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Peps Mattress Review - India (2022)

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In today's world of sleep deprivation, it is refreshing to know that companies have found the solution.

Peps India has come up with an innovative way by providing high-quality mattresses for every type and size of the bed. 😄

They are one of the few mattress makers who make their products with 100% imported raw materials.

Peps mattress is the perfect solution for those who want to be comfortable no matter their sleeping habits. 😴

This article will talk about different Peps mattresses available along with their features, pros, and cons. 👇

Peps Mattresses

Top features of Peps Mattress

10-Year Guarantee
10-Year Guarantee
Free Delivery & Returns
Hassle-free delivery
Temperature regulation


  • Supportive for the body's natural curves, ensuring you're comfortable and supported throughout the night. 😄
  • Keep your spine correctly aligned so that you do not wake up with backache in the morning.
  • All over contour support, sleeping on an adjusting memory foam surface.
  • A flexible core that prevents wear and tears over the years.
  • They come with super edge plus and zero disturbance technologies.
  • The euro top quilt over the mattress is made of fabric that feels cool against your skin.
  • You can choose from twelve different variants of these mattresses in various sizes. 🤑
  • Eco-friendly and chemical-free options, making them great in comfort and durability while still providing a luxurious feel.


  • Some variants of the brand are very expensive.
  • The customer service needs improvement.

What makes Peps mattress special?

  • It uses noise absorption technology.
  • The brand offers twelve different mattresses.
  • It has a flexible core for added durability.

Peps mattress review India

The newest Peps models are made with high-quality materials like Memory foam or natural latex, providing lasting support while you sleep!

Their selection also includes traditional pocket spring mattress units, which always add excellent comfort at an affordable price point - no matter what your needs may be.

This brand offers two different types of springs, Bonnell and Pocketed spring.

The super edge plus technology will provide you with the perfect amount of support for your needs! 😄

Peps mattresses are an excellent find for those looking to get a quality memory foam mattress at an affordable price.

They offer twelve different options with different features catering to specific sleeping needs.

These include Caspia, Allura, Cameo, SpringKoil, Restonic, Sanibel, Spine Guard, Organica, Crystal, Zenimo, Grand Palais, Vivah, and Double decker.

Read more about this innovative comfortable mattress brand and add one that fits your needs to your wishlist. 👇

Types of Peps mattress

  1. Allura
  2. SpringKoil
  3. Restonic
  4. SpineGuard
  5. Organica
  6. Grand Palais
  7. Double decker

Allura spring mattress

Upgrade to an orthopaedic pocketed spring mattress that is as easy on your wallet as it is on your back.

The queen size Allura mattress can be used from either side, giving you the same comfort and durability as new!

Plus, customers will get free pillows with their purchase - no need for tossing old ones when they're done being slept on.

This orthopaedic spring mattress comes with encased spring coils to prevent pressure and motion disturbance.

Pros Cons
Pocketed springs No mattress protector
Knitted fabric
Plush top layer


With a world-class queen size Peps SpringKoil Bonnell mattress, you can finally get the fresh new morning's body that your bones have been craving.

The rigid yet flexible core of the Peps SpringKoil Bonnell offers just enough support for the back without losing its shape over prolonged use.

This Peps SpringKoil Bonnell comes complete with pillow-top comfort as well as super soft ruffled fabric to keep everything in place all night long!

This comfortable mattress comes in Bonnel and Tartania custom options to choose from, which is durable in comparison to a Sleepwell or simple maroon coir mattress.

Pros Cons
5 years warranty Prone to heating
Engineered core


The Restonic king size mattress from Peps industries Pvt ltd gives you the perfect combination of comfort and support.

It's made from durable Sanibel and Ardene variant materials that are better for your body than conventional or bio-degradable products like maroon coir mattress, cotton, etc.

You'll be fresh and prepared to take on your day with the pillow top Restonic mattress at an affordable king size price.

As per the Peps Restonic mattress review, this internationally patented pillow top and carousel luxury bedding come fully equipped with noise insulation.

So you can sleep undisturbed from morning till night-time.

