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11 best mattresses in India ultimate buying guide


Harry H.

Last updated: 25.05.2021 10 Min.

A great nights sleep is one of the best feelings in the world. As is climbing into bed after a long day at work and sinking into your ideal mattress.

Nobody wants to wake up feeling agitated or with a painful back. So you need to choose the best mattress for you.

It’s not an easy task, as a mattress is such a huge commitment to make and determines the quality of sleep we get. You need to choose carefully!

Luckily, this article will help you with just that.

India's best mattresses
  • Overview
  • The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe 8” Mattress
  • Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress
  • Sleepyhead 3-layered Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress
  • Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress
  • SleepyCat Plus 8-inch Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress
  • Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft
  • SleepX Dual Mattress – Medium-Soft and Hard
  • Sleepyhead Sense Orthopaedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress
  • SleepX Ortho Mattress – Memory Foam
  • Wake-Up Ortho Memory Foam Double Size Mattress
  • Duroflex Back Magic – Orthopaedic Certified 5-Inch Double Size Coir Mattress
  • Conclusion

The Sleep Company SmartGRID Luxe 8” Mattress

The Sleep company is successfully disrupting the mattress market in India currently due to its use of SmartGRID technology.

Their technology far surpasses the comfort levels of popular materials such as memory foam or cold foam, further enhancing durability, softness and an even better contour than the best memory foam can offer.

Typically, our hips and shoulders are the bearers of the weight whilst we sleep. This is why we experience discomfort in those areas the most when we sleep badly.

The Sleep Company SmartGRID

With the SmartGRID technology, this pressure is removed and distributed evenly throughout the body because of its orthopaedic focused qualities, which massively benefits the quality of sleep and comfort levels.

Not only does it hugely benefit your posture and body whilst you sleep, but factors like heat are also relieved. Because of the technology in The Sleep company’s mattress, air flows entirely freely through the mattress, using an open grid structure unlike other mattresses on the market.

It means you stay completely cool as you sleep; even in the warmer months, you shouldn’t be as prone to sweating and remain calm and comfortable.

The Motion Isolation technology further helps you achieve a night of truly comfortable sleep. The Sleep Company understand we move about a lot as we sleep, and when sharing with a partner, it can disrupt our patterns.

Their technology is proven to isolate motion in the mattress, removing any possible disruption in your sleep due to restless movement.

Durability and longevity in this mattress are also fantastic. Using a polymer gel, the starchiness of the product is raised by over 2000% compared to competing mattresses, so you get a product that keeps its shape and lasts longer.

Another feature that works to improve your sleep experience is the Motion Isolation Technology, which ensures that your sleep is not affected if your partner tosses around in bed.

This is a unique mattress with leading technology that goes against the grain for the industry. The result is an incredibly comfortable, innovative mattress that you must try.

Pros 👍

A unique material that provides comfort unlike any other mattress on the market.

The grid system enables great airflow, and heat is decreased all year round.

Cons 👎

You can only use the mattress on one side.

A more expensive product.

Wakefit Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Wakefit have made it their mission to provide quality foam at an affordable price.

There is a great deal of customisation coming in a range of sizes suitable up to a king-size bed and even offering custom dimensions. Moreover, this mattress is very stable, if not quite heavy, at 37.3 kg.

This foam mattress is very flexible and tends to adapt to the sleeper's body, distributing the weight evenly, contouring around the body, which provides excellent support for the back. Exactly what you want from an orthopaedic memory foam mattress.

The mattress is also breathable and provides an excellent level of temperature regulation for a comfortable sleeping climate all year round.

Wakefit orthopeadic mattress

One advantage of using a memory foam mattress is that the foam remembers the body’s contours of the regular user. Hence, it adapts to offer optimal comfort to the user.

A GSM spun fabric is placed over the mattress to act as a protector, meaning any spillage will not transfer into the mattress foam, remarkable for its longevity and hygiene.

