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Centuary Mattress Review - India (2022)

Written by Navkiran K.

Last updated: 07.01.2022 8 Min.

Centuary mattress is a leading manufacturer of quality mattresses in India.

The company offers customers the best selection for their needs and concerns, such as backache and allergies. 😄

They offer spring-based ones to coir fibre-based ones as well orthopaedic models.

This article will discuss how Centuary has combined innovation and new materials to create some of the best mattresses. 👇

Centuary Mattresses

Top features of Centuary Mattress

10-Year Guarantee
10-Year Guarantee
Free Delivery & Returns
Hassle-free delivery


  • Sleeping on a Centuary mattress with Sleep Enhancing Technology is like sleeping on a cloud. 😄
  • Innovative materials that regulate temperature and hug the body supportively.
  • Moulding ability around body curves for an ultimate night's rest experience.
  • Better air circulation for hot sleepers.
  • An exclusive mattress range for back issues and muscle tension.
  • The brand offers an affordable coir mattress range that is easy on the pocket.🤑
  • Solid construction materials, prioritise durability.


  • Customer support can be improved.
  • Lack of comfort for those looking for a soft mattress.

What makes Centuary mattress special?

  • The brand blends comfort and affordability.
  • These mattresses are ultra-durable.
  • You can order custom sizes.

Centuary Mattress Review

Many people have difficulty choosing a mattress and suffer from the effects of lack of sleep.

There are so many options, and most of us don't even know what to look for in a mattress!

Shopping online makes it easier to compare prices and features without having to go from store to store.

Centuary mattresses offer an unbeatable combination of comfort, durability, and price that is hard to beat.

Centaury focuses on quality sleep accessories that provide a healthy, comfortable night's rest hassle-free.

This makes them the perfect option for any consumer looking for a new mattress.

Read on below for our review of different mattresses offered by Centuary across India. 👇

Types of Centuary mattress

  • Hybrid Collection
  • My Power-Matt Collection
  • Wellness Collection
  • Smart Collection
  • Comfort Collection
  • Sleepables by Centuary

Hybrid Collection

The hybrid collection offers luxurious and high-performance Centuary mattresses in different dimensions, including queen and king sizes.

You may choose from Centuary Health spa, Enigma, Solitaire, Infinity that combine micro springs, foam and latex.

The Centaury Health Spa is a rebonded memory foam mattress that provides relief for any orthopaedic issues.

Sleeping on the Centuary Enigma, you'll feel the added support with the contour cut foam and latex that conforms to your body's curves.

The new memory foam mattress Centuary Solitaire mattress is the first of its kind in India.

It has micro springs and Bonell springs with memory foam that serve as a layer between you and your bed.

The Infinity mattress is ultimate in providing utmost relaxation as it combines latex foam together with memory foam.

My Power-Matt Collection

These Centuary mattresses use a unique blend of materials to achieve just what you need.

They have a high quality Bonnell spring mattress and pocket springs for pressure relief while enhancing other properties like edge support or comfort level.

Spring Close-up

Every mattress is then encased by our Damask fabric which adds a plush touch.

You may choose from Endurance pro, Uplift, Spirit, Neofit, Hexa, and Dynamo.

Wellness Collection

The wellness collection is a range of mattresses specially designed to provide orthopaedic support and relief for muscle tension issues.

The modern design coir mattress features lush finishes with an organic core made from Rubberised Coir, complemented by a memory foam mattress on top.

Besides, the copper gel layer in this gel memory foam range provides lasting comfort along with skin-loving fabrics to help you sleep better at night!

Memory foam

There are three different variants available under this range, namely, Pixel, Ortho active, and Backsport.

Centuary ortho active mattress price may be a good investment for better sleep. 😴

Smart Collection

The smart collection is a perfect blend of high quality materials that will provide you with more comfort.

Its multiple layers in this memory foam mattress, especially the HR foam and springs, make it cool for those hot summer days!

It offers Flexi HR, Charm, Tuff, Dr Sleep, and Softopedic variants.

Comfort Collection

The comfort collection uses foam and coir that is lightweight, resilient.

Its unbeatable combination of stability, firmness make it an economical coir mattress on your wallet that provides a durable trending mattress to last for years!

These Centuary mattresses also look good with a personalised feel without compromising comfort at all times.

You may choose from King Bond, King Coir, Bubble, and Lotus variants.