Pros Cons
Pillow top comfort

Average build quality

Bonnel spring support
Noise insulation


The Spine Guard mattress Peps is the answer to all of your back pain woes.

Sleep peacefully and wake up with zero aches or soreness with this queen size peps spine guard mattress.

The revolutionary Memory Foam softens in appropriate points to support you along the natural lines and curves on our bodies, eliminating pressure from specific parts.

A good posture while sleeping will help in better rest. No more morning headaches and body ache because the link between less sleep and headache is scientifically proven.

The Bonnell Springs in this peps spine guard mattress provides just enough support to keep your spine aligned.

This ensures firmness while also ensuring a safe sleep surface with no motion-transmitting coils or toxic chemical ingredients.


This is the first-ever mattress to be made of chemical-free organic cotton and eco-latex imported from Belgium.

This revolutionary new product combines pocketed spring with sustainable, durable eco latex foam to provide adequate support for your head, neck, shoulders, spine, and calf.

With this innovative idea of an organic cotton layer and natural rubber which keeps cool, the memory foam mattress is ideal for mild hyperthermia.

Alongside soft layers of polyester fiberfill, the peps spring mattress offers a gentle hug all over, allowing individual comfort levels as well as durability.

Pros Cons
10-year warranty Heavyweight
Breathable bio cotton
Excellent air circulation

Grand Palais

For those looking for a luxurious king size bed mattress to sleep in, then the Peps Grand Palais is what you need as it is the best mattress in the brand.

It is made with thick and soft materials that will leave your head feeling like it's on royalty-grade silk each night.

The Grand Palais is a peps king size mattress price features pocketed spring that will help you wake up rejuvenated each morning.

The double bed pocketed springs make sure that you sleep undisturbed by anything.

Besides, its luxurious Belgian knitted fabric will keep feeling like royalty.

Pros Cons
Knitted viscose fabric Expensive
Breathable leatherite textured border
Corner and m-spring for support

Double Decker

The 16-inch thick Talalay sleep system is made of a revolutionary foam that's excellent for all-around comfort due to its double size.

It features outstanding breathability, elasticity, and durability.

Besides, this double size mattress will keep you cool in summer or warm during winter!

With its elegant wooden case and headboard, this ultra-luxe bed mattress will provide you with a restful night's sleep.

Pros Cons
Upholstered structure Bulky structure
Durable innerspring
Multi-layer construction

Peps mattress size and price

Along with size and thickness, the buyers can also customise the top layers of the mattress and choose from the peps mattress price list.

However, it is available for a few variants and may change the Peps mattress price.

Take a look at the peps mattress sizes and price to pick the right one for yourself.

Mattress Variant Single Size to King Size Price
Allura Super quilt/ normal 72x30 to 84x72 11,337 to 38,990
SpringKoil Bonnel 72x30 to 84x66 8,469 to 30,212
Tartania 72x30 to 84x66 10,307 to 38,850
Restonic Bonnel 72x30 to 84x66 9,968 to 54,751
Pocketed 72x30 to 84x66 14,011 to 58,303
Spine Guard Bonnel 72x30 to 84x66 19,393 to 57,982
Foam 72x30 to 84x66 17,806 to 50,441
Organics Pocketed 72x30 to 84x66 26,414 to 71,863
Grand palais Pocketed 72x30 to 84x66 37,299 to 1,46,504
Double decker Pocketed 72x30 to 84x66 72,885 to 1,98,294

Note that any Peps mattress price may vary on the thickness you pick and the delivery location.

They ship PAN India, including Nagpur, Delhi, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru.

What is Peps mattress made of?

It is made of either 10-13 layers, depending on the size.

The exterior is a soft high knitted fabric-finished layer with a customisable top.

Besides, they use memory foam to provide support and comfort to the body.

They are paramount in the field of memory foam mattress padding because it's designed to contour to any body shape and relieve pressure points.

The construction of this peps spring mattress may depend on the model you choose.