Wakefit also provides a range of credit friendly payment options, a ten-year warranty and a 100 night trial for the mattress, making it an excellent choice for buyers.

You can read our complete Wakefit brand guide here.

Pros 👍

The mattress offers good support to the body as it is medium-firm.

It is a portable mattress since it can be rolled up and packed without any hassles.

A washable cover comes with the mattress.


Cons 👎

You can only use the mattress on one side.

It does not last as long as other mattresses.

Sleepyhead 3-layered Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepyhead manufactures its mattresses in India, and all products are protected with a guarantee that can last up to 10 years.

A memory foam mattress is excellent for those who like that soft feeling in their mattress with a great bounce, hugs their position, and holds a good shape.

Along with the comfort, there is excellent airflow in this mattress, thanks to its multi-zone design.

Sleepyhead orthopeadic mattress

A firm base of foam coupled with a soft top layer is the primary characteristics of the Sleepyhead foam mattress. Between these two layers, the memory foam is strategically placed to offer optimal comfort to its user.

This makes it one of the softest mattresses on the market.

Almost all bodies are perfectly supported by the supportive foam base while offering ideal comfort and convenience. Even if you are a light sleeper, your partner tossing and turning in bed will not cause any disturbance.

Moreover, this mattress comes with a washable cover, and thus you can remain sure that your mattress is always clean and free of dust, and makes it a great option for children as the protector is waterproof.

Pros 👍

Extremely comfortable because of the high-quality foam that is appropriately stitched.

The bounce is perfect.

It is incredibly soft, which makes it comfortable and convenient.

Cons 👎

There is no covering provided with the mattress.

Since it is only available in white, it can quickly become dirty.

Emma Original Memory Foam Mattress

A serial award winner, with more than 35 ‘best mattress’ award titles to its name, Emma have got one of the most popular mattresses in Europe.

Now they have brought the brand to India, and instantly it has entered the market as one of the best purchases to make.

With its patented HRX foam and visa-elastic memory foam layers, the Emma mattress offers ideal body alignment as well as support, meaning it helps with almost all forms of back pain.

Equipped with industry-leading motion transfer technology, you never need to worry about restless movement waking you up again.

Emma original

The mattresses come with the company’s trademark “Airgocell” open-cell technology, ensuring that the mattress enjoys optimal temperature control and breathability. It is the only mattress that works optimally, even in the Indian heat of summer.

Emma uses materials that are 100% vegan, organic, and non-toxic, making it one of the most sustainable, eco-friendly mattresses available on the market.

With a 20 year warranty, this is one of the most secure purchases you can make on the market.

Pros 👍

The mattress comes in an array of sizes, thereby making it compatible with different types of beds.

Relieves back pain.

The mattress is portable, although it is a double bed mattress.

Cons 👎

No trial period compared with other brands on offer.

SleepyCat Plus 8-inch Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattress

If you need a mattress that is both soft and firm, the SleepyCat Plus orthopaedic memory foam mattress is a great choice.

In this mattress, the covers and foams form alternate layers and work in tandem, giving an elastic quality convenient to the user. It is a two-inch gel memory foam layer situated on the top, contrasting with a 6-inch high-density foam layer.

The gel will help to distribute your weight on the mattress evenly. Not only does this retain shape, but it also means the foam adapts to your shape and gives you an ultra-comfy nights sleep.

Sleepycat Plus Ortho mattress

A mattress protector is provided, keeping the mattress free of dust with a cover that can be zipped up. This removable layer is effortless to clean.

Furthermore, durability is also taken care of thanks to a reinforcing layer between the two foam layers and will stay in place thanks to an anti-skid protector at the mattress base.

Pros 👍

Motion isolation feature.

Brilliant comfort and convenience offered.

The weight of the body is distributed proportionally over the memory foam.

Cons 👎

We felt the after-sales service to be unsatisfactory.

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft

Wakefit offer a vast range of mattress sizes to accommodate bed shapes up to queen size. Weighing only 12kg, this is a very soft mattress and great for moving around.

The Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress has the feature of being dual-sided, and as a result, has different levels of firmness depending on the side chosen. If you can’t decide between getting a softer mattress or a firmer one, then this is a great option as it offers the best of both mattress types.

Wakefit dual comfort mattress

The top of this mattress is covered by a breathable fabric, ensuring unrestricted airflow that optimises sleep quality. Below this layer is a very comfortable soft foam and works amazingly well with the breathable fabric.

At the bottom of the mattress, the high resilience layer acts as a medium-firm support structure. You can flip the mattress at any time, and this side is perfect in the winter for its heat retention functionality.

There is a mattress cover included with this product; however, it is unremovable but does protect from spillages. Wakefit also consists of a 7-year warranty on their products.

Pros 👍

Amazing customer service

The mattress is reversible and can be flipped based on your needs.

Ideal for back pain as well as other orthopaedic ailments

Cons 👎

The cover is non-removable, and thus, it isn't straightforward to clean.

SleepX Dual Mattress – Medium-Soft and Hard

The weight of the SleepX Dual Mattress is 11.3kg, making it one of the lightest mattresses on the market and a great all-around option regardless of your needs.

This is a dual-sided mattress, medium-soft on one side and hard on the other.

There are four layers in the mattress made of soft Quiltech foam used on both sides.

Between both sides of the foam, there is a re-bonded foam layer for the ultimate durable support.

The firm side is excellent for those who need orthopaedic support from their mattress, as it offers excellent back protection and spinal alignment and has a resilience layer of 45mm.

This mattress is ideal for any weather, as the firm side ensures that the user remains warm during winters, the soft foam is perfect for summers.

There are great airflow thanks to the air mesh situated at the sidewalls, which enhance breathability. The mattress has also made use of Advanced Neem Fresche technology for a rejuvenating sleep experience each night.

Pros 👍

No requirement for separate assembly since it is delivered in a pre-assembled form.

The sleeping experience is enhanced by Advanced Neem Fresche technology.

The mattress is reversible.

Cons 👎

Registering for a warranty was reported to be challenging.

Sleepyhead Sense Orthopaedic PCM Cooling Foam Mattress

One of the best options for orthopaedic features and back support is that this sleepyhead mattress is affordable and high in quality.

Using the three zoned technology, the mattress contains PCM (Phase Changing Material), which facilitates perfect temperature regulation and makes it a good mattress all year round.

Users should notice an improvement in their spine position and comfort as they sleep because of the quality zoned memory foam in the Sleepyhead mattresses. Focused on providing orthopaedic support, this is an excellent option for sleepers experiencing back pain and want to change their mattress.

As different layers of foam are incorporated in this mattress, you can flip the mattress depending on your personal preference of firmness or softness.

Sleepyhead sense mattress

Equipped with active grooves, there are few better mattresses for breathability, making it a great option if you are a hot sleeper or experience high temperatures throughout the summer.

Sleepyhead not only offer a great quality mattress but good customer support also.

With a 100 night trial of the mattress, you have plenty of time to decide if this is the right option for you. If you do, there is a 10-year warranty should you experience any issues with the product.

Pros 👍

Ideal for older people suffering from orthopaedic issues.

100-night trial and 10-year warranty.

Great packaging.

Enhanced comfort as the memory foam adjusts to the sleeping posture of the user.

Cons 👎

A saggy edge mattress issue can cause problems for sleepers.

SleepX Ortho Mattress – Memory Foam

SleepX designed this mattress with spine alignment in mind, and as a result, have crafted an ortho mattress that contours and adapts to the body incredibly well.

This mattress manages to use five layers for a genuinely comfortable experience: a dense yet soft support for your sleep.

The use of Quilltech foam makes the mattress incredibly soft. This foam retains heat very well and ensures a warm feeling all year round. As well as a layer of resilience foam for total support.

