How To Choose A Mattress

How To Choose A Mattress - India (2022)

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There are so many things to think about before you purchase a mattress- we know it can feel overwhelming.

Thatโ€™s why we have put this list of considerations together so you will know how to choose the right mattress for you.

How To Choose A Mattress

Mattress size

Indian sizing is different to many other countries.

Your mattress size will need to align with your bed size.

The standard mattress sizes ranges from Single to King.

In India, this is different. Here are the most common sizes you will find. Also, you can check out our comprehensive size guide.

Single size mattress

These mattresses are intended for single frames, and their sizes begin at 91 x 183 cm (36" x 72") [3'0" x 6'0"], making them great for children and single adults.

Double size mattress

There is more to a double mattress than simply being double that of a single offering.

A double offers more room than a single. It is the standard bed shared by couples.

Ultimately, this will be better for heavier builds and couples.

The sizing begins at 122 x 183 cm (48" x 72โ€) [4'0" x 6'0"].

Queen size mattress

This is a large mattress for those who want luxurious comfort as they sleep.

A queen-sized mattress is far bigger than a double and provides luxurious comfort to couples of any size.

The size of this mattress begins at 152 x 183 cm (60" x 72โ€) [5'0" x 6'0"].

King size mattress

The Kingsize mattress is often the largest size you will find.

King size mattresses are for those who want the most space they can get whilst in bed and are for those seeking a royal lifestyle.

King Sizes start at 183 x 183 cm (72โ€ x 72โ€) [6'0" x 6'0"].

These are the most standard sizes on offer. However, it is possible to get custom mattresses made based on your bed size.

Mattress thickness

Another crucial feature is the thickness of the mattress. As a standard, the thickness should be 10 inches.

However, you may find that mattresses have a range of thicknesses from 5-15 inches which is fine.

It would be best to decide the depth of your mattress based on your body weight.

If you weigh slightly heavy, thicker beds may work better for you, while lighter individuals may feel comfortable on thinner beds.

Overall, it is a matter of personal preference.

Mattress firmness

Mattress firmness determines how the mattress feels and wraps around your bodyโ€”making it a crucial factor in your comfort.

Two primary factors determine required mattress firmness: your weight and your sleeping position.

People who weigh less than 60 kg usually opt for a softer mattress, while people whose weight exceed 60 kg should choose a firmer mattress.

If you are someone who usually sleeps on their sides, you may like soft mattresses.

In contrast, people who either sleep on their backs or their stomachs should choose firm mattresses.

Mattress durability

The ideal period of life for a mattress should be seven years. After this time, regardless of quality, you should begin to consider a new mattress.

The quality of your mattress is what determines how long it will last you.

A poorly made mattress will not last as long as this, and an incredibly durable one may exceed this life expectancy.

The materials in your mattress play a vital role in how long it lasts.

Spring mattresses will not last as long as coir mattresses, whilst foam-based mattresses such as memory foam are known to last longer.

Brands are beginning to experiment with materials such as latex in their mattresses and have good results in terms of durability. However, these products are currently less common.


Your mattress needs to take your weight and still bounce back by keeping its shape to support you. If your mattress stays sunken after weight has been applied- it is not good enough.

This support naturally declines over time, and the quality of materials will determine how long the support lasts.

Conforming ability

If you are looking for a mattress that will support your back; it's best if you consider how the mattress is going to conform to your body.

Not only will the mattress conformability help to relieve back pain, but it also helps relax pressure points and avoids unwanted build-up.

The mattresses ability to do this is often reliant on the top layers of the product.

Materials from foam or gel are normally best for their conforming and contouring ability and are what you need to consider if this is what you are looking for from the mattress.

Motion isolation

Whenever you move in bed, something called motion transfer is created and felt across the whole mattress.

It can be difficult to sleep with a restless partner if you find yourself to be a light sleeper.

Motion isolation removes this unwanted feeling for an uninterrupted nights sleep.

Motion isolation has been in development for some time, and brands are beginning to become confident in the technology.

The best motion isolation is found in memory foam and gel-based materials.

Edge support

If you or someone in your household spend a lot of time sitting on the edges of the bed, then you may begin to notice sagging on these sides. This is a common issue of mattresses with no side supports.

Some mattress; frequently those made of memory foam or latex, do not have any edge support for their mattresses.

Coir and coil support mattress offers the best edge supports because of their high-density foam supporting layer.

Regardless of the mattress you choose, we recommend adding support to the edges of your mattress.

