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Best Memory Foam Mattress India (2022)

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Adequate sleep is one of the fundamental pillars of a healthy life.

The quality of sleep you receive will impact your overall health, happiness, and productivity at work.

In today's fast-paced life, when people are struggling to catch enough sleep, a faulty bed mattress can be your biggest hurdle. ✋

In fact, the mattress is one of the deciding factors that influence the quality of sleep you get.

That's why it's essential to choose a suitable mattress made of high-quality materials like memory foam.

Today we will help you select the best memory foam mattress for a goodnight’s sleep. 😁

Best Memory Foam Mattress India

Emma Original

The Emma Original is an award-winning orthopaedic mattress that's suitable for most people and sleeping positions.

This bestselling mattress by Emma features three layers of premium foam, offering soft comfort, orthopaedic support, and stability.

The Emma Original is an award-winning memory foam mattress.

Emma original mattress

Designed to suit most people, preferences and sleeping preferences, it is a perfect one-fit-all model.

The mattress comprises three different foam layers and offers medium-firm support suitable for back, stomach, and side sleepers.

The Emma Original is delivered free of charge and comes with a risk-free 100-nigh trial period. 


  Emma Original Mattress
Composition: Airgocell foam, visco-elastic memory foam, and HRX foam
Firmness level: Medium-firm
Height: 20.32 (8 inches)
Trial period: 100 days
Guarantee: 11 years
What makes this mattress special? The Emma Original is Europe's most awarded mattress since 2019.
Great Value For Money

Dunlop Foam Mattress

This is a 4-inch foam mattress suitable for most people and sleeping positions.

This Dunlop mattress is best for comfortable sleep at night. Its design and thickness helps to get a sound sleep. 

The Dunlop mattress is best for a single bed for getting a comfortable sleep at night. 

This quality mattress can easily accommodate all your sleeping needs when guests arrive. 👪🏻

It's also a good option for anyone who needs advanced pressure relief.

We love its size, colour, and thickness, which makes it the best single-bed mattress for kids’ rooms and guest rooms. ❤️

You can also use a mattress topper to add more thickness to this comfortable mattress and to protect it from dust.

The company also offers a 1-year warranty on this foam mattress, which makes Dunlop a trusted brand for quality mattresses in India.

Also, it is an affordable option for college students who live in hostels and looking for a comfortable mattress within budget.




It is an affordable single-bed mattress


Dunlop mattress comes with a 1-year warranty


Dunlop mattress is best suitable for people with backpain


It comes in various sizes, thicknesses, and colours


It is not suitable for two persons


The fabric of this mattress is synthetic

6 Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses

You might wonder why we only regard memory foam as the best option out of all the mattress materials.

So here are six memory foam mattress benefits that prove why it's better than regular spring mattress material. ✅

Superior Comfort

One of the biggest memory foam mattresses' advantages is the superior comfort they provide.

The soft mattress material molds into your body's natural curves and evenly distributes your weight. 😌

It also utilizes your body's natural heat to soften the parts in direct contact with you for additional comfort.

Resistant to Moisture and Microbials

Moisture-infused bacterial infestation is a very common mattress problem.

Since they remain covered under your bed sheet with no direct exposure to sunlight, they are more likely to retain moisture and encourage fungi growth.

However, memory foam mattresses are made of viscoelastic material that has an open pore structure.

This facilitates substantial airflow and keeps your mattress fresh and dry. 😀

Without excess moisture, the chances of fungi or yeast infestations also go down.

Pain Relief

Customers who use memory foam swear by its pain relief properties.

These mattresses even distribute your body weight, provide impressive back support and prevent sore muscles and neck pain from wrong sleeping positions. 😴

If you already have body pain, memory foam mattresses can help you alleviate it.

Suitable for All Types of Sleepers

The best part about soft memory foam mattresses is that they work for every type of sleeper.

Some mattresses are not built to support people who sleep on their stomachs or sideways.