Over the resilience foam, the Visco re-bonded layer is situated, which cushions the memory foam layer. This memory foam adapts to your body shape and hence offers ideal alignment for your spine.

SleepX Ortho memory foam mattress

There are minute perforations situated on the sidewalls, enabling unrestricted airflow through the foam’s layers. One key aspect of this mattress is its breathability.

Apart from ensuring that your body remains fresh, the mattress also regulates the temperature levels, which offers the required comfort during summers.

There are no springs in this foam mattress, which makes it perfect for couples- especially if there is one who tends to toss around a lot. With the Neem Fresche technology, your sleep experience will be enhanced, and there is no scope for irritants like dust mites to pile up.

The mattress comes in a pre-assembled state and is hence, very portable. The manufacturer warranty period is of three years.

Pros 👍

A very comfortable bed for individuals dealing with back problems.

Good value for money.

The mattress is reversible, which makes it very useful.

Cons 👎

A very comfortable bed for individuals dealing with back problems.

Good value for money.

The mattress is reversible, which makes it very useful.

Wake-Up Ortho Memory Foam Double Size Mattress

Right from King Size to Single Size, Wake-Up mattresses come in varying sizes. This mattress quickly aligns with the body of the user to offer optimal support.

Since the mattress equally distributes the body weight, there is no potential for blood clots.

The Wakefit ortho memory foam mattress is exceptionally long-lasting as it comes with high foam density.

When it comes to comfort, the Wake-Up ortho memory foam mattress is unparalleled since it removes the potential for the development of pressure points, which improves comfort.

Wakeup Ortho memory foam mattress

Moreover, cold materials are used to offer the cool topper feature, making sure that the atmosphere is adequately calm.

The skid-resistant backing is another crucial feature of this ortho memory foam mattress, which accentuates its stability and grip.

With the cooling technology of this mattress, it absorbs body heat and distributes it proportionally to ensure optimum sleep temperature is provided.

The utility factor of this mattress makes it one of the best in the industry. This mattress can be used by individuals regardless of their ages and body postures.

The mattress offered a differential pressure zone layer, ensuring that the spine is aligned straight.

Pros 👍

A very light mattress

Ideal for relieving back pain

The memory foam adapts to the shape of your spinal cord.

Cons 👎

Though usable on both sides, the memory foam is available on one side alone.

Duroflex Back Magic – Orthopaedic Certified 5-Inch Double Size Coir Mattress

The Duroflex Back Magic orthopaedic mattress has high-density coir and re-bonded foam, which optimally relaxes your muscles.

The body enjoys 5-zones exclusive orthopaedic support. Thereby it is relieved of all pains. The head and neck are supported by Zone 1, and on the other hand, Zone 2 supports the shoulder and upper back.

The lower back and hips enjoy significant support by Zone 3, while Zone 4 supports the upper leg and knees. Lastly, the lower leg and ankles appreciate the support from Zone 5.

Duroflex back magic mattress

The body enjoys the maximum support by the seven-layered mattress, while the knitted fabric with PU foam can enjoy a feeling of luxury.

The high-resilient foam makes up the third layer. While it does offer support, it also improves the durability of the mattress. Two layers are made up of the high-density coir, which facilitates unrestricted airflow and enhances the cooling effect.

In between two coir layers, one can find the re-bonded foam, which offers better reinforcement. The last layer that functions as a good covering is the jacquard woven fabric.

When it comes to the firmness quotient, this orthopaedic mattress is known to be Extra Firm and is an excellent alternative to relieve body pain.

Pros 👍

The mattress has two sides- the soft side and the firm side.

Great comfort.

Relieves back pain and other body aches.

Cons 👎

The price is reported to be high by a few users.


There are many great mattresses on this list, and all of them have their merits and their drawbacks. There is a mattress for everyone on this list and proves that the best mattress doesn't need to be overly expensive, and there is comfort at every price point.

Regardless of the mattress you choose, you will need to think about what is best for you. If you need help, check our mattress choosing guide.

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