Sofa Black Friday Deals

Sofa Black Friday Deals India (2023)

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Whether you are looking for extra space for your house guests or a place to snuggle up and read your favourite book, there's nothing better than a sofa.

The best time to buy one is Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 🛍

The next Black Friday will be on 25 November 2022.

Plan ahead and book your favourite sofas as Sleep Hero guides you through the best sofa brands and deals.

Let's get saving! 🤑

People grabbing Black Friday sofa deals.

Important dates to remember:

  • Black Friday: 25 November 2022
  • Black Friday Weekend: 25 November - 28 November 2022
  • Cyber Monday: 28 November 2022

What can you expect from Black Friday 2022?

​Black Friday 2021 saw some exciting sofa deals, with customers getting up to 50% off. 🏷

We hope for an even more exciting Black Friday 2022.

To help you compare, we have linked some of our favourite sofa Black Friday deals and sofa bed brands below.

Best Black Friday sofa brands and retailers

This Black Friday, you can secure some exciting furniture sales.

We are expecting great Black Friday sofa deals on these brands:

High-quality sofas and sofa beds can be a bit expensive, especially if you buy them offline.

But with the exciting sofa Black Friday deals you can find on Amazon, you can save even more on new arrivals. 🤑

Can I buy mattresses and sleep accessories for Black Friday?

Along with getting great discounts on sofas, you can also get some exciting deals on mattresses and other bedroom accessories.

You can get up to 60% off with the Mattress Black Friday deals.

Whether you need to replace the mattress in your room, get new cushions or redecorate your guest room with a sofa, you can get a deal on everything this Black Friday.

Our best mattress deals:

What to look out for when buying a sofa or sofa bed on Black Friday?

This Black Friday, you can get exciting deals on expensive furniture items like sofas, dining chairs, futon, or a side table. 🛋

But to pick the best brand and deal, we advise you to check out the most trusted brands beforehand.

Key criteria while buying sofas.

Add your favourite sofas to your wish list while they are in stock, and you'll be able to get them fast this Black Friday weekend.

Here's what we look for when choosing a comfortable sofa or sofa bed. 👀

Should you choose a sofa or a sofa bed?

We love to sleep in our own space and prefer a sofa bed. 😴

You can put these sofas in your living room and pull them out at night to sleep on

They serve as a comfortable bed at night and save a lot of space.

While we don't recommend sleeping on a sofa bed every day, they are great when you have guests in the house.

Wakefit sofa changed into a cosy bed.
Sofas can be quickly transformed to cosy beds.

If you're looking for a mattress you'll sleep on every day, we recommend choosing from our best mattress collection.

But if you don't have a guest room, sofa beds are a perfect choice. 🙌🏼

The best mattresses come in different sizes: Single, double, queen and king size mattresses.

Sofa beds, on the other hand, are a little more compact.

If you are looking for a comfortable sofa bed, Uberlyfe is one of the best options.

Buy Uberlyfe Sofa Cum Bed₹18,000

What style of sofa do you want?

If you aren't looking for an extra bed, you can redecorate your living room furniture with a sofa.

Sofas come in a variety of styles. 🛋

You should choose one that you like, and that matches the aesthetic of your home.

There are four main types of sofas you can choose for your home decor:

  • Casual sofas: These sofas fit perfectly with the aesthetic of any room. They usually have thick cushioning on the backrest and seat. These sofas are perfect if you value comfort and have a relaxed living area.
  • Transitional Sofas: These sofas are a mix of new and old, creating a classic modern look. Traditional sofas feature classic elements such as wooden legs or button tufting combined with a trendy colour scheme.
  • Modern-contemporary sofas: These sofas have a modern and sleek silhouette and stand on slender legs made of metal or light-coloured wood. The modern-contemporary sofas have a mid-century feel to them.
  • Traditional sofas: If you're craving a classic look, these sofas are your perfect choice. They feature elements with upholstery fabrics in muted or earthy tones and carved wood.

Nowadays, you can get a uniquely designed sofa and choose various styles to suit your preferences. 🤩

When looking for stylish yet affordabe sofa sets with the best Black Friday deals, you can look into Sleepyhead sofas.


What colour sofa do you want?

The colour of your sofa depends entirely on your needs. 🌈

If you want your sofa or sofa bed to be the centrepiece of your living room, you can choose a colour that stands out.

If, on the other hand, you want your sofa to serve only one purpose, you can choose a colour that blends into your room.

sofa blends into the aesthetic of the room.

Wakefit sofa as a centrepiece of the room.

In addition to the colour of your sofa, you should also decide on the fabric you want for your furniture.

Some of the most popular sofa fabrics you can find at sofa Black Friday deals are:

  • Linen: It is one of the most charming and earthy fabrics. This extremely strong natural fibre has a soft, smooth and lustrous look. It's a classic and breathable fabric that's perfect for Indian homes.
  • Cotton: A cotton sofa has a firm texture and is resistant to creasing and staining. Cotton is breathable, affordable and comfortable. A cotton sofa stays cool in the hot Indian summers.
  • Velvet: If you are looking for luxurious fabric, velvet is your best bet. It has a rich colour and texture and can withstand heavy wear and tear. The sofa is an attractive choice for Indian households. However, this sofa fabric is a little challenging to maintain.
  • Silk: This fabric gives your sofa a soft feel. It has a smooth surface with a shimmery look and doesn't allow dust to settle. The material is more suitable for formal occasions. However, the fabric may fade in sunlight and leave water stains.
  • Leather: Leather adds to the charm and sophistication of your living room. If you choose a leather sofa material, you must select one that is of high-quality material. This will ensure that the material lasts longer.