Sleepables by Centuary

The Sleepables by Centuary range of Mattresses is a first for online exclusivity and convenience.

These sleepable mattresses come in 4 standard sizes, Single Bed Mattress, Double Bed Mattress, King Size Mattress, Queen Size Mattress.

Top Centuary mattress models

Here are some of the most popular Centuary mattresses.

  1. Centuary Pixel Cooling Green Gel Memory
  2. Centuary Flexi HR Mattress
  3. Centuary Mattress Bubble
  4. Centuary Lotus Mattress
  5. Centuary Sleepables Mattress
  6. Centuary Dr. Sleep – Orthopaedic Mattress

Centuary Pixel Cooling Green Gel Memory

The Centuary Pixel cooling green gel mattress is true to its name since it offers the best of both worlds: comfort and style.

With the use of proprietary Copper Gel Foam, the gel memory foam comfortable mattress regulates temperature.

This makes this a perfect choice for any bedroom - especially if you're looking for something that can last longer than your average double bed mattress!

Pros Cons
7 years warranty May sag slightly
Two different thickness
Pillow top finish

Centuary Flexi HR Mattress

The Flexi HR is a unique product in the category of foam mattresses.

It comes with an extra bouncy and soft High-resilience Foam core that's finished off by micro fabric quilts cover.

This makes this mattress flippable so you can flip or rotate it for longer comfort!

Pros Cons
Flippable Unsuitable for the elderly
Soft surface
Highly resilient core

Centuary Bubble Mattress

If you're on a hunt for an investment that will last a long time, then the Bubble mattress is perfect.

With its durable core and attractive fabric or quilt design options, this bed mattress has everything a person could want.

Pros Cons
Pocket friendly Hard surface
Firm coir construction
Appealing maroon colour

Centuary Lotus Mattress

Pros Cons
Breathable Not suitable for side sleepers
Anti-sag construction
Strong rubberised core

Centuary Sleepables Mattress

Luxury mattress, Sleepable pocket spring mattress uses advanced technology with active edge support and plush PU Foam comfort layer.

The independent pockets of this latest luxury mattress sleepable design are designed to prevent any motion transfer no matter what your partner does at night!

Pros Cons
100 days trial period Not for backache issues
Comes in a box
Zero motion transfer

Centuary Dr. Sleep - Orthopaedic Mattress

This mattress will help to provide the perfect support and care for your deep sleep.

The innovative technology ensures better quality rest by relieving pressure off sore muscles.

It also has high quality materials like rubberised coir, which provides the ultimate comfort you're looking for in firmness as well!

Pros Cons
Ortho spine alignment feature Single thickness option
Blend of PU foam and coir

Centuary mattress sizes and prices

Here is the centuary mattress price list along with their sizes from single size to king size.

The centuary mattress cost will depend on the model and thickness you choose.

Single size Double size Queen size King Size
Centuary Health Spa 72x30 to 84 x36 72x48 to 78x48 72x60 to 84x60 72x72 to 84x72
24,081 to 32,355 36,654 to 43,209 44,902 to 54,039 53,109 to 54,039
Centuary Pixel 72x30 to 78x36 72x48 to 78x48 72x60 to 78x60 72x72 to 78x72
10,432 to 19,635 18,950 to 26,161 22,790 to 32,219 26,615 to 38,222
Centuary Flexi HR 72x30 to 78x36 72x48 to 78x48 72x60 to 78x60 72x72 to 78x72
6,801 to 8,838 10,904 to 11,819 13,594 to 14,726 16,338 to 17,675
Centuary Bubble 72x30 to 84x36 72x48 to 78x48 72x60 to 84x60 72x72 to 84x72
3,670 to 6,132 5,815 to 7,580 7,185 to 9,940 8,725 to 11,841
Centuary Lotus 72x30 to 84x36 72x48 to 78x48 72x60 to 84x60 72x72 to 84x72
4,523 to 6,420 7,044 to 7,779 8,954 to 10,425 10,818 to 12,629
Sleepables by Centuary 72x36 to 72x42 72x48 to 78x48 72x60 to 78x66 72x72 to 78x72
14,223 to 17,600 18,277 to 19,800 22,847 to 26,950 26,917 to 29,150
Centuary Dr. Sleep 72x30 to 84x36 72x48 to 78x48 72x60 to 84x60 72x72 to 84x72
6,538 to 9,276 10,176 to 11,245 12,942 to 15,071 15,633 to 18,259

These are the sizes of the top models, along with the discounted price on the website.

