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The Best Mattress Protectors - India (2022)

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A lot of sleep accessories are considered to be unessential luxury items. However, we highly recommend purchasing a mattress protector.

Mattress protectors are an inexpensive way to improve your mattresses lifespan.

Basically, a mattress protector ensures that your mattress remains protected from moisture, dust, as well as bacteria. As a result, your mattress remains in top condition over a long period.

When you are purchasing a mattress protector, this is what you must look out for.

Mattress Protector

What is a mattress protector?

Any mattress protector serves one purpose- to protect your mattress.

Your mattress will remain protected from moisture, dirt, and bacteria.

Typically, mattress protectors are water-resistant, great for households with children. Being water-resistant, they will protect against spillage and keep your mattress hygienic at all times.

Moreover, mattress protectors are also great for those suffering from allergies since they function as a separating barrier between you and your mattress, eliminating dust mites and any allergy problems.

Always select a mattress protector that you can machine-wash so that you can keep it refreshed and clean.

Do I need a mattress protector?

It is best to purchase a mattress protector.

As stated already, a mattress protector ensures that your mattress remains protected from moisture, dirt, and bacteria. These are the following ways in which you and your mattress remain protected:

  • Your mattress is protected from various spills, leaks, or stains, including sweat, urine, blood, and even beverages.
  • Your mattress durability is improved
  • As an additional layer is created between you and your mattress, you remain protected from dust mites at all times.

The many materials in mattress protectors

A host of materials such as polyester, down, and cotton create mattress protectors. Moreover, waterproof mattress protectors come with a waterproof coating, which is typically vinyl or polyurethane.

A mattress protector made of cotton (Molton) is usually a good choice as they are hygienic, and you can wash them at 60 degrees. Additionally, they are breathable, sturdy, and retain their shape.

If you enjoy a cosy sleeping climate, a wool or wool-mix mattress protector is a fantastic alternative, particularly for those who tend to feel cold quickly.

Unfortunately, a mattress protector created using wool or a wool-mix fabric can only be washed by hand. Thus, it might not be as hygienic.

How to attach a mattress protector

Using a mattress protector is simple. All you have to do is position it over your mattress, similar to a fitted sheet.

A lot of them are non-slip, great for restless sleepers.

A few mattress protectors are provided as mattress encasements, and they fit perfectly well over the whole mattress. Others come with sheet suspenders or binder clips that should be fixed over the sides of the mattress.


Spending money on a high-quality waterproof mattress protector is something that we definitely recommend as your mattress will remain protected from moisture, leaks, spills, or stains. Moreover, it will also remain protected from dust mites, bacteria, or bed bugs.

As stated already, a good mattress protector will improve your mattress durability, which is what you want for your mattresses longevity.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a mattress protector?

    A mattress protector is a layer that isย thin and waterproof, and your mattress is protected from moisture, dirt, and bacteria. You essentially place it directly over your mattress.ย 

  • Do I need a mattress protector?

    Your mattress is valuable, and you want it to last. So, we recommend investing in a mattress protector that is high-quality and waterproof.

    With a mattress protector, your mattress remains safe from moisture, leaks, spills, stains, and dirt. At the same time, you also remain protected from dust mites and bacteria.

    Essentially, the durability of a mattress is enhanced with a mattress protector.


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