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Wakefit mattresses


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Last updated: 25.05.2021 7 Min.

As one of India's most popular and affordable start-up mattress brands, there is a lot on offer when deciding to buy a mattress from Wakefit. Co.

You want to choose the right Wakefit product for your sleeping needs. From orthopaedic memory foam to spring-based queen-size mattresses, Wakefit offers a full range that is entirely customisable.

Each mattress is different, and with different price ranges to consider, we know buying a mattress is a lot harder than it seems.

Our job is to save you from a bad night's sleep with high-quality mattress reviews focused on getting your perfect mattress.

wakefit mattress review

  • Overview
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Dual Comfort Mattress
  • Latex mattress
  • Foam spring mattress
  • Accessories
  • Wakefit sizing
  • Conclusion

Why you should buy from Wakefit

  • An innovative brand with comfortable products
  • Specifically designed to be affordable and provide the best comfort
  • A new brand that has seen a huge growth in popularity quickly
  • A product for everyone, with four on offer for different sleepers

Wakefit orthopaedic memory foam mattress

Wakefit’s original and best selling mattress, the orthopaedic memory foam soft mattress, promises to be a firm lower back support focused sleep experience unlike any other.

The priority here is making sure the foam mattress adapts to your sleeping position and supports your back as you sleep.

Your position is one of the most critical factors in making sure you are well-rested, so getting a mattress that contours and shapes itself to your sleeping needs are essential.

Wakefit orthopedic mattress

The best mattress in India for back pain and support

The Wakefit team pride their brand on its foam technology. Based in Bangalore: Ankit Garg and the co-founders discovered solutions to new, innovative and affordable orthopaedic memory foam mattresses.

With its exciting products and affordable pricing, Wakefit has been trending as an excellent option for mattress buyers for some time. Even with huge brands such as Sleepwell to compete with, Wakefit has garnered massive support.

Now available across India, including in Delhi and Bengaluru, Wakefit has successfully introduced its affordable foam to the market. The orthopaedic memory foam mattress is gaining recognition as a quality sleep solution as its most popular product.

If you are experiencing backache, then the orthopaedic mattress is one you will want to consider.

Wakefit orthopedic guide

Wakefit mattresses have been designed as an orthopaedic solution to your daily pains. A good night's sleep is vital to your daily routine, and Wakefit is aware of the role a mattress plays in this.

There are three layers to this mattress; it is more than just memory foam helping to support your back.

With a seven zoned layer beneath the memory foam, you are getting intelligent support and knows how to distribute the force around your mattress to ensure the comfiest night's sleep.

Seven pressure zone foam works how it suggests. Breaking up the layer into zones, each takes on its amount of force and capability to deal with your comfort.

This is great for your back as it means the mattress shouldn't sag nearly as much due to the zones redistributing force and smartly knowing where to get the best position for the mattress.

Under that, there is a resilience layer that protects the mattresses longevity and promises a healthy mattress across its life span.

Resilience layers are there to bounce the mattress back into shape and ensure it stays a good product.

When tested, this Wakefit mattress was a comfortable experience. The memory foam was soft, and hugging whilst also felt firm enough to support my sleep.

There was never a great deal of discomfort, and waking up felt refreshing, the mattress evenly distributed my weight, and the mattress didn't seem to sag during the time we tested it.

However, compared with other brands, Wakefit's original mattress feels stripped back. Many brands have begun using ortho foam and experimenting with even softer memory foams for the ultimate orthopaedic mattress.

Wakefit's original is a great mattress, it hasn't done anything exceptional, but it is reliable.

How is the Wakefit mattresses quality?

Wakefit mattresses are incredibly affordable. However, this is not to say they compromise on quality.

Wakefit strives to strike a balance between affordable and quality. Their orthopaedic mattresses contain three layers for ultimate comfort.

The top layer of memory foam promises to adapt and cushion around your body for the right amount of comfort and support you are looking for.

The second layer absorbs the pressure of your body, using seven zones of pressure absorption for a guarantee of total comfort for all zones of the body and prioritising.

Not only that, but this layer means that air flows through the mattress, so you remain calm throughout your sleep.

Wakefit memory foam

The final high-density foam layer ensures the other two function perfectly and is made of a high resilience fabric to ensure a long-lasting, durable product.

Ways to buy the Wakefit mattress

If you are someone looking to buy a mattress and want a secure way to pay, Wakefit offers a range of payment options.

With a no-cost EMI plan, you have more time to pay for your mattress and will not be charged extra as a result.

You can also sign up for Wakefit's reward program to benefit from gift cards for a range of retailers by purchasing from Wakefit.

If you want to buy from an alternative online retailer such as Amazon or Flipkart, you will be pleased to know that these orthopaedic mattresses are sold there. Meaning wherever in India you are, you can order these mattresses online and have them sent to your door.