What is Centuary mattress made of?

Centuary mattresses combine layers of pocketed coils and pressure-relieving memory foam.

This creates a blend that sleeps cool, offers edge to edge support, and achieves ultimate levels of adjustability.

They keep in mind factors such as cool sleep experience, breathability, back-friendly medium firmness with responsiveness.

The rubberised coir of these mattresses is tested against harmful substances according to the OEKO-Tex standards.

Besides, the brand has an innovative multi-layered design with materials like profiled PU foam and HR foam, keeping you cool during those hot summer nights.

All these layers are encased in high GSM knitted fabric.

The result is a pure Centuary luxury mattress without sacrificing any practicality or value while you're sleeping!

Is Centuary mattress good?

Yes, it is a high quality trending mattress compared to Sleepwell that will have no issue lasting through the years.

The use of foam-in-a-box construction means barriers between coils will not appear over time.

The tapered edge ensures greater support for your joints while sitting or standing next to the bed.

Besides, the triple-layer stretch cover minimises motion transfer across side sleepers, which usually dictate how much strength and durability is needed.

Mattresses also have a centre handle that allows for easy lift and carrying any size mattress into another room.

Centuary Mattress is an exceptional, top-of-the-line mattress, providing good support for the joints and for people who sleep on the side or stomach.

How to pick the right Centuary mattress?

Centuary mattresses are designed for all of your sleeping positions. The choice is all about what you need.

The four most important considerations are firmness, sleep position, mattress type, and thickness.

Note that memory foam cushions the weight of your body and contours to your spine, relieving pressure on certain areas of the head and neck that can cause stiffness.

And with its cooling properties, you'll never wake up feeling too hot or sweaty during those summer months.

If you sleep on your stomach, a softer surface may make a comfortable mattress for you.

For those who prefer to go deep into the mattress and sleep with your arms under the pillow, a firmer trending mattress might be better.

Some people even consider sleeping on a Tempurpedic bed to alleviate back pain issues.

Centuary mattresses contour hug a person by changing shape based on movement.

An added important consideration is, of course, whether or not an individual has any allergies or latex sensitivities.

Centuary mattress trial period

Centaury mattress brand offers a 100 night risk-free trial period on their Sleepables collection.

Buyers may call on the mobile number 8099927877 to schedule a pick up within 100 days.

Centuary return & shipping policy

The brand ships anywhere across India, including Delhi, Pune, and Ahmedabad.

Talking about returns, you can only return one of each product per order.

Note that if you return any particular product from the initial order, you will no longer be eligible for the 100-nights trial.

To avoid any hassle, the buyers have to return the mattress in the same condition received.

The quality will be verified to ensure there are no signs of misuse, spilling, or tampering with the product.

Mattress warranty

Centuary Mattresses have a guaranteed warranty against any manufacturing defect for a period varying from 1-10 years, depending on when you bought them.

It is advisable to go through the warranty rules to benefit from them.

EMI conditions

The mattress brand has a no-cost EMI for leading credit and debit cards.

As the Site uses third parties to process payments, you may finance your purchase of Products through Affirm.

You may also order from Amazon or any other e-commerce store and get a suitable EMI for your new mattress.


We hope these Centuary mattress reviews will provide insight for your next trending mattress purchase.

The sleep specialist brand offers affordable as well as innovative mattresses for every kind of sleeper.

Century mattresses will be your long-term sleep companion with plenty of sizes, firmness options, and custom features.

Contact Centuary mattresses

Customer service: Contact Centuary mattress directly for complaints, support, or queries.

You may use the email id customercare@centuaryindia.com, visit their live online chat, or complete their online contact form.

Registered office: First Floor, Ideal Towers.

Survey No: 115

Akbar Road Opp: BHEL Enclave, Secunderabad

Telangana, India.

Pincode – 500009

Frequently asked questions

  • Can a custom size be made?

    Yes, you may contact the nearest Centuary store to get a custom mattress made. 

    Note that the order may take longer for custom sizes.

  • What is the lifespan of a centuary mattress?

    With proper care, your mattress should last you 7-10 years

    Replace your mattress if you see any sagging and indentation for a pain-free sleeping surface.

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