Temperature neutrality

We all want a warm cosy feeling for when we head to sleep. However, several mattresses absorb and retain too much heat, leading to sleepers feeling uncomfortable.

Foam mattresses contain solid support cores, and as a result, retain the most heat and stay warm all year round.

Hybrid mattresses are the most temperature neutral due to airflow and a breathable core system.

Odour control

With a new mattress, there will be some harmless gasses escaping. This is called off-gassing.

To care for your mattress correctly, youโ€™re going to need a mattress protector that will protect your product and keep it fresh and clean.

Almost all protectors are machine washable and so will be able to keep your mattress clean and odour free.

Mattress weight

Mattresses are weighty products and often require several people to move.

On average, a King-sized mattress weighs between 45 to 50 kg.

Foam mattresses are the lightest option but are still a considerable weight.

What type of sleeper are you?

Nobody sleeps the same way.

We each have our different patterns and positions to sleep in, so finding the mattress for you often comes down to personal preference.

The mattress you want is a matter of what you think is important. With the number of products on offer, you will have to think about the kind of sleep and what level of comfort you wish to experience when sleeping.

Side sleepers

Soft or medium-firm mattresses are ideal for side sleepers.

As a side sleeper, you need your spine and back to be in place correctly to avoid any pain or discomfort in your sleep.

A soft foam mattress is best for side sleepers. As your weight is distributed on one side, a firm mattress may prove very uncomfortable. Foam mattresses will promise that your body is supported evenly and that you are comforted where needed.

Stomach sleepers

Your stomach undergoes a lot of pressure throughout the day, and sleeping on it may add to that. However, if it is your preferred sleeping position, you should look for a mattress that will support you adequately enough.

A firm mattress works best for those who sleep on their stomach.

As it will not add pressure to the stomach or make you sink further into the mattress, firm support is best for its all-around comfort and stability. If you absolutely prefer a foam-based mattress, though, look for an advanced foam.

Sleeping position for pregnant women

If you are pregnant, we recommend sleeping on your side. Side sleepers experience the best blood flow and are well suited to foam and gel-based mattresses. Not only does this provide a hugging feeling, but it best supports your back and reduces pain.

Pillows are also essential whilst pregnant.

Placing them around your body further supports your baby and relieves neck ache if you choose a mattress with good height.

Mattresses for couples

When choosing a mattress for a couple, you have to consider their needs also.

One of the most frequent complaints is about motion transfer.

Motion transfer occurs when you move around on your mattress, which causes all movement to be felt in the bed.

Memory foam is a good option for couples. Along with motion isolation, it is often medium-firm and comes with many soothing properties, and innovative technologies to make you and your partner happy.

Itโ€™s also essential to make sure your mattress is supportive and durable enough for two people and can withstand pressure in areas of the bed used frequently.

Child friendly mattresses

Your children are growing all of the time.

So to prevent the need to replace your mattress continually, it's an excellent choice to get a big enough mattress for your child.

We donโ€™t recommend memory foam mattresses for children.

When memory foam begins to break down, gasses are released, and the quality of the mattress worsens.

Whilst these gasses are harmless to adults, for children, they could cause problems and illness.

A latex mattress is harmless to many people.

Providing great comfort for those who use it, there are few better terms of durability and comfort, latex is becoming a popular and accessible material in the mattress market.

Mattresses for heavier people

People whose weight is over 75 kg and should choose a thick enough mattress to support them.

A mattress with a thickness between 8 and 10 inches is optimal.

By choosing this thickness, you are protecting against the mattress sagging quicker and will keep the mattress's longevity at a good level.

Look for breathability in your mattress.

If you are a hot sleeper, then breathability will provide better airflow and hopefully a cooler nights sleep. Memory foam is often more breathable than a spring mattress, but latex is by far the best material for breathability.

Back pain relief

Regardless of how your daily life is, a bad mattress will easily ruin your morning routine.

A bad or broken mattress is the main cause of back pain. And sadly, you cannot help fix it if the mattress isnโ€™t supporting your body whilst you sleep.

This is not the only factor for a bad nights sleep. Consider replacing your mattress urgently if you experience these problems:

Mattress firmness

Sleeping on uneven surfaces is not good for your back. Every mattress will sag and give away with time, decreasing the support provided to your spine, causing backache.

It is good to notice this problem as soon as possible and replace the mattress to prevent serious back pain.

Fatigue every morning

Eight hours of sleep per night is the best for your body. However, if you feel tired even after this amount of sleep, it may be time to replace your mattress.