However, this type of mattress molds to accommodate your body’s curves, thus supporting every sleeping position.🛌

Whether for comfort, support, or pain relief, you will benefit from these mattresses regardless of your sleeping style.

Motion Resistance

Regular mattresses do not absorb the shock of motion well.

That's why when your partner moves on the other side of the bed, the motion of the movement is carried throughout the mattress and affects your sleep. 💤

However, the multiple memory foam mattress layers absorb motion waves well.

This helps them maintain stability on your side even if your partner is twisting and turning on the other side of the bed.

Remains in Shape

Memory foam mattresses remain in shape for years.

Unlike regular mattresses, the seams of a memory foam mattress remain intact, and the edges do not wear out. 🤓

The latest memory foam mattresses are made of next-gen memory foam and adaptive materials.

They offer a perfect blend of firmness and cushioning.

The mattress is neither too hard on your body nor makes it sink.

Top 6 Memory Foam Mattresses Every Sleeper Needs

Now that you know the benefits of memory foam mattresses, you might be looking for the best mattresses for your home.

So here are the top 6 memory foam mattress India

Duroflex LiveIn - Pressure Relieving, Memory Foam

The Duroflex LiveIn mattress comes in a roll-packed, vacuumed package that has been mindfully packed to enable easy DIY Setup.

You need to give it some time and let it expand to its original shape after unboxing it.

The mattress has a moderately firm texture that strikes a perfect balance between support and comfort.

It is made of three layers of foam.

The memory foam layer contours your body and offers superior support. 🤩

The base layer of high resilience foam offers consistent support to your body regardless of a sleeping position.

And the top layer is covered with soft foam that provides the ultimate fluffy and plush texture.

Keeping your health and hygiene in mind, the mattress has been processed to provide triple antibacterial protection that keeps bacteria, fungi, and dust mites away.

Enhanced resistance against germs and fungi also increases its longevity.🗓

Product Specifications:

  • Dimension: 198.12 x 91.44 x 20.32 cm
  • Weight: 20.8 kgs
  • Color: Grey
  • Bed Size: Single Bed


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Comes in a compact packaging
  • Three types of form for your comfort and support
  • Resistant against bacteria, fungi

Wakefit Orthopedic Medium Firm Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress by Wakefit not only offers support but also helps to improve your body posture.

Designed for orthopedic purposes, it reduces back pain by preventing spine misalignment caused by poor sleeping posture. 🛏

The breathable material also allows uniform body heat distribution to maintain a moderate surface temperature when you are sleeping.

This firm mattress also has seven pressure zones to cater to the different parts of your body.

So If you are looking for a memory foam mattress for back pain, Sleepyhead’s orthopedic memory foam mattress is a great choice. ☑️

It also consists of a layer of resilient foam.

The firmness of this layer keeps the entire mattress in shape for the longest duration, unlike regular mattresses that go out of shape in a few months.

For easier maintenance, it comes with a removable mattress protector cover that can be easily washed in the machine to keep it brand new for as long as possible.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimension: 72x36x6 inch
  • Weight: 10.69 kgs
  • Color: White
  • Bed Size: Single Bed


  • Hypoallergenic and lightweight
  • Made of next-gen memory foam
  • Stays in shape for a longer period
  • Utilizes motion separation technology
  • A 10-year warranty to every customer

Sleepyhead Original - 3 Layered Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

The biggest problem that people face with memory foam is the extra soft texture of the mattress.

However, the mattress by Sleepyhead has the perfect density that offers firm support without compromising on comfort.😃

The material strikes a perfect balance between softness, firmness, and bounce so that you get sound sleep throughout the night.

Along with the breathable top layer, it also comes with a removable and washable outer layer that keeps your mattress clean and in shape for years.

The lightweight of the mattress also guarantees easy set-up without requiring professional help.

Designed with the right amount of bounce, the motion disturbance on one side of the bed does not travel to the other side. 😎

So even if your partner is a bad sleeper, your sleep will not be disturbed by their movements.