Why choose the Wakefit mattress

As there is a 100-night trial with the products, you can rest assured that you can return it during the trial period if this isn't the mattress for you.

The PU foam lives up to its promise as a contouring memory foam support for all regions of your body. Especially for those who sleep on their side or back and will relieve tension in your pressure points.

If you are looking for orthopaedic comfort at an affordable price point, this is a great option to consider. As with all of Wakefit’s mattresses, there is a 100-night money-back guarantee and seven years warranty.

So, if you experience any problems, Wakefit is happy to help.

Wakefit Dual Comfort mattress

A simple mattress designed with two layers for customisable comfort. The dual comfort mattress does what it suggests: utilising two layers for two styles of comfort.

The dual layers are perfect for those looking for firm support but comfortable sleep and don’t like memory foam.

Wakefit dual comfort mattress

Once again, Wakefit proves to be affordable, with a 25% discount using the code SunnyHome. You may struggle to find a mattress of this quality at its price.

How does the mattress work?

Similarly to the Wakefit orthopaedic mattress, the dual comfort uses the seven zone pressure layer for cooling comfort and pressure absorption.

This layer is designed well, as the pressure zones equally distribute and evenly support you as you sleep, regardless of the mattress size you buy.

This mattress is considerably firmer than the memory foam. Yet still offers that support due to this layer of pressure zones which come with the added benefit of air circulation.

The second layer utilises a base of high resilience, making the mattress incredibly firm and allowing the pressure zone to operate smoothly. This layer supports and elevates the mattress for a seamless comforting experience regardless of how you sleep.

Being dual-sided, this mattress has the option to be flipped, providing opportunities for your sleeping experience. The pressure zoned side will mean you can sleep easy as the zones will work to distribute the force you apply on the mattress as you sleep.

Wakefit describes this side as a medium soft option, so there is an added feeling of softness if you prefer this in your sleep.

The other side puts the resilience layer on top for a firmer sleeping experience.

The pressure zones are placed at the bottom, meaning the resilience layer takes over and provides the sleeper with important sleep.

Truly customisable

As with the firm memory foam offering, this mattress comes in various bed sizes ranging from single to king and numerous dimension sizes based on the shape of the bed you choose.

There are fewer options available than the memory foam mattress, which may disappoint some customers who don’t want the incredibly soft feeling of memory foam.

There are only two thickness options on offer here with 5” or 6”, which is something that can affect your mattress choice.

Wakefit also offers the choice to add a mattress protector to your order, which they claim will make the mattress last longer and maybe something you want to consider as an extra layer on this mattress.

Overall, this is a streamlined mattress that is still exceptionally customisable for those who need a specific specification or mattress size.

Is this the Wakefit mattress for me?

If memory foam is something you don’t like, but want the sturdy, multi-zoned layers Wakefit offer, then this is the mattress you should consider.

Both sides are on the firmer end of the scale. Meaning there is no sinking feeling of comfort in this mattress, but a reliable, sturdy comforting feeling.

This is an excellent mattress for those who want a firm nights sleep under reliable fabrics and materials.

Wakefit Latex Mattress

A slightly more expensive offering from Wakefit, this mattress combines the bouncy, silky comfort of latex with the memory foam and high resilience offerings from their other mattresses. This is a complete comfort experience.

The premium offering

This is Wakefit’s most expensive mattress.

Utilising various materials that appear in other mattresses from the company and combining them, it promises to be one of the most comfortable mattresses on the market; and the finest from the provider.

Using latex in its mattress means an added layer of bounce, often associated with spring mattresses. Still, it makes it lighter, more durable and long-lasting by favouring the latex to springs.

It is an innovative design, taking both memory foam and zone activated latex for a genuinely luxurious feeling mattress. This is the mattress for those looking for ultra-durable comfort.

Wakefit latex mattress

What makes this mattress different

Wakefit set itself apart by using both latex and memory foam in this mattress. In standard latex mattresses, latex supports either regular foam or springs to make the mattress last longer but still provide expected levels of comfort associated with springs.

Instead, Wakefit removes the need for springs and utilise the soft feeling of gel memory foam, and add the latex for a super long-lasting mattress that combines the sentiments of both springs and soft, sinking feeling foam.

Latex mattresses will naturally last longer due to the durability of the material. Its ability to reshape its self and malleable nature lend itself perfectly to mattress longevity. Providing middle ground comfort so that both soft and firm sleepers can enjoy a good nights sleep.

Its inability to retain heat will mean that you are always sleeping in a level of relaxed comfort.

Choosing the latex mattress

This is a more expensive offering than many other mattresses on the market. Still, Wakefit is innovating by placing a combination of typically reserved materials for one type of sleeper.

This is a great all-around mattress that combines sustainable materials, longevity and comfort to prove its worth at its price point.