Trouble sleeping

If you are waking up in the night due to discomfort, it is most likely because of an uneven mattress that is to blame.


Your mattress picks up a lot of the dust around your room, and when combined with your body sweat and dead cells as you sleep, mattresses become a huge problem for allergies.

To prevent this, you may need to buy a mattress protector that can be removed and washed.

Can't find a comfy position

Are you a frequent turner in your bed? Struggling to find an ideal sleeping position is not just because of body discomfort but also because of your mattress.

If this is a problem, then we advise you to replace your mattress.

Best mattress to get rid of back pain

You should be looking for an orthopaedic mattress or a mattress with ortho foam if you want a mattress that targets back pain.

Orthopaedic mattresses will cushion the back and be soft enough to sink into and sleep on.

Its support is excellent for the back, and many brands are looking into the best technology. Durfi for example, lead in the orthopaedic market, making their mattresses from ortho and memory foam.

Other great mattresses for the back are made from latex.

Important factors to consider when purchasing online

Purchasing a mattress online is incredibly convenient and has many incredible benefits when compared with buying in person.

However, you should consider these factors in making your purchase online:

Shipping and delivery

The majority of renowned online retailers offer free shipping and delivery for most places in India. However, it's still best to see if you qualify for free shipping in your region.

Waiting times

With online shopping, you often have to wait for processing times and delivery dates. Typically orders will be processed and shipped in 5-7 days. Although, this is not a definite timescale.

Mattress assembly

Your mattress should typically be shipped to your door. It is up to you to take the mattress out of the box and wait for it to expand at home.

In other cases, the manufacturer may assemble the mattress for you after delivery.

Exchange offers

In case your old mattresses are still in good condition, you should look for exchange offers available. Many brands understand that you are replacing an old mattress and offer a service to recycle your old product.

Sleep trials

As you are not trying your mattress in a store, online retailers offer a trial for several nights after your purchase.

Some manufacturers offer a 30-day sleep trial, whilst others offer up to 100 nights.

This is a reassurance to buying online.

Whilst there is a break-in period where you cannot return the mattress, this is typically three weeks. After that, you can return the mattress if you are unhappy.

Free returns are often offered also, but this is also worth double-checking before purchasing your mattress.


A generous warranty period is offered with most of the mattresses.

Moreover, you are also provided with warranties against manufacturing defects such as excessive sagging or issues with the mattress layers or covers.

However, usual wear and tear or other physical damages are not covered in such warranties. It is also not available if the cause of the defect is due to the ignorance or inability of the consumer to use the product.

Mattress types available in India

Brands in India often develop several different types of mattress, and as a result, there are many materials on offer.

Here is a list explaining each of the materials and their pros and cons.

Coir mattress

Coir mattresses are popular in India. These mattresses are made using coconut coir and are very eco friendly.

Like a firm mattress, some may complain about the mattress being uncomfortable, but others might like this firmness level.

One serious disadvantage of the coir mattresses is that they sag very quickly.

With usage, the coir gets pressed, and since there is low elasticity, the mattress does not regain its shape.

It is important to note that these mattresses do benefit from motion isolation. If your partner is a restless sleeper, it will not affect your sleep.

Coir mattresses do not have other mattress materials, lasting only between 5 or 5 and a half years.

Spring mattress

An upgraded version of coir mattress, spring mattresses have a bounciness to them. Whilst this is a nice feeling, you may experience motion transfer.

Whilst brands have begun to use foam in their spring mattresses to better motion isolation and comfort.

A standard spring mattress could be uncomfortable.

The lifespan of spring mattresses is about six years, although it largely relies on usage.

We recommend adding a mattress topper over the spring mattress as springs may tear through the mattress.

Foam mattresses

The most popular mattress in India is foam mattresses.

Made from foams like memory foam or ortho foam, there is little better for sinking feeling comfort.

A premium foam mattress will incorporate several layers of material to retain the foam mattresses shape and durability.

Due to this, foam mattresses often well exceed the 7-year life span and are the best for back support and are immensely popular with many great brands offering this type of material.

Pros ๐Ÿ‘ Cons ๐Ÿ‘Ž
The foam mattress is long-lasting Foam mattresses are pricier than spring and coir mattresses.
It is ideal for back and hip pain. A foam mattress is quite vulnerable to heat, and hence, it is not ideal for those who are sensitive to higher temperatures, as it can cause sweating.
No disruption in sleep occurs even when your partner turns around on the bed. As the human body sinks into this kind of mattress, it can be difficult to toss and turn around in your sleep.