Before you buy a sofa bed with our Black Friday furniture deals, make sure you get some fabric samples.

Sofa shapes

Besides the colour and style, you also need to analyse the shape of your sofa.

This depends on your needs and the space in your living room.

The most common sofa shapes include:

  • Sectional sofas: These sofas are perfect if you belong to a large Indian family. Sectionals are large sofas that can seat many more people than the usual three or four. They are perfect for households where relaxation and entertainment are key.
  • Two or three-seater sofas: These sofas are ideal for smaller rooms. Two or three people can sit on them. In addition, the three-seater sofas are perfect for a little afternoon nap.
  • Sofa beds: This type of sofa can be pulled out to become a full-size bed. Sofa beds save a lot of space and are perfect if you don't have a guest room.
  • Modular sofas: These new-generation sofa sets are perfect for a minimalist living room. The sofas are made up of different sections and can be put together the way you want them.
  • Recliner sofa: If you like to sit back and relax while reading a book, a recliner is a perfect sofa for you. These sofas are perfect if you have a home theatre system. You can switch between reclining and normal mode with the button on the sides.

You can choose a sofa shape that fits your personal needs and the aesthetic of your living or dining room. 😌

What filling do you want in your sofas?

Another thing to consider while buying a sofa this Black Friday is the filling that would be suitable for your family. 👨‍👩‍👧

The filling along with the fabric would affect the comfort of your sofa.

Different sofa fillings.

Some of the most popular sofa filling options include:

  • Foam: Foam is one of the most popular filling types, when it comes to sofas. They are firm, supportive, and do not require much maintenance. You also get to decide the level of firmness you prefer in your sofas. However, foam sofas would lose firmness over time.
  • Fibre: Fibre are synthetic fillings that offer your sofas a feather-like feel. They require a little bit of maintenance, as you will need to plum up the cushions regularly along with turning them every once a week. Fibre-filling sofas are not the best choice for hypoallergenic people.
  • Feather: If you need a luxurious experience, feather sofas are your best choice. They are soft and comfortable. Just like fibre sofas, feather sofas also require upkeep and you will have to plump the cushions every once in a while.

There is no right or wrong filling while choosing the sofa.

If you are looking for a comfortable and supportive sofa bed, you can never go wrong with Wakefit.

Buy Wakefit Sofa Bed₹30,890

Do companies offer returns on sofa sets or sofa beds?

Grabbing the best sofa Black Friday deal online means you can't try out your sofas before you buy them. 😞

That's why you should always buy furniture from brands that offer a risk-free trial period and free delivery on sofas or sofa beds.

This trial period is more common with bed-in-a-box mattresses, but brands like Sleepyhead also offer a 100-night trial period for their sofa beds.


What is Black Friday?

You may have heard of this shopping holiday, but do you know exactly where it comes from? 🤔

Black Friday began as a shopping holiday in the USA.

The holiday is celebrated on the Friday after Thanksgiving, the official start of the shopping season in the US.

Thanksgiving image.

Traditionally, Black Friday deals were offered in shops that they opened earlier and offered special sales to attract more customers.

And this is how the tradition of Black Friday began.

Later, brands started offering these deals in their online shops as well. 🛍

Celebrating Cyber Monday

Brands used to offer clearance sales in their shops on Fridays.

As the trend of online shopping increased, brands started offering deals in their online shops as well, leading to Cyber Monday.

Black friday vs cyber monday.

Cyber Monday falls on the Monday after the Thanksgiving weekend.

Originally, sales were offered in online shops on Mondays. 👩🏼‍💻

But as people began to prefer online shopping, brands also started offering online deals on Black Friday weekend.

Black Friday in India

​Black Friday is also becoming increasingly popular in India. 🇮🇳

Earlier, brands used to offer deals only on electronics items as they were the most sold online.

But as people's interest gradually shifts to online shopping, brands now offer exciting deals on bedroom furniture and home accessories like coffee table, dining table, or corner sofas.

Major retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Pepperfry, and IKEA are offering Black Friday deals on their online shops.

Should you buy a sofa or a sofa bed this Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

Sofa sets or sofa beds are expensive.

That's why it's a good idea to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals on furniture and get it at a cheaper price. 🛋

Black Friday is one of the best days to buy a sofa set or sofa bed.

This Black Friday, you can secure exciting deals on furniture items.

Have fun shopping this Black Friday!

Looking back at our favourite sofa Black Friday deals:


  • When is Black Friday 2022?

    This year, Black Friday would fall on 25 November 2022.

    You can mark these days in your calendar and get ready to shop your favourite brands:

    • Black Friday: 25 November 2022
    • Black Friday Weekend: 25 November - 28 November 2022
    • Cyber Monday: 28 November 2022

    Have fun shopping!

  • Does India have a Black Friday sale?

    While India has yet to launch this shopping holiday, a few retailers offer you exciting deals. 🤑

    You can check out Amazon, Flipkart, and Pepperfry for good deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  • Does Amazon India do Black Friday?

    Amazon India offers exciting deals on Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday.

    You can get your bedroom or home furniture, including mattresses, pillows or sofa sets, at up to 50% off.


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