Whether you simply want a comfortable mattress or an effective pain reliever, the mattress by Sleepyhead is your Perfect Match.

Product Specifications

  • Dimension: 182.8 x 91.4 x 12.7 cm
  • Weight: 9.45 kgs
  • Color: White
  • Bed Size: Single Bed


  • Easy to set up
  • 100 nights trial
  • Fits almost 90% of body types
  • Lightweight yet with high density
  • A perfect blend of bounce and firmness

SleepX Ortho King Size Memory Foam Mattress

The product is pre-assembled by the brand before being delivered to you so that you don't have to worry about assembling it all alone.

This makes the setup much easier and quicker.

A low-quality mattress is the number one reason for back pain. 😩

However, the mattress by SleepX is exclusively designed to adjust to your sleeping position.

It offers cushioned support for your spine and prevents back pain.

The 25 mm thick PU foam works wonder for effective pressure release from your body’s pressure points and a 80mm Flexi PU for consistent support to your spine.

The topmost layer of the mattress consists of 15 mm memory foam and an 8 mm PU foam layer which offers additional comfort.

Along with premium quality foam layers, the mattress also has top-grade air mesh fabric on its sides for enhanced air circulation. 💨

The breathable fabric increases its durability by fighting off fungi and yeasts.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimension: 198.1 x 182.9 x 20.3 cm
  • Weight: 24.7 kgs
  • Color: Purple
  • Bed Size: King Size Mattress


  • Perfect for a king-size bed
  • Additional foam layer for extra comfort
  • Pre-assembled packaging enables easy installation
  • Airmesh fabric on the sides for increased airflow
  • High-density foam adjusts with your spine’s positioning

SleepyCat Plus Orthopedic Cool Gel Medium Soft Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress consists of an additional 2 inches of high-quality foam gel with moderate density to support your spine and cushion it simultaneously.

It is covered with a removable GSM spun knitted fabric.

The two-part cover also comes with a zipper that makes it easier to remove it from the mattress for a scheduled wash.🧼

The base of the matches utilizes an anti-skid technology to keep it in place regardless of your movements.

Unlike regular mattresses, Sleepycat’s orthopedic gel memory foam mattress offers adequate scope for airflow even within the internal layers of foam.

This keeps the product new, strong, and durable from the core for the longest time.

The topmost gel layer makes this mattress perfect for people who sleep on their stomachs and sides. 🥱

The consistency of the gel offers you a comfortable sleeping base by cushioning the curves of your body and spine.

Product Specifications:

  • Dimension: 198.12 x 182.88 x 20.32 cm
  • Weight: 22 kg
  • Color White
  • Bed Size: King Size Bed


  • Removable GSM spun knitted fabric with zipper
  • Additional 2 inches of gel foam for extra comfort
  • Anti-skid technology keeps the mattress in place
  • Adequate scope of air circulation within the layers
  • No motion disturbance

Springtek Dreamer Orthopaedic Memory & HR Foam Mattress

The mattress by Springtek has a unique bounce formula designed with the help of high-density adaptive foam.

The top layer is covered with a premium quality mesh of foam that adds to your comfort and support, and the open cell structure of the material facilitates adequate airflow. 😁

It uses a unique combination of dual foam layers that are soft and firm, respectively.

The firm layer is for core areas like your hips and spine, while the soft layers are for temperate regions like your shoulder and neck.

The mattress has another layer of premium-quality, knitted cover over the foam that comes with a zipper, making it removable and washable.

The breathable material of the cover also adds to the ease of air circulation and firmly keeps the edges in shape.

The best part is that the brand backs this product with an 11-year warranty. 🥳

Since the product comes directly from the manufacturer, you won't have to bear the extra charges of MRP.

Product Description:

  • Dimension: ‎182.9 x 91.4 x 15.2 cm
  • Weight: 13.55 kgs
  • Color: Off White
  • Bed Size: Single Bed


  • 11-year warranty
  • Lightweight & Affordable
  • Highly compressible for easier packaging
  • Removable cover compatible with machine wash
  • Open-cell structure and breathable fabric enables better air circulation

Things to Check When Buying a Memory Foam Mattress

You can only enjoy all these benefits of a memory foam mattress if you choose the correct product.