In cold weather, these mattresses are perfect since body heat is maintained by the foam, enhancing comfort.

Latex mattress

Latex is an excellent alternative to memory foam.

Latex is taken often from eco-friendly sources, or synthetically, so this is one of the better mattresses for the environment.

Hybrid mattresses often use latex as one of their materials for its elasticity and durability for mattresses.

It makes it an excellent option for all types of sleepers and will be long lasting.

As they have high elasticity, they are bouncy like spring mattresses and have the body contour of memory foam mattresses, making them a great alternative to both.

Latex mattresses come in two varieties: Dunlop latex and Talalay latex. Dunlop latex is heavy on the bottom and helps support the body's core and the mattress.

Alternatively, the Talalay latex is a combination of foam that is light and frothy. Both had their positives and have a similar life span of over eight years.


A great alternative to memory foam

Long life span

Environmentally friendly

Pros ๐Ÿ‘ Cons ๐Ÿ‘Ž
A great alternative to memory foam Volatile organic compounds are emitted by the latex mattresses when they are being manufactured.
Long life span These mattresses are mainly sold online.
Environmentally friendly Among all the mattresses, latex mattresses are the priciest.

Re-bonded foam mattress

Glueing together scrap foam and shredded various forms, which are stuck together with adhesive.

Which makes it a good eco friendly, a comfier alternative to coir.

Providing better comfort in its firmness and excellent motion isolation, this is a brilliant mattress to consider.

Pros ๐Ÿ‘ Cons ๐Ÿ‘Ž
The re-bonded foam mattress enhances sleep quality. As chemicals are used in the glue, the Nfoam mattress might be flammable and release toxic emissions. Therefore, it is unsafe for children.
This mattress is perfect for side sleepers. Only a CertiPUR-US certified mattress is recommended, which are not sold in India and hence, they must be ordered online.
There are no springs in re-bonded foam mattresses. Yet, they are very bouncy. While they are not pricey, you must look at the shipping and returns policy.
The re-bonded foam mattress is the cheapest.

Since recycled materials are used to stuff the mattresses, they are eco-friendly.

Airbed mattress

Air bed mattresses have only recently become popular. They are inflatable beds, which are typically used to accommodate guests or on camping trips. They can be folded and stored on shelves and are comfortable and lightweight.

Typically, airbeds are made using polyvinyl chloride (PVC). However, they are also made up of urethane plastic or rubber.

As you control blowing up the bed, you can decide on the firmness depending on your circumstances.

Air beds surprisingly have health benefits too. Being filled with water, they make for a great water bed and hip to prevent bedsores if you are stuck in bed for a long time.

Pros ๐Ÿ‘ Cons๐Ÿ‘Ž
The airbeds are very flexible since you determine the amount of air it holds. The primary downside of airbeds is that they are prone to punctures. However, this can be repaired.
You can either make it firm or bouncy, based on your personal preferences. Either one side or both sides of airbeds are flocked. We recommend ensuring that both sides are flocked for better comfort.
They are perfect for side sleepers experiencing lower back pain. A few air pumps may emit noise.
As the beds are inflated using air, they do not sag.
Body heat is not absorbed by airbed mattresses, making them very comfortable.
They are very portable.


There are many options on offer to you when selecting a mattress, but ultimately it does come down to your personal preference.

Each mattress material has its own benefits to the individual that others may not like.

It's your decision, so take your time. This is your new mattress.

Hopefully, we have compared these materials well enough to help you on the way to a heroic nights sleep!

Frequently asked questions

  • Edge support

    If you or someone in your household spend a lot of time sitting on the edges of the bed, then you may begin to notice sagging on these sides. This is a common issue of mattresses with no side supports.

    Some mattress, frequently those made of memory foam or latex, do not have any edge support for their mattresses.

    Coir and coil support mattress offers the best edge supports because of their high density foam supporting layer.

    Regardless of the mattress you choose, we recommend adding support to the edges of your mattress.

  • What is the most popular mattress material in India?

    Foam mattresses are immensely popular in the country.

    Coir mattresses are exclusive to India but are proving to be less comfy than other products available.ย 

  • Will a new mattress help my back?

    Yes, it should. If you are experiencing issues with your back and fatigue- it may be time for a new mattress.ย 

    If you are struggling with back pain, then you should look at ortho foams.ย 

  • When should I replace my mattress?

    Your mattress has an average life span of 7 years. Some materials are more durable and last longer, others shorter. It depends on the materials and composition- you should check our product reviews for more information.ย 


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