This may include layers such as woven fabric on top, polyurethane cushioning, rebonded PU foam, nylon mesh, Bonnel spring unit, and PU foam quilted in the bottom.

Features of a Peps Mattress

Here are some features that make peps a good choice for a budget-friendly as well as a high-end mattress.

Flexible jersey fabric

The top layers of these mattresses are made from high GSM knitted and jersey fabrics, which ensures higher durability.

This also prevents wear and tear due to everyday movement on the bed mattress.

Super edge technology

This adds a seamless edge finish to the sides of the mattress and ensures there is zero disturbance sleep when co-sleeping.

Sweat absorbing

The fabric and breathable construction allow sweat absorption along with quick-drying features.

Temperature regulating

Peps mattresses will keep you cool in the summer and warm in winters with temperature regulation technology.

Noise insulation technology

Peps uses special convoluted foam in the pocket spring mattress to absorb friction and noises to provide a peaceful sleeping surface.

Is Peps a good mattress?

Peps uses innovative construction methods to deliver the most comfortable sleeping surface, including pillow top and euro top.

They have several variants that range from soft to firm as per the buyers' needs.

With advanced features such as noise absorption and motion transfer isolation, the brand promises a peaceful slumber.

They offer a considerable return period and free accessories along with the mattress.

How to pick a Peps on mattress?

Picking the best mattress depends on what you prioritise.

Choosing the right bed size mattress is an essential first step to health, comfort, and restful sleep.

Tempurpedic foam, especially memory foam, will be your best bet if you are looking for support.

Choose from a plush pillow top layer for those who want pressure relief and like to sleep on your stomach.

If cost is a concern, then look into some budget-friendly variants from the brand.

You may choose more affordable variants such as Peps Crystal Mattress, Peps Allura, Cameo, Zenimo, and Caspia.

For luxurious choices, you may pick Peps SpringKoil Bonnell, Double Decker, or Grand Palais.

Peps mattresses have a stronger core; therefore, they won't sag or wear out.

A good bed mattress should never sag in the middle when you shift your weight on it but rather should spring back up when you move your weight off of it.

Peps mattress trial period

Peps does not offer a trial period; however, they have prompt replacement and refund services.

Peps return & shipping policy

It's essential to check the return policy of every product you purchase.

After all, if something doesn't work or match up with specifications, returning it is your right!

If no such period applies for that particular item, contact the customer care executives to communicate your issues.

There are particular prerequisites to qualify for returns and refunds per the bed size, so be aware of those.

You may also cancel your order within four hours if you change your mind about the single size or product.

Mattress warranty

Depending upon the product, Peps offers 10 years warranty.

The guarantee policy offered by the manufacturer stands for a total exchange, replacement of your product within one year from the day of receipt.

There's also an extended period that is only applicable to the actual cost of repair, refurbishment, and rectification.

EMI conditions

Peps accepts net banking, UPI, VISA, Mastercard, and Google Pay as payment methods for peps mattress online.

You may use credit cards or Bajaj Finserv to get these mattresses on an EMI.


If you're searching for an upgrade in your sleep experience but don't want the hassle of shopping in stores, you may find shopping peps mattress online is ideal for you.

The brand offers several variants of mattresses in different thicknesses and sizes.

They also have an organic and environmentally friendly option that offers exceptional comfort and support while durable enough for everyday use.

You may also customise the core built of the mattress that may not be available in other brands.

Contact Peps mattresses

Customer service: Contact Peps mattress directly for complaints, support, or queries.

Please use the email id, visit their live online chat, or complete their online contact form.

Registered office: Peps industries Pvt ltd

V-ID, NGEF Ancillary, Industrial estate, Mahadevpura,

Bangalore, India - 560048

Landmark - Bhoruka Gasses

Frequently asked questions

  • Are these mattresses durable?

    The top layer and core of these mattresses are designed to be flexible. 

    This ensures the mattress remains bouncy and does not wear out with everyday use. 

    These mattresses will stay in shape and not sag even after years of use.

  • How long do Peps products last?

    With proper use and care as per the instructions, your Peps mattress will last up to ten years.

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