So here are a few things that you should check with your buying a memory foam mattress:


The brand of the mattress is one of the most important deciding factors, especially when it comes to a memory foam mattress. 😌

Don't go for an unauthorized seller who might try to sell you cheap mattresses in the name of memory foam.

That’s exactly why we have listed out the top brands over fine-grade memory foam mattresses.

Memory Foam Mattress Price

Depending on the size and brand, a memory foam mattress costs Rs 4000 to Rs 12000 or even more. 💰

That being said, affordable memory foam mattresses are also readily available.

Just make sure you align your expectations with your budget.

After all, good things do come at a cost.

Reputed and popular brands might also offer a no-cost EMI option.

Weight and Ease of Use

Mattresses are known to be very heavy.

In case you are living alone, setting up a heavy mattress all by yourself will be difficult. 😓

That's why you need to opt for products that are lightweight and easy to install.

Doing so will also help you save on extra installation charges.

Return & Refund Policy

Regardless of the brand you shop from, a good quality product is of no use without customer-friendly policies. 🤗

Before buying a memory foam mattress, check the brand’s return and refund policies before checkout and ensure the return window is open for at least a week.


A good mattress can last anywhere between 7 to 10 years. 🔟

Since it's a long-term commitment, you should always look for products covered by a warranty.

This will ensure that in case anything goes wrong, you will have the brand's support at no additional cost.

Final Thoughts

The list of the top 6 memory foam mattresses has been curated after endless research and analyzing almost all the major mattress brands in the market. ☺️

These products have been tested upon the following criteria:

  • Material quality
  • Comfort level
  • Density and support
  • Dimension and weight
  • Resistance to motion disturbance
  • Resistance against moisture and fungi
  • Warranty and longevity
  • Additional benefits

Each of the criteria mentioned above will impact the experience you have with a mattress.

That's why we have ensured that only the products that rank high on each of these criteria make it to this list. ✅

We believe our memory foam mattress reviews will make your work of choosing the perfect mattress super easy.

Just grab the one that matches your needs the best and get ready for the best sleep you have ever had.

Frequently asked questions

  • How to Maintain a Memory Foam Mattress

    Mattresses should be cleaned once or twice a year. 

    Start by vacuuming the mattress to remove dry dirt. 

    Then use a mild detergent or mattress cleaner for greedy stains. 🧽

    Use a blowdryer to dry it. 

    Keep the temperature of the dryer moderate because memory foam mattresses don’t deal well with heat. 

  • Who Should Avoid Memory Foam Mattresses

    Infants should not be allowed to sleep on memory foam mattresses. 

    The material can trap carbon dioxide and increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

  • How to Remove the Initial Smell of a New Memory Foam Mattress

    The smell comes from the freshly manufactured foam and lasts a few weeks. 

    It does not contain any toxins, and it's completely safe to inhale. 👃

    If it's simply annoying to you, here are a few tips to get rid of it sooner:

    • Wash the sheets frequently
    • Use an Ozonator to quickly get rid of the smell
    • Increase the air circulation and ventilation in your room
    • Put vinegar on a dish and keep it in your room, and the smell will soon be absorbed.
  • Is Gel Memory Foam Mattress Cooler than Regular Memory Foam Mattress?

    Some sleepers find regular memory foam comparatively hotter. 

    That’s why they go for gel-infused memory foam mattresses. 

    Gel-based, cooling memory foam mattress keeps your bed cool, especially when you have just stepped in. 🥶

  • Why is My New Memory Foam Mattress Hard

    The firmness of a memory foam mattress is influenced by temperature. 

    It usually becomes a little hard when it's cold. 

    Your body temperature will be enough to soften it. 🌡

    You can also leave it uncovered in your room for about 60 minutes to let it gradually soften.


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