress that suits you best, from indented borders to raised contours.

What are the different types of airbeds available in the market?

With so many options, it's easy to get confused about which is best for your home and comfort.

Let's bring some clarity so you can sleep better! 😇

Essentially, there are three types of air mattresses:

Temporary Air Mattress

The temporary version (inflatable and portable mattress) is a suitable alternative if you want an airbed that you prefer only for your home.

Thanks to its simple construction, comfortable surfaces and accessible design, you can opt for an innovative bed instead of a traditional one.

However, you must check the option's size and height to fit your preferences. 📏

The main purpose of air mattresses is to provide accommodation for guests during sleepovers.

You don't have to worry about arranging the space because the air mattress does everything for you.


Camping Air Mattress

It would help if you had a portable, lightweight, waterproof mattress when camping.

Camping mattresses offer you exactly the comfort you're looking for when travelling.

The camping air mattress comes with a pump to inflate and deflate it. ⛽


Permanent Air Mattress

Whether your doctor advises more sleep support or you want a conventional change of bed, the permanent mattress proves excellent.

With high-quality material and advanced technologies, these air beds provide long-lasting, robust support compared to air mattresses that may not offer sturdiness.

You need to trust that the raised air mattress will always have your back.

If you're looking for a permanent mattress, you can also try memory foam mattresses like the Flo mattresses.


What should you consider before picking your air mattress?

Finding a suitable model can be as easy as taking a nap, if only you have the right guidance.

Here's everything you need to know before you buy. 🔎

Decide on the elevation

The height dilemma is crucial before you choose your mattress.

Given the purpose and placement of the mattress, height is important.

You can choose a low mattress if you only need an airbed for campsite purposes. 🏕️

On the other hand, you can reward yourself with a cosy and comfortable bedroom if you have a double-height pillow.

Height of air mattress.
Image: © Sleep Hero

In addition, the thicker mattress layers help to reduce pain and relieve pressure points.

The height of the mattress also affects the inflation time.

A mattress with a low height is easier to inflate than one with a higher elevation.

Checking for the dimensions

Should the mattress be comfortable for a family or a single person?

It's important to keep in mind the supportive strength of the air mattress.

The higher the weight capacity, the more weight it can hold. 🛌🏻

However, the support capacity of your air mattress has nothing to do with its durability or material strength.

Some pump-bed can provide exceptional weight support, only to die out within a few months of usage.

Analyse the air pump package

Most high-quality mattresses come with an air pump for quick inflation and deflation.

However, having an air pump included will greatly reduce the weight and portability of your bed.

Where to buy an air mattress?

Shopping for a mattress may seem like a daunting task.

Earlier, you had to go from one store to another looking at tens of mattresses, making it difficult and tiring. 🏪

Today, you can look at hundreds of mattresses online and compare them through customer review, all while sitting on your couch.

Buying air mattress online.
Image: © Sleep Hero

Companies offer some exciting discounts and perks that you may not get from a traditional brick and mortar store.

Here are a few advantages of buying an air mattress online.

Free shipping and risk-free trials

Most mattress companies or third-party retailers like Amazon deliver your mattress to your doorstep within 10 to 12 working days.

All you have to do is to unbox and unroll the mattress and you’re done.

When you buy your mattress online, you might not be able to try them.

But most companies offer a pretty solid risk-free trial period, where you can sleep on your mattress and analyse if they suit your needs. 📆

If you are not satisfied, you can return the mattress and get a full refund within the risk-free trial period.

Discounted prices

The best part about shopping online for a mattress is the discounted prices and offers.

Comparing price and quality of the mattress
Image: © Sleep Hero

When you buy an air mattress online, you get to choose from a variety of options, both cheap and luxury.

With so many options at your disposal, you can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Opportunity to be a more informed shopper

Unlike a brick and mortar store where your only source of information is the salesman, you can get access to much more information online.

When buying your air mattress online, you can easily compare between countless selections and styles.

You also get access to information about the composition of the mattress and can decide on its quality based on customer reviews. 💁🏼‍♀️

When you opt to buy a mattress online you can get greater access to information and can become a more informed shopper.

How to repair an air mattress

A major disadvantage of an air mattress is its susceptibility to damage.

However, if your air mattress has a hole, you can patch it up yourself with a simple method - without much extra financial outlay.

Here is how you can easily patch your air mattress:

1. Finding the hole

To do this, you can immerse the inflated air mattress in water, use aids, or apply slight pressure. 🔍

2. Marking the hole

When you find the hole, mark it as precisely as possible.

This way, you'll not lose sight of it.

You can do this well with chalk, for example.

3. Roughen the material

Use sandpaper to roughen the areas around the hole.

This is the only way for the patch to hold well.

With flocked mattresses, you must be careful and sand off the flocking around the hole.

There should be no air bubbles between the PVC surface and the air mattress.

4. Apply the patch

The patch to be applied should be slightly larger than the hole itself.

You can coat the patch with PVC glue and apply it to the roughened area.

5. Allow it to dry

Now you only have to wait until the glue has dried, and you are done.

The air mattress is ready for use again. 🎉

Our favourite air mattresses

How long does an air mattress last?

One of the most obvious advantages of air beds is their portability.

However, regarding the durability of your airbed, the answer varies depending on usage and material quality. 🧶

If you only use your air mattress occasionally for guests, it can last up to 8 years.

But if you use it daily, it can succumb to stress after just one or two years.

For most people, air mattress use depends on the situation.

However, you can also opt for a cotton mattress. 🧵

Our top picks are affordable, hypoallergenic and also last a long time.

Our recommended cotton mattresses

How comfortable are air mattresses as compared to the conventional ones?

The air mattresses have the unique selling point of comfort in any situation.

Whether you have a surprise visit from the in-laws or a hiking adventure, you can count on a good night's rest. 😴

Air mattresses offer you extra mobility and custom thickness compared to conventional mattresses.

But to ensure even the apparent advantage, you can go one step ahead and research the background yourself.

When choosing an air mattress, you must look for:

  • Build quality
  • Contours for back support
  • Firmness level and adjustments
  • Height of the airbed
  • Product reviews

The best way to check the reliability of the manufacturer's claims is to look at the ratings received for the bed.

The better the consumer experience, the more trustworthy the company. ⚡


Should you buy an air mattress?

Everyone wants a peaceful sleep on a comfortable mattress!

If you're having trouble organising a bed in your guest room or while camping outside, an air mattress is a perfect solution. 🏕️

You can eliminate uncomfortable bed bumps with an air mattress on your side.

However, these mattresses aren't suitable for everyone.

Air mattresses may not be the best choice for you if you suffer from back pain and are looking for orthopaedic support.

Also, these mattresses aren't as durable as foam or latex mattresses.

If you're looking for a high-quality and durable mattress, you should try Sleepwell mattresses or Flo mattresses.

Our recommended comfortable mattresses



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