Of course, this mattress may not be for you, and Wakefit will offer a 100-night money-back promise to all of its customers, and a warranty that lasts seven years will cover your mattress should there be any issues with the product.

Wakefit Foam Spring mattress

A classic in the mattress industry, spring mattresses are known and trusted for their bouncy, medium-firm level comfort.

However, they do come with disadvantages, being heavy to move around due to the weight of the springs' and are less hygienic than modern foam offerings.

Today, a spring mattress remains popular, although inferior to memory foam, which Wakefit is more than aware of.

A spring mattress, without the springs

Wakefit has designed a foam that entirely negates the need for springs in their mattresses whilst still retaining that authentic classic mattress feel, by developing a bouncy foam.

Wakefit has not only designed an affordable coir mattress priced extremely cheap when compared to spring mattresses.

They have also made a spring mattress that is simple to move around and entirely hygienic so that you can sleep in total bouncy comfort- without the concerns of classic springs.

There are several layers in this mattress: the first being the zone foam which allows for equal distribution of weight, pressure and heat.

The bouncy foam underneath it for that spring-like feeling in your mattress and the standard resilience foam further reinforce the mattresses durability.

Wakefit foam spring mattress

You may be concerned about the authenticity of the spring feeling, and whilst you will be aware there are no natural springs in your spring mattress, the benefits of the mattress are far superior to the drawbacks.

A must-have for spring lovers

If springs are a must-have for your mattress, then there are few better than Wakefit’s offering. At its affordable price point, you get all the benefits of a spring firm mattress that contains no actual springs.

This is bouncy comfort without any of the concerns of spring mattresses and far comfier than a coir mattress.

Sleep better with Wakefit's accessories

If springs are a must-have for your mattress, then there are few better than Wakefit’s offering. At its affordable price point, you get all the benefits of a spring firm mattress that contains no actual springs.

This is bouncy comfort without any concerns of spring mattresses and far comfier than a coir mattress.

There is also the removable and washable quilted mattress cover which may be greatly useful for those who want to ensure longevity in their mattress. Like the mattresses, these are completely customisable and come in various colours to suit any bedroom or home.

Wakefit pillow accessories

Whilst choosing your mattress, Wakefit’s range of accessories may have caught your eye. With a focus on affordable innovation present in their mattresses, Wakefit also offers a range of sleep accessories that you may want to check out.

There are gsm fibre-based pillows that provide a silky but firm feeling for your head and pair significantly with any of Wakefit’s mattresses at an incredibly affordable price point.

Wakefit bedding

The bedsheets make a great addition to your bed if you look for a light and breathable fabric to sleep under each night. Using 100% breathable cotton and a free pillowcase, these are great if you like the Wakefit brand.

Wakefit sizing

Each of Wakefit's products come in a range of sizes so that regardless of the bed you have, there is a Wakefit mattress for you.

Mattresses are made to fit bed sizes, with the standard single all the way up to queen and king size mattresses. Further to this, Wakefit has begun offering custom sizes, which of course, take longer to make but will factor in your specific dimensions.

Each size category then has further dimensions to choose from, a brilliant way to ensure your mattress will fit your bed. Ordering online means you cannot see your mattress on a bed before you buy it- by being able to measure your size, you can get the perfect mattress for you.


Wakefit is clearly popular for a reason.

Compared to brands like Sleepyhead and Sleepy cat, their focus on affordability and innovation means they create some incredibly comfortable products at a great price.

Of course, there are concerns over durability and quality when trying something at this price point, but Wakefit has taken measures to promise you to get a great quality product with a 7-year warranty and 100 day trial period.

With a range of mattresses to suit any sleeping need, Wakefit is certainly a brand to consider purchasing a mattress from.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the Wakefit brand?

    Wakefit started in 2016 as their founder saw a way to make industry-leading foam affordable and accessible, today it is one of the most popular brands in India for mattresses. 

  • Choosing a Wakefit mattress

    There are an array of options available when choosing from Wakefit, and each has different properties or materials that should appeal to a range of sleepers. You will need to choose the mattress that seems best for you, there is no definitive best mattress, only the best for you. 

  • Is Wakefit purchasable on Amazon?

    Yes! All of Wakefit's products and size options are available on Amazon and at an affordable price point. 

  • Should I buy Wakefit or Sleepycat?

    Both mattresses are similar in terms of quality and price point. Wakefit offer more in terms of variety and its memory foam is engineered to be the best. Sleepycat may be a top-quality option, but Wakefit is leading the market in standard memory foam mattresses. 

  • Can I try a Wakefit mattress in person?

    Wakefit has just opened up experience centres in various locations such as Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Coimbatore, where you can try these mattresses in person. 

  • Can I buy Wakefit on my smartphone?

    Although there is no app, Wakefit's website is mobile-friendly for Android and iOS users. 

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